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Summer events calendar 2015

Summer is here which means there are uncountable outside activities around the world.
To give you a closer look on what’s on this summer, we’ve picked our favourite things to do and made a summer events calendar overview just for you!


Ocean Mania in Ibiza.
Get yourself ready for the ultimate wipeout on water! This June, San Antonio bay will open the world’s first inflatable water park. 650 sq of bouncy walls, cushions, climbing towers and floating catapults will make you want to pay the 20 euro’s for the whole day (this includes a beer and a slice of pizza!)
When: from June

Source: Ocean Mania

Big Apple Block Party, New York
Enjoy award-winning barbecue, cooking seminars, Southern fare, and live rock, blues, and soul at New Yorks Madison Square Park.
When: 13th -14th of June


Algarve International Sand Sculpture Festival
This sandy delight runs right up to the end of October, where you can spot sand sculptures of all sorts and sizes. This years theme is Music & Instruments.
If you are feeling creative, you can learn how to create a sand sculpture yourself in Pera, about 30 min west of Faro.
Source: Best sand sculptures

Vans US open of Surfing, California
For all you surfers out there: this is THE event you should go to.
This event is huge and attracts the elite of surfing. Kelly Slater and Julian Wilson will all be catching the best waves and the event is open and free to the public. Get you beach hair ready and see some real action this summer!
When: 25th Juli – 2nd August

Turn up the heat at Huntington Beach this year


Sail 2015, Amsterdam
Once every 4 years ships and boats from all over the world gather in the port of Amsterdam and open their doors to the public.

Have a look at the program because there is lot’s to do while it’s on and make sure you see the firework displays!
When: 19th -23rd August
Source: fifteen.nl

La Tomatina, Buñol Spain
I’m sure you’ve heard of this huge tomato fight in Spain. This year it’s even bigger and better because the tomato throwing festival celebrates it’s 70th anniversary on the 26th of August. If you go, be sure to take your goggles and an old white shirt.
When: 26th of August
Spain, Valencia Region, Bunol City, Tomatina Festival (Tomato festival)
Source: Robert Harding

Singapore’s Golden Jubilee
Celebrating their 50 year independence, this will be spectaculair. It’s worth traveling for!
When: 9th of August


Oktober Fest, Germany
Yes, we want to give this famous crazy beer event a little mention in this calendar.
Why? It’s something you must do/see once in your lifetime!
Drink, watch, enjoy and pack some aspirin in your suitcase..
When: 19th Sept – 4th Oct.

Source: UK Telegraph

All summer long
Of course there are some events which you can enjoy all summer long and why wouldn’t you?? 

Flaminco Pier, London
Last summer this was one of the best and most fun pop up parties of 2014. This summer they are back!
Good news for the peeps that love palmtrees, cocktails and flamingo’s. It’s on at the Hackney Wick’s Counter Cafe, the venue’s floating area, and the counter’s moored canalside boat. The fun thing here is that they have a different theme each night. This could be a different exotic location or ‘postcard’, with food, drink inspired by the setting and custom projections to bring the theme to life visually: Bali, , Phillipines and the Seychelles are all on the list, so prepare to be treated to some wild and wonderful tastes, soundtracked by top disco, house and funk DJs. Get your tickets at the door early to avoid disappointment.
Source: Flaminco pier Facebook

Caminitio del Ray
Recently reopened, this thrilling footpath is great of adventure seekers.

Renovation cost a staggering 2,5 million euro’s! Wear a helmet and get ready to walk the scary trail of 3km pinned down walkpath. Don’t look down..
Source: traveller Australia

Where are you going this summer? Did we miss out on a must see/do event? Tell us and we might add it!



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