Recipe » Raw Cacao date almond bonbons

My first introduction with Tunisian dates was when a friend was cooking a traditional Tunisian couscous dish where she mixed spicy herbs and dates. As dessert she served cake with dates and nuts. I really enjoyed the sweetness and I learned from her that in Tunisia, dates are very famous. They add dates in several dishes what really makes the difference!
Also very important to tell is that dates have no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are rich in fiber and potassium.

A few weeks later I tried healthy date coconut balls at a workshop of Bloggernet where I met the lovely Daisy of I Love Health. She taught us how to make these Raw balls with nuts. The combination of cocoa powder with the dates gave these ‘treats’ that tempting sweet chewy chocolate flavor that I really liked!

It really inspired me to eat healthy snacks without using refined sugar. Therefore I wanted to create my own version by using ingredients, full of superfoods and including some fruits like berries.
Besides my curiosity it was about time to start eating more healthy food. It’s really nice to find out that it’s easy to replace sugar and still tastes sweet and tasty!



»1 cup raw almonds
»1 cup with dates, pitted
»2 spoons with cocoa
»1 cup shredded coconut
»1 spoon fresh blueberries
»1 spoon dried banana’s
»soy milk (if needed to make it more juicy)
»cocos oil
»1 cup shredded coconut

This is how you make it (for 4 persons):
»Grab about one handful of Tunisian dates and pull the pits out of your dates.
»Drop the dates and ¾ cup with raw almond nuts into a food processor.
»Process the pitted dates and nuts for about 1 minute.
»Add the cocoa powder, blueberries & banana’s & 1 tsp. of coconut oil (Tip! add honey).
»Continue to process on high speed until the nuts are all broken down and the mixture looks fairly even
»At this point, the mixture should stick together, so you can start making little balls.
»If you find that your mixture can’t stick to itself then you can always add 1 tsp. of soy milk to help it out.
»Coat the balls in some shredded coconut and sprinkle them with cinnamon powder.
»Put them in the fridge for a hour and you are ready to taste these healthy treats!


These healthy balls are gluten-free, sugar free, lactose-free, vegan and raw.
This nut version with fruits taste like a rich, dark chocolate ‘bonbon’!




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