Best destinations for 2020

According to Travel & Leisure, these destinations are the place to be in the new year.

We’ve compiled the top 10 to let you know why these destinations are hot and happening in 2020. Where are you going to be next year?

1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Maybe you haven’t heard of this destination, but it’s the capital of Ethiopia. The reason it tops the list, is because of the expansion of the airport, the newly opened Zoma Museum, many galleries and the Addis Foto fest, held in December.

Addis Ethiopia

2. Arequipa, Peru

It seems like this Peruvian destination is finally getting some recognition. 

3. Asheville, North Carolina

The place that is well renowned for it’s musicians, artists and the vibrant food & wine culture. The region has many festivals, new bars and restaurants and a few quirky hotels to look forward to in the new year.

4. Austria

Obviously, we have heard of Austria, especially during wintertime. But what many forget, is that Austria is amazing during summer time! 

5. Baja Sur’s East Cape, Mexico

After years of development, Baja Sur’s East Cape is finally home to 1000 new luxury accommodations, new hotels and docks for expensive yachts. Yes, this one is for the jetsetters amongst us!

6. Barbados

In reality, Barbados became on the radar due to one famous resident, Rihanna. The carnival is the highlight of the year, but the beaches are worth something to travel for! In 2020 Barbados will host a year long festival, starting this January named ‘We Gatherin.

7. Beijing, China

Last year, the largest airport in the world opened in Beijing, designed by star architect Zaha Hadid. Next to that the “Forbidden City”, a wonderful palace-like complex in central Beijing, will open in 2020.

8. Big Island, Hawaii

On the contrary, Hawaii is totally different from Beijing, and focusses on nature in the year 2020. But also new development plans are well on their way with stunning hotels to keep an eye on.

Big Island Hawai

9. Botswana

Adventure seekers can be accommodated in the most fantastic safari lodges in 2020 when new eco-friendly places are opening in 2019/2020. The time to visit is now.

10. Boston

Notwithstanding New York, Boston is a great contender of being the new hotel capital of the USA in 2020. 5 new hotels (Four Seasons, Langham, Juliet, The Withney and Mirror Infinity Rooms) will open.

Our personal top five destinations for 2020 are:

1. Kazakstan

This underrated country is becoming more and more popular and we think you should visit it before it getting too busy. Most airlines fly to Almaty and from there you can travel to the Kolsai Lake Park where you’ll also find Lake Kaindy and the Sunken Forest.

2. Touradant, Morocco

Sarah just came back from this less known destination in Morocco. Find out why it’s worth a visit and where you can find the true culture of Morocco.

Taroudant region Morocco

3. Georgia

By far one of our favourite trips from 2019. Georgia has so much to offer, from mountains to green hills, amazing cuisine and even a buzzy nightlife! Read about the 12 must sees in Georgia of you only have a few days to explore!

4. Kirigzstan

Unfortunately, we haven’t been yet, but hopefully this will chance in the future. In our upcoming book Off the Beaten Track, we will talk about this amazing destination that will make you feel like you’re in 4 different countries at the same time. 

5. Doha

This luxury capital is located in Qatar and really surprised us in 2019. It is also home to the most amazing museum we’ve ever seen and the restaurants and hotels are amazing. Mind you, Doha isn’t cheap, but it’s a great option for a stopover!

NMOQ in Doha

5. Switzerland

We can’t praise Switzerland enough! Comparatively with Austria, it has lush mountains and nature, but Switzerland takes the award for being the most divers. We felt like being in Canada, and yet it’s so close to home. Are you thinking about driving to Switzerland in 2020, take a look at our full Swiss Guide.


Flying business class is a treat, especially when you least expect it. Maybe you got lucky with an upgrade, or you saved enough frequent flyer points to treat yourself. Recently, we’re so lucky and got to experience the best business class seats in the world.

Not so long ago, Wander-Lust was invited by Qatar Airways to visit and explore Doha and the rest of Qatar. Despite my fear of flying, I was looking forward to this one. I knew QR had won the best airline in the world award for 2019 and also the world’s best business class. That being said, it was not until we checked in, that we actually got upgraded to their prestigious Qsuites.

Upon arrival you are welcomed with a glass of bubbles

First impressions

As soon as you enter the plane and see the business class seats of Qatar Airways you know it’s going to be a flight worth your while. Each seat has its own compartment with the option for complete privacy and a chair that can extent to a full horizontal position. You can choose several options such as the quad seats, perfect for families or business partners as you are facing each other. Upon arrival you are welcomed with a glass of bubbles or fresh juice and you almost feel a little bit ashamed as other passengers walk past you to find their economy seats.

Qsuite Qatar Airways

In flight Entertainment 

Once seated, you’ll notice the big screen in front of you. Qatar Airways offers a range of new Hollywood films, as well as world cinema, series and documentaries. All Qsuite passengers are welcomed with an amenity kit filled that included Italian luxury skin care products (which I obviously took home with me). By this time, you haven’t even realised that the plane has taken off! Funny enough, I only watched one movie because I was so occupied with the food & snack menu.

Food & Drinks

Equally important is the food they serve. Usually, I bring my own salad or sandwich on board because most airlines don’t have the best reputation when it comes to food. Well let me tell you, this is a whole different ball game! If you order food in business class, they even set your table with a table cloth and a mood light, which makes you feel like you are in a luxury restaurant. The menu is ever changing but on my flight I enjoyed falafel and pumpkin with dips, Italian pasta with mushrooms and a very, very decent cappuccino. For breakfast they also served fresh fruit, warm oats or continental breakfast.

Food Qsuite Qatar Airways

Good to know:

  • The Qsuite is not (yet) available on all flights, but on the Amsterdam to Doha route they always fly with the Qsuite.
  • Business Class (Qsuite) prices vary and always keep an eye on special deals they have! Prices always include 30KG luggage and extra hand-luggage.
  • They offer flights to 160 destinations worldwide

Basically, it comes down to this; I’m totally ruined for life when it comes to flying! For me it was the first time (ever) that I was not looking forward to getting off the plane. The 6 hour flight to Doha was too short in my opinion because I could have enjoyed several more hours in the world’s best business class seat.

Fingers crossed it will happen once again! Find out more about Qatar Airways Qsuite here.