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Like last year, restaurants will remain closed after 5pm during the Christmas holidays. A real bummer, especially for restaurant owners. That being said, we discovered that ordering Christmas dinner from restaurants can be pretty damn good!

Some Christmas dinners are delivered ready to eat, but some you need to prepare yourself with some pre-work done by the chefs. Easy instructions and video’s that you can unlock with a QR-code, will turn you into a chef! Enjoy Christmas dinner with the people you love and support your local restaurants in Haarlem. Be quick to order before all the Christmas boxes are sold out!


At Frenchie they usually serve trendy dishes such as acai bowls, avocado on toast and colourful smoothies, but during Christmas they offer the 4-course Best of Frenchie Christmas dinner, at home. Put on your beautiful Christmas outfit, light the candles, pour yourself a drink and read the instruction letter carefully. Meals are prepared in such a way that you only have to heat up a few dishes at home, that’s it! Their take-away Christmas menu is available for €55,- per person and contains of 4-courses.

Bistrobar Indonesia

Who ever missed Bali or Indonesia in general, can go all out here with a delicious table full of small Indo-style dishes! We try their Christmas box at home and we couldn’t stop eating. This box includes a starter of salmon that you garnish yourself, a spicy pumkin soup and for mains you’ll get at least 18 small dishes to share. This Indonesian rice-table needs some dishes to be heated in the oven or microwave and some can stay cold. It includes saté sauce, prawn crackers, chicken saté skewers and include a bottle of cava! Ff you want you can also order a vegetarian version! Having Indonesian blood myself, I can tell you that the flavours and spices are very authentic! Order the Bistro Bar Indonesian Christmas Box here!

Bistro Bar Indonesia kerstbox


At Bastijan they offer a traditional Christmas box with easy instructions on how to prepare. For €52,- per person you’ll get an amuse, starter, main and desert. Dishes include spicey pumkin soup, deer with mushroom and truffle mash potatoes, sea-bass and panna cotta with warm pear. What are you waiting for? 023-5326006


Christmas dinner, Asian style! This a-ma-zing sushi box includes Maki’s, nigiri, tuna/salmon/ebi and california rolls and a portion of seaweed. You pay €89,- for this box but it’s plenty of food for 2, maybe 3 persons! Moreover, it includes a bottle of white wine :-). They are located on the Gedempte Oude Gracht and you can order the Christmas box online or give them a call on +31 23 205 2666. 

Restaurant Brick

This “gezellige” restaurant in Haarlem did it last year and return with a delish Christmas menu in 2021! You can go as crazy on the food as you want and pick a 5, 6 or even 7-course Christmas box starting at €75,- per person. It’s not the most affordable menu but it’s extremely good and worth you money. And to be honest, we would probably spend a whole lot more during a period without lockdowns.

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