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12 x amazing shots from an airplane window seat

The best seat is the window seat inside a airplane in our opinion. Why? Because here you can dream off while you mind get’s drawn into the clouds, you see flat lands turn into mountains and see worlds that were once far, appear right underneath you. Sometimes we snap out of our dream and wake up enough to grab our camera and snap one of those moments. Time to show these to the world! We’ve listed 12 amazing shots made out of an airplane window seat.

airplane window seat
Sydney from the sky by @sallies

view from airplane seat
The ultimate view, flying into paradise. Source: Rough Guides

View from window seat
Plane shadows flying into Salt Lake City. By @twbatl

Highest point of Africa out of a window seat
Seeing the highest point of Africa is a world’s gift. By Kyle Mijlof

Airplane window seat view
Beautiful view of boats at the coast of Singapore. Photographer unknown

airplane window seat photo
The sky is on fire with Turkish Airlines by @arashsamiei

window seat
Love this shot from @mginfocus, coming home to Los Angeles

Qantas flying over Antarctica. Source

Thunderstorms are beautiful from a distance. Photo by Haley Luna

Flying over the rocky mountains
Flying over the Rocky Mountains. Picture by Nikki Hedges

Amazing reflections from Chicago into Lake Michigan. Credit to Mark Hersch

And finally, showing some love from the window seat flying into Rome. Photo by me.

Do you have a cool airplane shot you want to share with us? Send it to our Facebook page and we might post it! Looking for  the best way to score a cheap flight on Skyscanner



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  1. lovely! When I have a flight and if I sit near the window I love to make photos 🙂 Sometimes I’m lucky to see things from up that I visited when I was on the ground 🙂

  2. Nico

    Sure thing the window seat is the correct to choose to have great views and pictures, but if you’re quite tall or that you just don’t want to wake up or bother people when going stretch some legs (or something else), the best seat would be next to the row.
    A huge sacrifice, I reckon…


  3. Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)

    Amazing photos! The one with the shadow of the plane on the road is Amazing! I’ve never been on an airplane but if I did I’d certainly want to sit by the window and take some snaps! The clouds floating by looks so relaxing.

  4. WOW! Stunning photos that inspire me to travel the world! The best experience from a plane window I have seen is the northern lights, that definitely worth trying if you can!

  5. I am really afraid of flying, even though I fly about once a month or so. I myself have some really nice airplane window pictures, sunrises, sunsets, cities. I suppose the best is a panorama of London from above.

  6. The window seat is the only option for me if I have a say in the matter! These photos are stunning, there is something so humbling about seeing things from so high up.

  7. CourtneyLynne

    Omg these really are some awesome shots!!!!! I love taking pics from planes but mine never come out this fab lol

  8. I wish I had a cool shot to send you from an airplane! I loved these photos. My favorite one was the thunderstorm. I had no idea it looked so amazing from above!

  9. I love all these shots! I much prefer to sit in the aisle seat and let my husband sit in the window seat and then I just lean over to look at the view but after these beautiful pictures maybe I will reconsider. 🙂

  10. Completetly agree with you. No wonder how many times I have travelled in flight and still prefer to get a window seat and if I do then il sit all the time camera ready hoping to get some of the best shots. You have captured some of the stunning shots loved them.

  11. William BOON

    Once I flew from Beijing to Bangkok. From my windowplace I had a beautiful view on the forests and mountains with… the Chinese Wall. Amazing. Unfortunately I had only my smartphone camera at hand but the pics made were null. But also without pics I will never forget this famous wonder of world.

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