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In the heart of the Netherlands, over a length of 85 KM, you’ll find the Dutch Waterline. This line was built as a defence against enemies from the south and east but was never really used. Until now.

This rather unique defence line is now home the location of pop-up restaurant SterkWater. We dined in one of the forts to see it for ourselves and had an amazing night. I would only be fair to share something this good with the rest of you, right?

Dutch water defence line
Part of the Dutch Waterline and where all the forts are located

Sterkwater in a nutshell

SterkWater is basically a traveling restaurant that showcases the New Dutch Waterline by combining food with history. They started in 2019 and with great success, as all editions were sold out. Every fort along the Dutch defence line has a different story and Sterkwater implements this in the setting and menu. For about 5 weeks they will host dinners from Thursday to Sunday at the same fort. After that they will pick another location along the Waterline.

Sterkwater setting in Fort Abcoude

A few years ago we slept on the grounds of an old fort, Pampus Island, not too far from Amsterdam. Find out about this experience!

This dining experience is unique

You realise that you are in for an unique experience, when you first arrive at the fort. The only way to get on was by a floating structure which you need to pull in order to get yourself across. Together with a map, we needed to follow a path while listening to a short story that we could unlock with a QR code. It was a love story that took place at this exact fort, back in 1949. A place where two lovebirds used to meet up in secret, before getting married. Once arrived at the entrance, you’ll find yourself in between the flora and fauna of Fort Abcoude, as it’s rarely visited by humans. Inside the alleys of the fort, we were welcomed with a local IPA beer and further along the path we received our tasty amuse.

Enjoying a welcome drink at Fort Abcoude

Great food with Dutch ingredients

Because Sterkwater wants guests to fully experience the location and history, they carefully select the ingredients they cook with. For example, at Fort Abcoude, they even used “daslook” flowers that grow around the fort as seasoning for the soup and butter. Everything on the menu has a purpose and the flavours really added up to the whole experience. For €84,95 guests enjoy a 5-course meal which includes a wine pairing. Mind you, if you don’t want to drink alcohol they prepare the most amazing mocktails with every dish to make it worth while. Meanwhile, acoustic musicians are walking around the fort to play their tunes and a spoken word artist read a poem about the history of the fort which was really cool to watch!

Spoken Word at Sterkwater

Sterkwater dining drinks
Fresh and tasty mocktails are included!

Dining at Sterkwater

From the 21st of June Sterkwater will host new pop-up editions. This time at Slot Zuylen along the Dutch Waterline. Tickets cost 84,95 per person and includes a 5-course meal, including wine at every dish. All things considered, adding the whole experience, amazing service and wonderful setting, we can assure you that this is an evening very worth your spendings!

Various locations at the Dutch Waterline





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