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In France the the curfew is still in place. Restaurants and bars are still closed and by now, I’m sure the novelty of quarantine cooking has worn off. Can you relate?

Well, don’t worry, we’ve tried and tested four home cooking kits for you to spice up your next meal!

Kodawari Ramen

We are always a bit hesitant on ordering ramens for takeaway, worrying that by the time the food arrives, it’ll all get soggy and the quality will not be as good as it is in a restaurant. However, Kodawari – one of the most delicious ramen place in Paris, has thought this through. They’ve put together a cook-at-home ramen kit, where they deliver you freshly made ramen alongside your chosen broth and toppings (they do amazing veggie ramen too). The meal takes less than 5 minutes to put together and taste just as good as if it was served at the restaurant (I can vouch for that!)

Kodawari Ramen home cooking kit Paris

The Hood Paris

One of the most vibrant restaurants in Paris has turned a couple of their signature dishes into home cooking kits. I had the privilege to try their delicious laksa noodle kit, which, needless to say, was absolutely delicious, but also 100% vegan friendly! The home cooking kit comes with all the ingredients you need to recreate the dish within just 10 minutes! They also have a banh mi kit and a weekend roast kit which we’re dying to try!

The Hood Paris home cooking kit


Founded in 2013, Foodette is on a mission to change the way the French eat at home with zero additives, seasonal recipes and fresh produces. Each week, they have 7 brand new recipes, including a couple of vegetarian options. So there’s always something for everyone! Foodette will deliver the exact amount of ingredients needed for the number of people you’re cooking for.  This way, they combat food waste along with easy-to-follow recipes. Even if the kitchen isn’t your natural habitat, you can create the most nutritious meals in no time. Our caramelised shrimps with coconut rice was a great success and we’d definitely recreate the butternut squash crumble that came in our weekly box!

Foodette Home cooking kit

Coyo Taco

Who doesn’t love a good taco night? It is often the most fun and group-friendly way to share a meal with your loved ones. (Especially when we’ve all run out of culinary ideas). However, preparing the fillings can sometimes take a while. But fear not, Coyo Taco’s family-style menu has your back! The kit comes with generous portions of fillings, with a choice of five proteins, including a vegetarian option and various sauces and sides. It was a much-appreciated novelty to our mundane pandemic lives, as well as a great way for us to be creative and bond with each other. As the saying goes, sharing is caring! Go and order your taco kit from Coyo Taco!

Coyo Taco home meal kit

So which home cooking kit are you going to pick first for your next meal?



*Chantelle is one of our guest editor from Hong Kong. She has lived in three different countries and have travelled across many continents. Having been in England for the past nine years and graduated with a Law degree, she is now living in London. Always passport ready, she is an expert at traveling light and on a budget, although she still enjoys the occasional indulgence in a luxurious holiday. You can follow her on Instagram.

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