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Theme Park Phantasialand is located just off the Dutch border – not far from Köln in Germany. We stayed in their brand new hotel Charles Lindenbergh, part of Rookburgh – which opened just 3 weeks before the pandemic happened. Now in full swing without any regulations, we wanted to check out their new “themed world”, that rollercoaster fanatics across the world are so excited about.

It had been at least 10 years since I last visited a Theme Park with crazy rollercoasters as Phantasialand has but when we received the invite to re-live our childhood, I said yes without hesitating. Let me tell you about Phantasialand and why we absolutely loved it.

Hotel Charles Lindbergh

Feeling slightly nervous when we arrived due to the “screams” in the background, I was taken aback by this massive hotel structure before entering. Phantasialand has three experience hotels but Charles Lindbergh hotel is their latest edition. It’s by far the most unique hotel I’ve stayed in because it’s built right in the middle of theme world “Rookburgh”. Basically, you’ll find yourself where the action is as the rollercoaster soars past the hotel rooms. Don’t worry, the park closes at 6pm and opens at 10 so you will definitely get a good night sleep. Once you step inside, it feels like you’re back in 1920. Surely every detail has been thought of. From the impressive design, to the local newspaper or the Explorers booklet you receive when you check in.

Charles Lindbergh Hotel

Charles Lindbergh hotel

Cabin Charles Lindbergh Hotel

Guest sleep in an aeronaut’s cabin and the idea is that you step into the world of character and pilot Gustav Meyerhopper who is part of the Explorers Society. Cabins are small, sleep up to 2 people but has everything you need, including a nice bathroom that looks out over Rookburgh. At night the place lights up beautifully so hotel guests can still walk around.

Rookburgh and FLY

After checking in we immediately entered the world of Rookburgh. Hotel guests can enter this theme world via a special entrance and get 2 passes per person to skip the line for FLY, the latest rollercoaster in the park. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect even though this ride literally flies over your head while walking out of the hotel. Note to self; don’t sit in the front if you go on this ride for the first time. Wow, I might have lost a few lives during FLY but found myself running back for another haha. FLY makes your feel like you are flying without feeling uncomfortable and the whole experience was kind of amazing to say the least but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Fly at Rookburgh

Food at Phantasialand surprised me!

When you book at one of the hotels, breakfast is standard included. At the Charles Lindenbergh Hotel there is a lovely breakfast buffet with overnight oats, fresh fruit salads, high quality bread and freshly scrambled eggs. Throughout the park there are more healthy options such as fresh fruit, salads and I was surprised to even see poké bowls on the menu besides the regular burgers with hand cut fries. Of course you can find your dose of sugar, but everything at Phantasialand is high quality so extra points for the food!

Zweefmolen Phantasialand

Phantasialand Berlin

Walking around in Mexico

Rides that you should not miss out on

Quite frankly, there are more than enough rides to choose from – for both young kids and bigger kids (such as myself). Families will particularly enjoy Mousse au Chocolate, Theme World; Fantasy and the 3D pirate show. But thrill seekers will absolutely love it here, there are so many options. A handy list with all my personal favourites would be appropriate! I have marked the theme worlds so you can easily find them in the park.

Top Rides Phantasialand

All things considered, I found Phantasialand and all its theme worlds surprisingly enjoyable. In all fairness, you need 2 days to see it all but because everything is quite close together, you don’t feel like walking marathons like in other large theme parks. Have I convinced you to visit Phantasialand yet?

Enjoy the ride(s)!


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