Sanju Ramen in Utrecht

Sanju Ramen, the finest Japanese broth in Utrecht

Sanju Ramen is all about the Japanese broth that is getting more popular by the day. They opened back in January 2018 at the up-and-coming Voorstraat in Utrecht, and serve typical Japanese soul food. Co-owner, (and ramen lover) Jeroen invited me to the restaurant and told me all I needed to know about Japanese ramen.

Sanju Ramen
Sanju Ramen

The broth is cooked for approximately 8 whole hours

Japanese Broth
Ramen is Japanese noodle soup based on chicken, pork or vegetarian broth. This bouillon will be cooked for approximately 8 (!) whole hours to create a juicy and tasty soup. It is thus quite a lengthy process to create one cup of ramen. The ramen soup is full of flavor because it has been cooking for so many hours. It tastes very salty and it’s seasoned with many different spices. Jeroen told me that Japanese people eat ramen almost every day. In the open kitchen you can find many Japanese chefs who have been living in the Netherlands for a few years and who know everything to make the delicious, traditional Japanese ramen.

Sanju Ramen

The Menu
You can get all kinds of ramen at Sanju Ramen, try the Hot & Spicy with chicken and roasted jalapeno peppers, or the Pork Miso Tonkotsu with pork (hence the name), creamy broth, corn and green onion or go for the Sanju Classic with homemade miso, chicken, corn, onion and nori flakes. It was the first time I’ve eaten ramen and I ordered the Pork Miso Tonkotsu, which was delicious, creamy and really tasty with nice, tender pork meat. Sanju also serves vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, something you see more often, even in Asian style restaurants. This is quite unique since the traditional ramen are most of the time made with either chicken or pork. It takes two whole days to make the vegetarian or vegan soup. At Sanju Ramenyou can also order baked dumplings, deep fried chicken or edamame as side dishes for the full Japanese experience.

If you like your ramen, slurp loudly so the chefs in the open kitchen can hear you enjoying your dinner!



Sanju Ramen
Voorstraat 29, Utrecht
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