Piero’s » Utrecht’s new retro Italian bar-restaurant

There’s a new Italian kid in town, and Piero’s means serious delicious business. From neapolitan pizzas, to fresh pasta and traditional tiramisu to finish it off, Piero’s Italian celebrates the flavors of Italy in ways that’ll keep you going back for more…and more.

Located on Ledig Erf, Piero’s resto-bar adopts a warm, retro-chic yet unpretentious decor and aims, through both its vibe and menu, for no-frills simplicity. Piero’s isn’t the place to go for if you are looking for out of the box, wheel-reinventing cuisine. Piero’s is where you go for a packful of flavor, authentic and soul-pleasing plate of Italian goodness.

On the menu, a selection of various antipasti gets you ready for the real piece de resistance.

Let’s talk pasta
Pasta is such a staple in most people’s home cooking rotating menu that a restaurant needs to deliver a next-level pasta experience. Mamma mia, Piero’s pastas are out of this world. And what’s more? You can keep going back and be continuously surprised with their “filled pasta of the day”; these pillowy fresh flavor bombs are everything pasta should be.

In the mood for pizza?
Once again, Piero’s strategy is less is more, and it pays off. No funky flavors here, we’re going simple and traditional, so the flavors have to be bang on, with nowhere to hide. The best part? Neapolitan-style crust: a light, fluffy, melts-in-your-mouth dream. Some can even be made vegan upon request, so no one will be left out of that pizza fest.

Italian food

Finally, the usual rule applies: there is always room for dessert. Try their signature tiramisu, or let yourself be tempted by their other treats. Our favorite? The torta al cioccolato e balsamico. This decadent chocolate tart can only be described as addictive Nutella-y pie, and we just never wanted it to end.

In short? Want to impress a date or just get some sunny Italian goodness in you, Piero’s is your new go to. We haven’t tried everything on the menu (yet 😉), so make sure to let us know what to order next time we go!



Ledig Erf 10, Utrecht

*Mathilde is one of our guest editors who lives in Utrecht. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and currently works in Amsterdam as a Field Marketing Executive. She’s going to keep us updated on what’s happening in Utrecht and it’s surroundings!

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