Poshtel for glampackers

If you are a Glampacker, you’re going to love these Poshtels!

If you want to enjoy all the perks of a hostel such as a community kitchen, different nationalities and making new friends but you are a little bit of a glampacker, this article is for you.

We’ve backpacked our way through Australia and Asia and slept in hostels with more than 8 people in a tiny room. Showers you do not want to enter without flipflops, we didn’t care less. I was a true backpacker and I loved it. But during my trip to Greece  and my trip to the Philippines back in 2014 that I came to the following conclusion; I had passed the backpacker’s  lifestyle. I’d had officially become a glampacker. Poshtels are the perfect combination between hotels & hostels. The fun and games of a hostel with all the luxury and comfort of a hotel for a reasonable price!

I now need a solid bed without bedbugs, a clean shower and a private room.

Generator Hostels, Europe

When they opened their hotel in Amsterdam, Generator threw a crazy party and invited everybody from bloggers, magazines, creatives and glampackers! We were lucky enough to experience a nights stay and we took 2 of our friends to enjoy the fun. It was pretty cool to be the first ever guest of room no. 5 and let me tell you, the beds were super nice! (almost better than my own matras!) The pillow’s could have been a bit flatter but ey, who is complaining? This poshtel features several chill area’s including an old library, a basement club Oosterclub and a coffee area which is open to the public. Generator hostels are all over Europe such as Rome, London, Paris and Stockholm.  www.generatorhostels.com

Paris generator hostel
Generator in Rome (source: Generator Hostels)

Generator poshtel Amsterdam
Generator Amsterdam

Freehand Hostel, USA

The USA was the world’s first country to open the gateway for “poshtels” and opened their first one in Miami in 2012. They call it Freehand and they created these for a new generation of travelers. They now have locations in Chicago with Los Angeles to open soon. Check out their blog for the latest events.

Mother of all poshtels. Freehand Miami
The mother of all poshtels; Freehand Miami  Source: Freehand

Cloud 7, Istanbul

They differentiate themselves by focusing on technology and the new modern way of traveling. They describe themselves as a “unique destination for young, spontaneous travellers”. This funky poshstel carefully curated a collection of decorative items and vintage pieces to attracts travellers around the world. Their rooms are spacious, clean and cost about 50 euro’s per night for 2 people. They are planning to open some Cloud 7 poshtels in Dubai, Prague and muscat. www.cloud7hotels.com


The Rocks Hostel, Wales

With a five star rating on TripAdvisor it seems like this poshtel is really a hit for European travellers. Their website is pretty slick and if you are looking for a 5 star affordable hostel in a beautiful and peaceful location, this is a great option. Located underneath Moel Siabod and looking over the River Llugwy, you will find The Rocks in the village of Capel Curig. The beautiful house was originally build in 1903 as a private villa but became a YHA hostel in 1946. therockshostel.com

The Rocks luxury Hostel
Source: The Rocks Instagram

NY Loft Hostel

For just $40 a night, you can stay in the middle of trendy Brooklyn’s Bushwick area. They offer many activities and help first time New York visitors advise on where to go and eat. Post Covid you could enjoy DJ’s, movie nights, free breakfast, club nights with happy hours, comedy and much more. Furthermore, they offer dorms but also private rooms. nylofthostel.com



For more info about the Generator Hostel Amsterdam.

Generator Amsterdam
Source: Generator Amsterdam

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