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A few years ago I traveled on my own for a few months through Asia. One of the countries where I stayed for a few weeks was Vietnam. In my opinion Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia. This country offers spectacular beaches, stunning ocean, beautiful landscapes, impressive desert and a lot more.

having fun in the desert

Also very important to mention is that the people are warm and kind and that makes your stay a lot more fun. But one of the things that blow me away was the explosion of flavors. The local delicacies are just perfect!
Fresh Spring rolls are a Vietnamese delicacy. You can literally buy fresh spring rolls on every corner of the street and the taste was so damn good!
It inspired me to make my own version.
I made 3 different kind of Spring Rolls; Veggie, Chicken, Shrimps.

Easy to make and one of my favorites!

Ingredients for 4 persons:

» Mint

» Coriander
» 1 Avocado 
» Bio Chicken 100 gr.
» Precooked Shrimps, 15 pieces
» ½ Cucumber
» Carrots
» Lime
» Tauge
» Peanuts
» Salad
» Spring unions
» 12 Rice papers
» Glass noodles
» 1 bell pepper
» 1 red pepper

For the dipping sauce:
» 2 tsp of Fish sauce
» Lime juice
» Lime Zest
» Fresh ginger
» 1 tsp of Soy Sauce
» ½ tsp of Chili sauce

This is how you make it (for 4 persons):


1. Wash and slice the cucumber, bell pepper, spring onions, carrots and the red peppers nicely thin.
Arrange them all in little piles or bowls.

2. Prepare your sauce.

3. Cut chicken into small pieces and gently fry them in (sunflower) oil, sprinkle with pepper and salt.

4. Take a bowl of warm water with chicken stock and dip the rice noodles in for about 4 minutes.

5. Dip the Rice Paper in warm water. Do not soak the rice paper for too long because it will break.
Now let the rolling begin!

6. Place your rise paper on a cutting board and put your ingredients a bit down from the middle so the rolling get’s easier. Work with 1 wrapper at a time and try to do this quickly, otherwise the rice paper will start to stick. 

7. Slowly start to roll and make sure to fold in the sides. 


springrolls 2





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