Swimwear Trends 2021

Summer is just around the corner! Time to start with some preparations… Next to the iconic Levi’s 501 shorts, flared trousers, sandals and silk dresses, we really love to spend time finding the perfect swimwear.

Where does summer take you and which bikini will suit your travel plans the most? Take a look at the Swimwear Trends for 2021.

Wear your bikini top reversible! 

You may have spotted your favourite Influencer wearing their bikini the “wrong” way around recently. It’s this years biggest swimwear trend on Instagram for sure. Bikini babes @Rianne.Meijer and @Gypsylust are among others that have been spotted in this new (call it a little bit crazy) trend. Swimwear brands like Triangle have played into this and offer this special cut so you don’t have to. It shows much more diaphragm and cleavage so it’s not that suitable for the big chested ladies out there. 

reversible bikini, swimwear trend 2021

Stripes & Dots

We are pretty sure this trend is always good, but right now we see many different spotted and striped bikini’s and bathing suits out there. Various colours and styles but we love this silky Hype Triangle bikini from Protest.

Protest_SS21 swimwear trends 2021

Neon and bright colours

Whether you like it or not, Neon is still a big trend this year and also on the beach. Ready to show off that bikini body? This swimwear trend is going to get you noticed. There are many colours and combinations available and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Asos, H&M and Zara are all joining team Neon this summer.

Neon Swimwear trends 2019
Stand out on the beach


We’ve always loved skin tone colours so we’re happy to say that nudes are going to be a thing on the beach and poolside this year. Monday Swimwear sells a beautiful rose piece.

Monday Swimwear trends 2019

High Cut

It’s not for everyone, but if you want to flaunt your body (be proud gurls!) this is one of the swimwear trends of 2021 you will see a lot. Combine it with pastel colours and you’re hot stuff on the beach.

high cut bikini Swimwear trend 2021

The long strap Bikini

This summer, the straps on bikini’s have never been this long until now. We love this Lara Top with extra long straps from Butter & Hazel. 

Long strap Bikini Swimwear trend 2021
Elise Bak flaunting her long strap bikini by Butter & Hazel

Animal Prints

Animal prints have been a things for years now, and yes 2021 is no different. The girls behind Monday Swimwear might sound familiar to you. Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman are the hottest bikini girls out there and their swimwear line is really taking the lead this year.

Tiger print bikini


An Instagram favourite is the yellow one-piece or bikini. The soft yellow is complimenting your skin, especially when tanned. Wear it on the beach, or out and about, yellow is here in 2021. 

Yellow swimwear trends
Yellow is proven to suit every skin tone as seen on Marie

Enjoy summer y’all!



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