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Remember those days that everybody bought a newspaper? Well, those days have long changed. News travels fast and most people don’t want to carry that chunky bit of news around with them. So newspapers became digital. Good for the planet and it also saves you getting your vingers stained. But with so many newspapers and so much news, it’s difficult to find the one news feed that suits all your needs. Topics can help you with that cluster. It’s a new way of reading papers.

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Newspapers, a thing of the past?

So what is Topics?
Topics is an app that gives you access to 13 different Belgium & Dutch newspapers where you can select the “topics” that interest you the most. Sounds interesting? Well, it does to us, so that’s why we will try the Topics App for one whole month where we pick and share the articles that interest us onto our Facebook Page. What will we be looking for? Lifestyle, Amsterdam and sustainability has our interest. Oh, and let’s not forget about the latest travel news of course! It’s available for your smartphone, laptop and tablet and you can choose between 15.000 different articles.

Over the next month we will be posting our favorite articles onto our Facebook Page and we will let you know what we think about this new way of reading newspapers! Wanna try for yourself? Topics is now giving away 30 days of free reading so you can see if you like it. Get it here.



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