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I’ve never been a huge yoga fan because I always felt I wasn’t sweating so in my mind I wasn’t really working out. My opinion has changed a lot since I got pregnant. If you didn’t know yet, yes I am expecting my first child in about 2 months! I’ve always been an active girl since I backpacked through Australia at the age of 24. and enjoyed 3 to 4 gym sessions per week. Well let me tell you, when you get pregnant, things change rapidly. I think I didn’t work out for the first 4 months because I was too tired and when I started feeling more energized, I got a little bit lazy. Doing yoga is exactly what I needed. I took a pregnancy yoga class at Studio 191 in “De Pijp” and I haven’t stopped doing yoga since.

I have done yoga before but there are so many different variations and classes that you really need to find the one that suits you the most and this might take a while. At studio 191 they offer a variation of different classes plus they offer the very trendy Barre here and Surf Yoga. Eh.. say what??, you may ask. Yes, this yoga studio offers a few new and cool classes that are worthy of a little more introduction.

Studio 191 Amsterdam
Positive messages and class times at Studio 191

Barre Workout uses a combination of postures inspired by Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. A typical 60 minute Barre Workout includes a warm up sequence of upper-body exercises, which include: weighted balls, resistance bands, push-ups, planks and other moves to target the biceps, triceps, chest, and back muscles. Next, we move to the Barre, utilizing our own body weight for resistance to focus on the thigh and butt muscles. Our core muscles will be engaged for the entire class and we will finish the those abdominal muscles off with a targeted core session towards the end of the class. Finally, we’ll cool down – moving through a series of stretches to increase flexibility and allow our muscles to recover. Book your class here.

Isabella Machiné enjoying a Barre class Source

Surf Yoga
This is all about balance and coordination. Very good for toning! This class is for those wanting to improve core stability + muscle, train their balance and coordination, increase their awareness and mindfulness since this practice requires focus in the now to stay connected to your board. It’s also a great practice for surfers, skaters and snow boarders. Prepare to sweat, work hard and enjoy a playful, fun and upbeat practice on the board.

Surf Yoga / Source: Studio 191

Now this one is for me! (well, at the moment). You can choose between prenatal & post prenatal classes or classes with your baby. I enjoyed my first ever prenatal yoga class here. It was so relaxing, yet I felt my muscles got the kick they needed. You learn how to use your inner toning muscles which you need during labor and your balance which may vary during your pregnancy. You get a cushion and blanket for support and you can really decide how far to take the exercise. You will see women of all different shapes and belly sizes, so you will feel really at ease. The Mama with Baby classes are a bit different and focus on getting your strength back after giving birth, plus you don’t need a babysitter! Besides that, you can meet other mums and exchange experiences which always helps. Find more information about these classes here.

Studio 191 is a place where people come together, both men and women in a relax atmosphere that I can really recommend. For prices and all classes please visit the website.

Studio 191 
Lutmastraat 191, Amsterdam



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