Best Travel Gadgets of 2017

Ooh how we love travel gadgets! We can’t wait to show you what’s new and more importantly, what’s handy! Check out our favorite selection of Travel Gadgets 2017!

The Secrid Wallet
Have you heard of paying without entering your pincode? Well, it’s a new paying method introduced in The Netherlands recently which makes your grocery shopping about 5 seconds quicker but that doesn’t always mean it’s safe. When your card has one of those chips, skimmers can easily walk past you and skim your card without even stealing it. Yep, it has happened. The Secrid wallet is made out of a aluminium material which blocks this. And that’s just the safety part. The Secrid Wallet is also ultra thin so easily fits into your pocket and comes in several stylish designs. Bonus: your cards will pop up in an instance and make you look, well, pretty cool if you ask us. (Bond girl 3.0?)


Smart Padlocks
If you’re bringing a padlock on your travels, you might lose the key (yes, it has happened to us!) The lock tracks who has unlocked it, where and when. Just connect with NFC or Bluetooth and you are the only one that get’s access. Get it at


Solar chargers
Go green is what it’s all about these days and solar chargers are huge in travel land. We own a Waka Waka charger but there are many more chargers to choose from. News site The Independent wrote an article about the 8 best solar chargers on the market. Check it here.


Inflatable bubble tent
OMG, this is something we all want to own! Maybe it’s a good investment for you and your friends. I’m sure you can charge people to sleep here ;-). Buy it from Amazone from eh..900 dollars. (still worth it!)

Inside the Air-Bubble on Floor17

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
It’s he best camping hammock out there in our opinion. You can safely sleep here, even if the surface on the ground isn’t suitable to put up a tent, you just tie this hammock in between 2 trees and you’re good. Get yours for 199 dollars at


Stylish passport holders
It’s the one thing you can’t travel without. Your passport. You might as well keep it in a stylish looking pasport holder right? We love the one from Rituals (header photo) . but there are soooo many out there. What’s your favorite?


Selfie drone
The selfie stick is soooo 2015. Make way for the selfie drone! It’s tiny, it’s social and it’s cool. BUT (yes, there is a but) it’s not cheap folks. At £399 it’s a pretty high investment but eh, you’re gonna be the coolest traveler on the planet!

selfie-drone travel gadgets 2017
Picture by @davefrenchfry

We’ve all had this issue want to go for a swim but you don’t want to leave your stuff unattended. One of your friends or partner has to stay behind to look after your belongings. Flexsafe is the solution! It’s water resistant and you can attach it to chairs, poles or your bicycle. You can buy it for less than €40,-.

flexsafe best travel gadgets
Source: Flexsafe

So what’s your favorite?



Sleep in a giant Air-Bubble on top of an Amsterdam rooftop

Sleeping under the stars and feeling on top of the world is now something within your reach, in Amsterdam!  Floor 17, — the rooftop terrace of the Ramada Hotel, has invested in a very special hotel room this month. A giant Air-Bubble is situated on top of the hotel with an impressive view of Amsterdam. 

Are you ready to sleep under the stars?

Inside the Air-Bubble on Floor17

This unique experience starts with a personal check-in that includes champagne (always a good thing), before you will be guided to your rooftop suite. You will have the exclusive access to a private rooftop terrace overlooking the city. Taking a shower or need to fresh up? No problem. When you book the Air-Bubble, it automatically includes a hotel room where you can also store your luggage. In the morning you will receive a Floor17 private breakfast. The special accommodation is decorate by to give it finshing touch. You and your guest can enjoy the stars at night and the panoramic view in the morning. Suuuper romantic!


zithoek Air-Bubble
Details by

In addition to sleeping under the stars there is also the possibility of:

» Private Chef’s dinner for 2 for € 105,-
» A Private Rooftop Movie Night for €50,-
» Floor17 Cocktail workshop for €100,- per hour

The Air-Bubble is available to book from €270,- until the 9th of June and there are only a few nights left. Book it here!



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