These will be our Travel Needs for 2025

Travel trend agency Purpose Lab and ANVR teamed up and investigated our travel needs for 2025. For Millennials – born after 1980 – travel is an increasingly important part of life. The prediction is that in 2025 travelers want to find exclusive and enriching travel experiences that shape us and give meaning. We want to blend in with the locals even more than before. “We also want to give something back in 2025 to gather the community and karma points while we travel. Work and private life flow more and more into each other and the motto “work hard, play hard” is replaced by “work less, play more.”

With this in mind, they’ve created a top 5 on how Millennials have their travel needs fulfilled.

 Travel Needs for 2025
Travel needs for 2025?

1. All-exclusive bucketlists
In 2025 we’re not just talking about a bucketlist, but we will talk about bucketlist 2.0 where experience is key (especially in the western world) Far away from the tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pizza Tower. We want exclusive experiences. We want to make our dreams come true while we travel. Several partners will play into this and will start a hunt on under-the-radar destinations. Watch nature in it’s purest vorm by watching the migration of wild animals or a sun eclipse instead of a boring city tour. Festivals will still be big but they will be more focused on cultural festivals en religious celebrations to give you a fresher outlook on the world. Expertcations, where you will transform into a specialist during your travels will make your experience that much richer. For example, hunt your own meat, learn the language of your destinations or work in the rice fields for a day or two. At Wander-Lust we already seek for the unknown and finding those experiences that are new and different but it’s great to hear things are shifting into that direction.
2. Collecting karma 
In 2025, it will become the norm to give some back instead just going on “holiday”. People, Planet and Purpose ‘ is now more central. Fulfillment and world improvement are the goal. Tour operators are responding to this by involving and rewarding us for conscious travel . Voluntourism (volunteer), fly CO2 neutral, local travel and recycling is to be even more popular. It is pretty certain that in 10 years we are seeking a green and fair travel experience. Each person does it in his own way; For one person that’s taking care of elephants in Sri Lanka, the other donates to a foundation such as Travel With Your Heart. It’s funny that this prediction is mentioned in the top 5 because we believe we have a duty as travel bloggers to give something back instead of just laying by the pool or doing the coolest things. We are able to travel the world far and wide but in order to respect the people and world, we must return the favor. Sarah and I are currently in talks with another travel blogger to start traveling with a cause. More on this soon..

“We will talk about a bucketlist 2.0 in 2025”

3. Travel la vida local
Connect with the local life is the key to authentic travel needs for 2025. Experience a destination not in a passive way, but fully interact experienced and gain inspiration and world knowledge though locals. We rely on local expertise and thanks to the growing number of online peer-to-peer platforms, social media and apps we find that we are easily connected to different kinds of cultures and habits on the other side of the world. We eat with bizarre local dishes as Hot Vit Lon (egg with chicken embryo inside) in Vietnam, we are learning to dance salsa in the Colombian salsa city of Cali, we sleep in a hammock between the Costa Ricans under the guise of ‘ Pura Vida ‘ and we are in Nepal along with the monks before dawn to meditate and make sacrifices. Living la vida local!
Travel predictions for 2025
4. Travel to work
In 2025, you will be able to work everywhere. Digital nomads are already booming, but in 10 years we know no different. We will work into the cloud as we call it rather than at one place. Even though we might be far away, we always feel at home because we are always connected with our network. In 2025 we won’t look for a job near home, no we travel to different places where there is work or interesting conferences or business partners. Lifelogging will be the way to keep everyone up to date. We look for inspiration in the world and make this are work spot. You could travel to the Philippines to write a book, run our blog from a eco-lodge in Zanzibar or make business deal from a cabin in the Norwegian mountains. It’s all possible!Work and travel. Travel Needs for 2025
Travel and work
5. Work less, play more!
It’s all about finding that balance. In 2025 we decide to choose our happiness over a career and we try everything to make our job as fun as possible. With this said, flexibility and personal needs are on top of the bill. We want to be triggered and inspirerend while on business trips. Besides this we want to share our experiences with our peers, friends and family. Yes, work and playtime will blend more together and a business trip will transform in a weekend away by adding a few extra days. The corporate hotels will make place for a boutique hotel or Poshtel and you’ll want to work in the lobby instead of your hotel room.So get ready for a change in travel which looks very good if you ask me!


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Looking back to a great travel year! o many Travel moments. From Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, to Barcelona, Ibiza, Greece and Milan.
We love to explore, discover, wander and travel the world! The beauty, the warmth of people, delicious food, dazzling sunsets, stunning white sandy beaches, street art, festivals, jungle, impressive architecture and hospitality are the things that we have seen, done and explored.
We feel blessed that also this year we have seen many wonderful and magical places and discovered new spots. Things that makes us very happy – travel the world!

‘ These were our best travel moments of 2015′

1. Malaysia
In November Sarah went to Malaysia and she had to the best time of her life!
From a jungle trekking, snorkeling trip, idyllic beaches, street art in Penang George Town to the best food she’s ever had. Soon more on our website.

George Town

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Travel moments to never forget

2. Thailand, Koh Lipe
Just a 2 hour boat trip from Langkawi in Malaysia brings you to Koh Lipe. You will arrive at a Postcard-Perfect Tropical Island where you want to stay forever! An unbelievable exotic destination that has everything you need to have the perfect holiday!Read More: »
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Thailand 4

Thiland 5

3. Philippines
Nothing beats some good old island hopping. Something that everyone should visit once in their life is the Philippines! Sleeping in tents on the beach, see the most breathtaking sunsets, amazing nature, unbelievable beautiful beaches that are close to heaven and paradise.
Life is a beach! Soon more on our website.


One of Elke’s best travel moments of last year

4. Greece
Greece has great diversity and a range of places and landscapes.
Food, beahces, people, music, weather, Greece is a fantastic destination for every season.
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Travel moments Greece
Travel moments in Greece

5. Ibiza
If you visit Ibiza, you should definitely stay in the cute little village Santa Gertrudis and visit hotel, restaurant & spa Na Xamena Hacienda!

Santa Gertrudis is a small village that has grown a lot, but has managed to keep the essence of Ibiza’s architecture located in the center of the island. The best thing about it, is that you will enjoy various delicious cuisines with a traditional rustic atmosphere.
Hancienda is perched on a cliff edge 180 meters above the sea, surrounded by an idyllic Mediterranean pine forest where Sarah spent the first day of her holiday.
Na Xamena Hacienda has the best and most impressive view of Ibiza, hidden on the North side of the island.
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Hacienda 1
Ibiza travel moments

6. Milan
Milan is best known as the Italian fashion capital thanks to it’s historic fashion houses, and the four yearly fashion weeks. But, it has so much more to offer; quaint little streets, great shopping and more hidden gems.
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Travel moments Milan

7. Barcelona
Elke went to Barcelona to enjoy tapas and some sunshine but I also flew over to report about DGTL Festival with incredible international DJ’s.
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Barcelona 2015

8. HongKong
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Hong Kong

Thanks a lot for all your support in the last year.
New adventures begin in 2016!

Happy NewYear!!!


Elke & Sarah

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