Stay in a traveling Hotel at special locations

Are you looking for an unique and unusual special place to stay?
Camping in the middle of the city without having to bring your own tent, able to use the building as your own living environment but also sharing spaces with other guest, that is what Emmy Polkamp created. She designed traveling hotel to house guests during festivals or other cultural events: To Many Places, a nomadic Pop-Up Hotel.


‘Why stay in one city with your while you can re-use empty buildings and give them a new purpose instead of having them empty’

The Concept:
The guests get the opportunity to stay in designer tents which are located on special locations. The traveling hotel already gave a special place to sleep in an old feed mill to the visitors of the festival Boulevard and was the hotel also being found in an old coffee-roasting factory. This year a select group of DDW-visitors can sleep in this traveling hotel. This time it’s not in an old factory, but in an authentic chapel, located in the Center of Eindhoven. YES PLEASE!

It’s a simple but well thought-through concept that brings the visitors of the DDW together into an intimate and social atmosphere. This unique experience definitely fits the concept of the Dutch Design Week. The tents offer single- or double rooms with its matching facilities. Back to basic, but with the needed additions to create a nice and relaxed setting. The luxury breakfast in the mornings makes sure you have enough energy to start your new day!


About Emmy:
She graduated in the year of 2015 from Design Academy Eindhoven with the concept for her nomadic hotel named To Many Places.

‘I am thinking of a world in which we all work together.
Each from his own strength,were we work with what is already there and invent new solutions around it.’

Between the 22th and 30th of October you can sleep on this unique location with the stunning view over Eindhoven.

Find ‘To Many Places’ on Airbnb or email Emmy directly via to secure a spot!



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