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In almost all the coffee bars in the cities I’ve been lately – Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Antwerp – they serve banana bread.
I really love it, I never feel I can have enough of it!
The texture is soft, the taste is sweet with a incredible distinct banana flavor.

There are so many recipes to make banana bread, but most of the banana bread I got are with cream, butter and sugar.
Inspired by all the banana bread I tasted I’ve made one without sugar and the taste is amazing!

It’s amazing what good food can do to you, that’s why I only included ingredients that are good for you, but most important is that the cake is also very tasteful!

My banana bread is basically one of the simplest and healthiest bakes. I added simple ingredients that I already had at home. It takes hardy any time to make and it’s healthy enough for breakfast and beyond.

Let’s go!


» 4 Dates
» 3 Bananas
» 1 tsp honey
» 1/2 tsp salt
» 2 tsp cinnamon powder
» oil
» 150g almond meal
» 2 Vanilla sticks
» 3 eggs
» Pecan nuts
» Almond nuts

This is how you make it:

It’s easy to make and it fills your home with lovely aromas for hours…

Step by Step

Make fresh banana bread batter in seconds with your blender!

1. Reheat the oven 175˚C

2. Spray a baking mold with oil

3. In blender put all ingredients and mix till moistened

4. Then add nuts and pulse 1-3 times until combined

5.  Use a Rubber Spatula to scrap the last ingredients of the blender and then smooth the batter in the mold before it goes into the oven.

6. Put the mold in the oven and bake it for around 40 min. banana bread

You can add sliced banana on top and serve it with some other fruit on the side.
Whatever you add, a thick slice served with a cup of coffee – latte macchiato –  makes my day!





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