Paviljoen Puur

Paviljoen Puur |Outdoor dining & lunch, near Amsterdam

At Paviljoen Puur, just outside Amsterdam, you can sit down for lunch or dinner in the middle of the green. You get the holiday feeling, for free!

Hundreds of parties are held every year at the hip paviljoen at Fort Diemerdam, including a lot of weddings. However, this summer you can enjoy special dinner every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in a festival-like setting. On Saturday and Sunday you can also come for lunch at this unique location.

Historical place

As soon as you enter the grounds of Paviljoen Puur, everything falls away from you. With so much nature around you, you would almost forget that you were driving through the city two seconds earlier. It is a location packed with history. Literally, because once a thousand bombs and grenades were stored here. The pavilion is located at Fort Diemerdam and is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam, a line of defense from the nineteenth century of which island Pampus is also part of. UNESCO included the Defense Line as a World Heritage Site in 1996 for its value to humanity. 

Paviljoen Puur outside

Four-course holiday

A romantic dinner for two or a catch-up dinner with friends: groups of up to ten people are welcome in the large garden of Paviljoen Puur. After a glass of bubbles and a delicious starter, you may never want to leave. Not necessary for the time being, because two or three delicious courses will follow. A dinner here feels like a mini vacation. Naturally, Paviljoen Puur follows government guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Paviljoen Puur dinner

Bring your kids!

Those who prefer to visit during the day are welcome on Saturday and Sunday for a luxurious two-course lunch. Do the children eat with you? There is a special lunch menu for them (up to 12 years old). No sitting still is necessary: ​​in the meantime, children can stroll through the tall grass or explore the abandoned bunkers.

Rain or shine

Needless to say that we live in The Netherlands, so if the weather is letting us down, you don’t have to worry about a wet dinner. Paviljoen Puur also has luxurious heaters to keep you warm. So even when it rains, you can have a lovely lunch and dinner surrounded by nature. A number of guests can also eat inside if it get’s busy.

The Netherlands is filled with these kind of special locations, check out our Netherlands page to find more info about these wonderful staycations!

Paviljoen Puur
Overdiemerweg 37, Diemen



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