Santorini, Greece

The Santorini Guide 2020

The endless sea view, the white and blue buildings. Santorini is like a dream. And even though it’s one of Greece most visited destinations, we still think you should visit the island this 2020.

How to get there

With the fastest boat you can get to Santorini within 45 min from other nearby islands like Folegandros for example. Ferries can be late sometimes so always prepare yourself for this. Book your ferry ahead as it will save you money and you can do this online or at one of the tourist offices you will find in the main areas. 

Coming into Santorini is something special

Santorini Map

Ferries at Santorini
The ferries look small compared to the impressive coastline. The volcano on the right.

Impressive rock formations will leave your with an open mouth. 

Don’t stay in Oia if you want a more peaceful experience

Santorini is an island that attracts many tourist so if you are doing the Cyclades tour, this is the one you shouldn’t miss. It is rather special. If you want a little less touristy but still enjoy the amazing views whilst waking up, you should definitely book your accommodation in Imerovigli. With the busy Oia on the right side and the main town of Thira only 10 min away, it’s the perfect place to stay and enjoy breathtaking views. 

Santorini Hotel
Breaktaking views from the Absolutely Bliss Hotel in Imerovigli. 

Volcanic Beaches

Did you know Santorini has a White, Black and Red beach? The island is not known for it’s beautiful sandy beaches but if you get a chance, you should visit Red beach and Kamari Beach where you can find many sun beds, beach restaurants and shops.

A red beach, who knew!

black beach
Red or Black. Only on Santorini

Visit the local villages

If you visit Santorini with your partner, you should definitely book a romantic dinner for 2 but… do something different and eat in one of the old villages like Pyrgos. Why? Because it’s authentic, the food taste amazing and it’s half the price! Still enjoy a meal with that-oh-so-amazing-view? Have breakfast at one of the many hotel options along the cliff. If you want to shop for some nice jewellery and high-end clothes, you should visit Oia but do it at the end of the day or early in the morning when it’s not boiling hot. Yes, there will be a lot of tourist so prepare yourself, and breath in, breath out. You’ll be fine 🙂

Santorini view
Romantic dinner for 2 anyone?

The craaazy view. Picture shot at Oia.

Must Do’s

One of the other must do’s in Santorini is to walk to the top of Skaros Rock right across Imerovigli. It’s about a 20 min walk when you start across and you can get right to the top if you can get past your fear of heights. My legs were shaking a little bit while I was climbing up the last bit, but it was totally worth seeing the sun disappear into the sea.  You can also get up early and walk all the way to Oia or back. For this walk you need some trainers or steady shoes. It takes about 3,5 hours from Thira to Oia and about 1,5 hours from Imerovigli.

Santorini is a wine region?

Another thing that holiday makers don’t seem to know, is that Santorini has a wonderful wine region. The Santorini vineyards are the oldest in the country, and amongst one of the oldest in the world. There are 1500 hectares of vineyards on the island and you can to tastings and tours.

Skaros Rock on the left with Imerovigli on the right

As I said, Folegandros & Santorini are two different and unique islands, but they also have a lot of similarities. To make things a little easier…
Romance? Check.
Best views? Check.
Tasty cuisine? Check.
You want to chill to the max? Pick Folegandros.
You want to shop and feel like a princess? Pick Santorini.
You want to see paradise? Pick both.

Happy travels,


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