Saba Island, Caribbean


Welcome to Saba, a special municipality of the Netherlands. Also referred to as the unspoiled queen, as well as ‘the Costa Rica of the Caribbean’.

Not only because it has a volcano with a peak of 877 meters – which actually makes it the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands! – but mostly because it is so green and lush. It’s a true piece of tropical splendour. And a tiny one – because it measures just 13 square kilometers. The Mount Scenery volcano is the biggest highlight. Very good news for all conscious travellers is that eco tourism is the standard on Saba, and this goes especially for tourism. ‘Leave no trace, only footprints’, is their slogan. We fully support that!

Tropical Saba

Fun fact 1: Saba has only one main road. Called: The Road. Not to be missed, ha.

Getting to Saba is an adventure!

With a length of only 400 meters it is the shortest landing strip on the planet. If you’re a thrill seeker, you don’t want to miss your flight into Saba. Even though a flight is a bit more expensive than going by boat, the adrenaline will make up for it. The landing strip at Saba is considered one of the ten most dangerous landing strips of the world. It’s so short, that not every pilot is allowed to land. Winair has daily flights from and to St Maarten. Would you dare? Besides the thrilling travel, Saba combines the charm of small-town life with the warming smiles of the Caribbean. 

Flying to Saba from Sint Maarten

Flight to Saba

Hiking at Saba, a must!

Another absolute must do is: go hiking. The 43-hectare big Saba National Park is a true paradise for walking and hiking fans. You will encounter an enormous variety of sights, and different hiking and walking trails for all levels. At Saba you’re able to hike the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands: 2855 feet high, 1064 steps to make and around 90 minutes one way. Hiking the Mt. Scenery is a real adventure, almost like you’re in a suspense movie.

Saba views

Once you reach the clouds, the scenery changes into a rainforest. Make sure you stay hydrated though! At the end of your hike, Queens Gardens is the place to relax and enjoy one of the best gin & tonics you’ve ever had. It’s the only place of the island where you’ll find a spa and you can even stay here for the night with a private jacuzzi. If you don’t want to leave ever again, we totally understand.

Saba Island
The streets of Saba

Fun fact 2 about Saba: every house requires a red roof. Since the island is so small, this was how, in the earlier days, pilots flying over the island could see its inhabited.

Saba is the perfect place for a day trip but if you want to extend your stay or combine it with a visit to St Eustatius, check for more info.



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