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After a year of bad hairdos and mediocre manicures, it is so nice to see London come alive again and to go to the professionals to get my quarantine haircut fixed and a well-earned massage to de-stress from the past year!

We have tried and tested five “green” hair and beauty salons  (check these amazing hair salons in Amsterdam) in London to help you up to your self-care game without compromising the planet!

Ena Salon

Situated station in the heart of the City, Ena Salon is our new go-to place for hair care and hair colouring. As soon as I stepped into the Georgian Building in which sits Ena Salon, I was surrounded by the buzzing of the customers and welcomed by the friendly team members. The first thing I spotted when I entered the salon was the refill station, stocked with only the most natural and sustainable haircare brands. Who would have known that fruit and veggies are not only good for your gut health but also the well-being of your hair?

Ena Salon London

At Ena, everyone is mindful of their impact on our planet, as the staff carefully measure out ingredients to avoid waste and clients are actively encouraged to recycle any used packaging. There is little that is not reused or recycled at the salon. Not only that, but Ena also collaborates with various campaigns, such as Handle Recycling to upcycle any used bottles and papers into new products! Not only am I in awe of their professionalism, but I am also extremely impressed by their commitment to normalise clean living without compromising the luxury of pampering.

Still London

Using only cruelty-free, natural, and vegan nail products, Still London is the space for all your guilt-free nail care and treatments. The space was founded in response to the high stress and extreme pollution in London. Its mission is to spread calm and stillness for Londoners, all whilst enjoying a relaxing and natural self-care that we all deserve. Unlike the rest of the beauty industry, Still is very aware of the environmental and ethical impact of everything it uses and does. It’s no surprise that Still operates as sustainably and naturally as it can.

Nails at SILL London

What’s more? Still takes the lead by actively reduces its carbon emissions through its refill scheme and closed-loop system. With an Icelandic influence, everything you find at Still, be it the interior, the treatments or the philosophy has incorporated a touch of Iceland to them. After all, this Nordic country is the second most environmentally friendly place in the world. My nails have never looked so good and to know that the products so carefully considered makes me appreciate them even more! P.S. Still is about to introduce Indian massage to their list of treatments!


I had doubts about how calm one could possibly feel in the heart of the buzzing streets of Shoreditch, but these doubts immediately went out of the window as I stepped into the MASAJ’s elegantly designed studio. The wooden design coupled with the aromatic scent already made me feel more relaxed as I was led into the massage room. There is a total of 6 massages to choose from, all targeting different results. Naturally, I chose no.2 for releasing patterns of tension after working from home for the past year.  And my god, did the massage feel good! MASAJ sets itself out as a “brand designed to combat the negative effects of city living” and it does exactly that, using 100% natural ingredients from its own brand and other organic brands. MASAJ also uses biodegradable brown paper bags to combat plastic waste and customers are encouraged to refill products onsite for a discount! I left the studio feeling lighter from the massage and the fact that my much-needed indulgence has not created more waste.

MASAJ London

Maganda Hair Studio

Located in the trendy neighbourhood of Hackney Wick, Maganda Hair Studio is a wholesome studio that allows you to zone out from the hectic city life whilst enjoying bespoke hair treatments and head massages. While Hackney Wick already feels very far removed from the city centre, stepping into Maganda felt like entering a yoga retreat in Bali – so calm and serene. Using exclusively cruelty, sulphite and paraben-free products, Maganda believes that haircare should be just like skincare. The packagings of some products are even made of 100% ocean waste plastic. How cool is that? Through Maganda, Stefano and Serafina (owners) have successfully reinvented a mindful and relaxed experience for their customers, instead of the rushed and noisy environment we usually see in salons. Although I had only gone in for a haircut and treatment, I came out feeling more rested.

Maganda Hair Studio London


If you’re looking for a luxurious spa day that is good for you and the planet, look no further than Linnæan, a beautiful hair, beauty and lifestyle destination located in Nine Elms, a few steps away from the Thames. Be it a detox hair treatment, a deep tissue massage or a HydraFacial and light therapy, Linnæan has got you covered. Not only is the team passionate about promoting health and happiness, but they are also passionate about sustainability, usually non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free products while still offering you the most luxurious pampering experience.


Linnæan was also the first salon in London to offer the signature facial from none other than Dr Barbara Sturm, which was heavenly! You can’t go through a spa day without eating. Enjoy some homemade vegan treats from Linnæan garden and café. All ingredients in the cafe are sustainably sourced from local suppliers, supporting both your well-being and small businesses.

Now that lockdown is eased, where will you head to for your first pampering session?



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