The diversity of Argentina

About 4 years ago, I traveled the world for six months. If people asked me which country I liked most, that was a tough question to answer, but I always mentioned Argentina because this is such a diverse country. Argentina is so much more than Buenos Aires; the city of the tango. Especially for nature and wine lovers, Argentina is the place to go. Here are some of my favorite sights.


El fin del mundo: Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world. A lot of people come here for a trip to Antarctica. The close-by national park Tierra del Fuego, is beautiful. You can walk a various number of routes, and if you’re lucky you can see beavers, a fox, or even a whale.

Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno is probably the most famous glacier of Argentina. You can do several tours here; one at which you will walk on the glacier itself, or you can jump on a boat and sail along Perito Moreno and a few other glaciers. This might be a bit confronting, as the trip also shows the effect of climate change since you can very clearly see how much the ice has melted over the years.

perito-moreno-glacier Argentina
Perito Moreno Glacier

El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a very small and cozy village from where you can hike in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. This is one of the few national parks in Patagonia that doesn’t have an entrance fee. In the village, you can rent all the equipment you need for a 2-day (or more) hike; a tent, sleeping bags, a map, etc. There are different routes to take but the most famous one takes you to Mount Fitz Roy. If you sleep at the camping of the national park and head off to the viewpoint early morning, you might be lucky enough to see what is supposed to be an amazing sunrise at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy.

mount-fitz-roy, Argentina
Stunning Mount Fitz Roy


Bariloche is the heart of the lake district of Argentina. Although nature here is quite different from the more southern Patagonia, it is also very beautiful. You can rent a car (of bike if you’re very sporty) to ride along the seven lakes. You can also take the cable car to Cerro Campanario, from which you have a great view over the surroundings. Bariloche is also home to a lot of outdoor activities. You can for example go rafting or canyoning. I can highly recommend the latter, because here you will have the opportunity to descend a waterfall and that is just a great experience.

view-from-cerro-campanario Argentina
View from Cerro Campanario


Mendoza is most famous for its wines. Almost all Argentinian wines come from the Mendoza valley. A very good way to try a variety of wines here is to rent a bike and cycle along different wineries. Almost all of them offer a free tour and tastings for a very reasonable price.

I think all these sights together show what a diverse country Argentina really is. I know that there are many more places to discover here, so I will definitely go back again sometime. What about you? Is Argentina already on your bucket list?



Top 10 most affordable destinations for 2019

New year, new plans right? But that doesn’t always mean you need to spend all of your savings. These affordable destinations are your best pick for a perfect holiday in 2019.

Surprise surprise, this country made a huuuuge comeback. We did hear that Equador was doing well a few years back, but dropped back in the list. Did you know that four out of five expats say that there is a good financial balance and that the way of living is good. (I’m sure the good weather also helps). It’s also a great country for backpacking and full of friendly locals.

Never though of Albania? Well, time to change that! Albania is a underrated country with many mountains, canyons and the Ionian coastline. Albania isn’t full of tourists and therefore prices are very good! Be the first to discover hidden beaches and coves, or walk around in the Albanian Alpes. Discover Albania.

Affordable destinations can be surprisingly good

Now, this may seem like a surprise, but the Maldives is changing in a way that we like! Yes, the super deluxe resorts are still there, but the island is going through a transition and has more accommodations to suit every budget. We are not talking Asian prices, but the change is there, and that’s a great thing! The most expensive thing would be your flight. It’s in our top 10 because it’s a destination that you should visit once in your lifetime.


Czech Republic
We’ve been to Prague and for the countries capital, we were pleasantly surprise how affordable everything was. From the food, to shops and taxi’s. Other destinations in Czech are even cheaper, and getting around. Many low cost airlines fly to Prague, so all in all, you can say that this is a great pick for affordable travel. Why go? Because of the stunning nature, mountains, lakes and let’s forget about the dreamy castles! 

This country has an amazing capital that should be visited during summer. Budapest hosts amazing festivals and it’s a city full of history and culture. Best of all, it’s very very affordable!

Sri Lanka
We just came back from Sri Lanka and traveled around so we know you can make it as expensive as you want. Find reasonable flight in low season, and you’ve got yourself an amazing destination. Sri Lanka is also on the number 1 list when it comes to destinations overall. And we know why. Jungle (including many elephants!), safari, beaches, good food and lovely locals. Yes, Sri Lanka belongs on the affordable destinations list.

Sri Lanka train
Sarah in Sri Lanka

If you think Thailand is cheap, try Laos as your new SouthEast Asian destination. It’s a great option for backpackers and there are plenty hostels to choose from. You won’t find large cities here but full of farmlands, which keeps it authentic. Go tubing in Vang Vieng, walk along the ricefields, or rent a scooter and explore. Vietnam and Thailand are around the corner if you want to continue your affordable travel.

Maybe it’s the vibe, the food or the music. Mexico has been on best travel lists all over the place and for good reason. If you’re coming from the USA, this would be your best pick because it’s only a short flight. Check out these affordable beach towns; Playa del Carmen, Loreto or even Cancun. 

It’s one of those countries that is often overlooked, but Georgia is finally getting the credit it deserves. Lucky for us, it’s a great place for affordable travel. It’s natural (and stunning) landscape and green hills keeps attracting more tourists than ever. The most affordable has to be the food. Buy yourself a loaf of bread for just 40 cents and score some groceries on the local market for fruit and veggies. If you want to spoil yourself, consider staying at the top notch Stamba hotel. 

Stunning Georgia

This destination economy has been like a Yo-Yo diet. A few years ago we heard stories from travelers that were taken by surprise on how much they were spending on meals and accommodations, but the economy has changed again and things are looking up for travelers. Hotel prices are available for as little as €30,- per night if you’re staying in the city.



Have you ever wondered how to score the cheapest flights? We broke it down:

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