Discovering Off the Beaten Track places in my hometown that are a little under the radar, it’s a hobby. But then again, I like these places because they are quiet and not over popular.

For this reason I had to think twice before writing this article. But we started this blog not to keep the best things for ourselves but to share them with the world so here we go. These are the top 5 secret spots in Amsterdam!

1. CantinaJoris van Den Berghweg 109

Word of mouth or a bicycle ride takes you to this secret spot in Amsterdam West. I live far into west Amsterdam so for me it was only a matter of time before I discovered De Cantina. This place is amazing. They serve coffee, cake, homemade lemonade and sandwiches with ingredients from their own garden or local produce. Nothing major but it’s the location and use of space that makes this secret spot worth mentioning. De Cantina is situated in between the “1800 roerden” an creative area where artists work. De Cantina is also part of “Het Rijk van de Keizer” which is a location that can be used for weddings, parties and dinners. You can lay in the sunshine deck on a fatboy, hammock or chill in an old car wreck. Find a spot in the shade under umbrella’s tucked away in between the trees. Don’t be surprised if you see chickens walking around, this is normal! So grab your bike and head for some peace and quiet!

De Cantina Amsterdam
Overlooking the Dutch landscape

De cantina
So peaceful

Cantina, Rijk van de Keizer
Chillin’ in a car, well.. half a car!

2. World Class RoomGeldersekade 17, Amsterdam

This secret bar (speakeasy) is so cool that we have to tell you about it! If you live in Amsterdam, you may have heard of a restaurant called Pigs & Punch bar/restaurant. Just on top of the restaurant you’ll find World ClassThe wall is decorated with framed pictures and classic bottles. The interior is brown yet stylish and there are around 6 tables to sit at. And ssst, don’t tell just anybody about this place. https://world-class-room-amsterdam

Cocktail Bar Amsterdam

Visit our Off the Beaten Track Page!

3. Hotel de Windketel, Watertorenplein 8c

This tiny hotel is right in the middle of Amsterdam, yet nobody realizes it’s a place where you can spend the night at. It’s a freestanding octagonal brick tower and was built in 1897 as part of Amsterdam’s water works. Most buildings like that get destroyed but not this one. It now features as a luxury apartment for 2 equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living space. The nice part is, that it’s in a really nice quiet area of Amsterdam, but only a 10 minute walk from the Jordaan. It’s not the cheapest option (325 for 2 nights) but certainly the best kept secret when it comes to hotels! Perfect for a romantic getaway. Find out which new hotel openings are happening in 2020!

Secret spots in Amsterdam, De Windketel
So tiny, you might miss it

Hotel de Windketel Amsterdam secret spots
The living space at Hotel De Windketel

bedroom Hotel De windketel
Bedroom in the Windketel

4. ‘T Nieuwe Diep, Flevopark 13

If you know your way into East Amsterdam, you may have heard of this secret spot that is hidden in the Flevopark. Nevertheless, it’s always worth a visit. At ‘T Nieuwe Diep, you can feast your taste buds because they have their own distillery and organic produce. Yes, they serve coffee and tea but they are most famous for their cider, gin, liqueur and bitters. (don’t know it? try it!) There is a patio over the water and although the crowd isn’t as hip and happening as in other places, this is perfect for a relaxing moment in Amsterdam. During summer, they’re open from 3pm till 8pm Mon-Sun.

"t Nieuwe Diep secret spots in Amsterdam

'T Nieuwe Diep, Amsterdam secret spots
‘T nieuwe diep in Flevopark Amsterdam

5. Theehuis De Aker, Zwarte Pad 30
This tea house is right next door to where I live. Next to the water where you can make your way up to the Amsterdam Forest or towards the road to Amsterdam’s nearest beach, Zandvoort. It used to be an old waterpump mill that was used to dry the ground back in the 19th century. I love this place because they collaborate with non-profit foundation the Vrije Geer, so people with a disability can work a few hours a day and serve you coffee, tea, cakes and lunch. The Aker mill has been restored a few times and is the only remaining hydraulic engineering work between Halfway and Amstelveen.

Tea House De Aker
The perfect stop after a bicycle ride

All in all, 5 secret spots in Amsterdam that you may not have heard of. Let’s be gentle with these places as they are not your average hotspots where you can take out your laptop and have a conference call. No, these spots are here for you to enjoy some peace and quiet in a hectic city like Amsterdam.



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  • Camilla
    Posted at 10:34h, 07 juni Beantwoorden

    All these places sound awesome! I will have to visit them when I move to Amsterdam next month! 😀
    Camilla |

  • Lolo
    Posted at 12:40h, 07 juni Beantwoorden

    Those are some great secrets! I especially like the idea of the hammock bar! Looks so relaxing and inviting!

  • Melle
    Posted at 11:53h, 08 juni Beantwoorden

    AAAA SOO COOL! <3 🙂 Never been to anyone of these great spots. I'm going to do something about that. This look amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Concorde
    Posted at 13:44h, 26 september Beantwoorden

    Wow! All these places are looking awesome. I work in Amsterdam, but never visited one of these places. Now, I will definitely do that.

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