Readers Choice Awards 2020

Condé Nast Reveals It’s Readers Choice Awards for 2020

With more than 300.000 participants every year, travel website Condé Nast Traveller has published their annual readers choice awards and the results variate from best hotels, restaurants, resorts and the best to offer in different continents.

Here’s what we liked best about this years Readers Choice Awards:

Best Hotels in the World

1. Baur au Lac, Zurich
Coming in at number one is this amazing hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. Why did it win? Well, the view is pretty damn good (the hotel looks right onto Lake Zurich and the Alps), and the interior design is a grand mix between Art Deco, Louis XVI, and Regency styles. Furthermore, you can indulge yourself at their Michelin Star restaurant Pavillon. Shame that Switzerland is so expensive but perhaps it’s worth saving your travel money for right?

3. Dylan Hotel, Amsterdam
We are thrilled that an Amsterdam based hotel has taken the number three spot in the Best European List. The Dylan Hotel is a household name in Europe and has been around in Amsterdam since 2004. Located on the Keizersgracht, it offers the full Amsterdam experience. They offer various styled rooms such as The Amber, The Loft or 14 Serendipity Rooms. Additionally, the Dylan Hotel has a Michelin Star restaurant (do all great hotels own one you may ask?), called Vinkeles.

Amber room The Dylan Amsterdam
The Amber Luxury Suite at The Dylan

5. Mandarin Oriental, Doha
Luckily for us, we stayed in the brand new Mandarin Oriental in Doha last year while visiting the capital of Qatar. Our favourite part were without question the bedrooms and their restaurant Mosaic. Find out more about this hotel and Doha!

Hotel pool Mandarin Oriental in Doha
The rooftop pool at Mandarin Oriental Doha

Restaurant Mosiac

Best Cities in the World

1. Lisbon (big city)
Congrats to the capital of Portugal! We travelled here in 2018 and we can totally relate with the people who voted for it.

5. Vienna, Austria
One of Europe’s best cities for sure but still very underrated if you ask us! This elegant city is full of beautiful buildings, museums and did you know they have one of the best coffee bars in the world? 

6. Tokyo, Japan (big city)
Once voted as the most expensive city in the world, Tokyo is still one of people’s favourite city in the world if we believe the 300.000 voters of Condé Nast.

Lisbon, Portugal, best in travel

Best Islands in the World

1. Tasmania, Australia
We haven’t been here, but it’s on our list! We’ve heard great stories and if it’s only a fraction compared to the rest of Australia, we can only imagine. Have you been? 

4. Palawan (Asia)
We totally agree with this one! It’s one of the most beautiful places we’ve been to. Back in 2014, when we travelled there, it was more like Thailand 20 years ago. Now, it has gained popularity so you will see a lot more tourists. However, it doesn’t take away its beauty. Read the full Palawan Guide here.

1. Folegandros (Europe)
We included this Greek hidden gem in our book Off the Beaten Track. In contrast to Santorini, this island is relaxed, has less tourists but offers the same immense cliffs and sea view. Actually, Greece managed to get five islands in the European Top 10. Read more about Folegandros.


For all the lists (there are many more!) check Condé Nast



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