9 bikini babes to follow on Instagram

Ask me to make a list and you know it will have something to do with either beaches or bikinis! Another thing I don’t have a problem with is showing some skin. But this time it’s not about me. In this post I will share my top 8 bikini babes I check out on a daily basis. Let’s say the girls I have on Instagram speed-dial.

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes)
For me, Rocky Barnes is one of the coolest and prettiest bikini babe out there. I was lucky enough to have met her a couple of weeks ago in Miami during Swim Week. She’s so nice! Everything looks perfect on her and she’s just living life and let us all join the ride thanks to her beautiful Insta-feed.

Rocky Barnes bikini babes

Naila (@naila)
Another beautiful babe that loves to show off her a-ma-zing body is Naila. She’s an online influencer from LA and loves to travel the world from Hawaii to Dubai in as little clothes as possible. She’s definitely working on her tan 365 days a year!

Naila Instagram bikini babes

Natasha Oakley (@tashoakley)
This list full of bikini babes wouldn’t be complete without at least one of the girls from A Bikini A Day right? With almost 2 million followers on Instagram this babe is truly a bikini boss. If she could, she’d wear a bikini 24/7 and I wouldn’t blame her! Every time I look at her pictures two things come to my mind: I need that bikini and I need to go to the gym again…

Tash Oakley 2

Shea Marie (@peaceloveshea)
This blogger-turned-swimwear-designer grew up and lives at the east coast of the US. She basically spent all her days in bikinis so it wasn’t a surprise when she started her own label two years ago. To promote new styles she often shares enviable photos on Instagram and I don’t mind at all 😉

Shea Marie

Kalani Miller (@kalanimiller)
Kalani Miller is the wife of professional surfer Kelly Slater (he’s so hot!) living on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Together with her sister she is the owner and designer of swimwear label Mikoh so she definitely knows a few things about bikinis! With a celebrity following of Rihanna and Jessica Alba, she’s one to stick around.

Kalani Miller

Natalie Roser (@natalie_roser)
The best thing about being a bikini model is that you’re getting paid to wear bikinis on a daily basis. For Nathaly this is not a problem at all, showing her uber-fit body on the beaches of Australia and Bali. Her striking white smile and long blonde hair makes her stand out from the rest. Some girls just have it all…

Nathalie Roser

Paula Handrick (@paulahandrick)
Paula is a swimwear blogger like me who lives in Germany. We share the same love for bikinis and I love that her images are always so happy and colorful. She loves to spend time in the gym and with her boyfriend and always makes sure she shares it all on her Snapchat!

Paula Handrick

Victoria Kristine (@iamblasiangurl)
Victoria is a Blasian model and blogger and I have to admit that I only recently know what Blasian means, lol! For the ones that don’t know, Blasian is a mix between the words black and Asian and refers to her origin. What I love about Victoria is that she doesn’t have a ‘standard’ look. She wears whatever she wants and often goes for a natural look. I think this girl is going to be big, in a bikini or wearing clothes, so keep an eye on her!

Victoria Kristine

Ashley Graham (@ashleygraham)
She is the most famous plus size model in the world, but this is not the reason why she’s on the list. She is stunning and an inspiration for women across the globe, she is embracing her curves like every woman should do. This is why she rocks and why you should follow her and her runway adventures.

Ashley Graham bikini baes

In conclusion, these bikini babes on Instagram are a true inspiration for this coming summer. Wondering what’s hot on the beach? Check out the latest bikini trends!



*Gala is one of our guest bloggers from from the Netherlands with Caribbean roots. She knows everything about beachwear and shares her best finds and summer essentials for Wander-Lust this season. You can follow Gala on Instagram for bikini inspiration!

This will be summer’s hottest swimwear!

Hello summer, we have missed you! (you are somewhere!) We’re running around like headless chickens trying to get bikini ready. But while we concentrate on that, we almost forget about what to wear on the beach this season! Thank god we have an expert on swimwear just a call away. Gala from MyBikiniMusthaves knows exactly what’s hot on the beach this season and she’s going to tip all the hottest swimwear just for Wander-Lust!

Gala from my bikini musthaves
Bikini girl Gala

1. Cut-outs
In recent years I’ve seen more and more one pieces with less fabric: cut-out swimsuits rose quickly to popularity! But this year I think the cut-out bikinis will take over from the one pieces. What I love about cut-outs is that you can completely decide yourself how much skin you want to show and to which point you feel comfortable. A new variant of the cut-out trend is the Butterfly: a row of horizontal cut-outs on the back of your bathing suit. This is your go-to style for this summer!

cut out pic

2. Crochet 2.0
I know what you think, crochet swimwear isn’t a 2016 trend because we’ve seen them already for a couple of years. And it’s true! But let’s be honest, we still love them, don’t we? But I’ve seen a couple of fashion updates in the more classic crochet styles as we know them. Brands like BECCA, Emilio Pucci and Missoni know how to work this trend and show us a fashionable twist in swimwear. Crochet bikini top with neoprene fabric anyone? Love it!

Swimwear musthaves

3. Strapless one pieces
Readers of my blog mybikinimusthaves.com already know that strapless one pieces were a hot topic a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t without reason. These type of one pieces are not only for new moms or curvy ladies, lord no! They look amazing on tall, slim bodies too. Take notes from Bella Hadid and Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis. And if you have bigger breast, just make sure to wear a one piece with underwire to keep everything in place 😉

Swimwear musthaves 2016

4. Wrap bikini tops
Wrap bikini tops definitely belong to the swimwear trends for 2016! And also with this trend you have several variations. Like the front cross wrap, shown in black below, and of course the thinner and wider wraps in the tops. I always advise to wear the thinner straps if you have smaller breasts and the wider straps are perfect if you’re privileged with a fuller cup size. But either way, the attention will be drawn to your lady parts anyway 😉

5. Crop tops
My personal favourite trend for 2016! Not very ideal for a good tan-session, I know, but you can really show your own personal style with crop top bikinis. Some people think crop tops are only available in sportive styles but that’s not true! The great thing with bikini crop tops is that you can also wear them outside the beach too. It’s a very popular style at festivals! Oh and one more tip, if you go for a crop top halter style bikini make sure you choose low rise bottom otherwise your torso will look very short.

musthave swimwear

There you have it, 5 best swimwear trends for this summer. So if you haven’t found your new bikini for your next holiday destination yet I hope this post will help you in your search! Whether you go to Bali, Rio or Marrakech, if you follow these trends your beach look will definitely be on point!

Happy tanning!



Packing Guide » Island Hopping

Tomorrow it’s finally time for another adventure: Island Hopping! My plan is to fly to Rome and stay there for 2 nights. (believe it or not, I’ve never been to Rome before!) From there, I will be flying to Mykonos in Greece and then the island hopping will start.

The Trip » Amsterdam-Rome-Mykonos-Naxos-Folegandros-Santorini-Crete-Amsterdam
Length of stay » 16 days
Budget » 1200 euro’s exclusive flights

But first, I need to pack my bag(s)! 
Traveling light is key for this trip as I will be on the move a lot. For this I will be taking my trustworthy backpack.
My backpack has been traveling the world from Australia, Thailand and back to Amsterdam.
This packing guide is focussed on traveling light but bright!

Carry On:
My new baby The Olympus OM-D EM 10
» I can’t leave without my old but still amazing Sony Action cam
» It’s summer so my new Ace & Tate sunnies are definitely coming!

2015-07-13 01.24.08 1_resized

Travel light but look good..
I’m known as a hippie and just because you won’t see me walking around with a Chanel handbag, doesn’t mean I don’t like to wear some nice outfits whilst traveling.
I love bright colours, shorts, comfy shoes and fabrics that won’t stick to my sweaty skin!
» Dandy Sneakers from Dante6
» Get tropical in a Mink Pink top bought at We are Labels
» Did I mention I like bright colours? Love this feather necklace from Zara
» As you may have noticed, Sarah and I are big fans of Mimi et Toi, therefore, I will always bring some of her amazing jewellery on my travels.
» New in my backpack is this cute little Foreo Luna Mini Facial cleaning Device which will keep my face blemish free this summer.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Besides these items I will bring a lot of summer dresses, jumpsuits, cropped tops and maxi dresses.
All light fabrics, perfect for hot summer weather and stylish enough to look good enough for a romantic dinner.

To the beach:
I’m a total beach girl. You will find me here a lot but I won’t just lay down on my towel all day. I will swim, jump of rocks, snorkel, explore. For this I need more than a cute bikini! 🙂
» I love bright colours, so my Triangl bikini is coming with me
» I can’t take my laptop to the beach so sometimes I write my stories down in my travel journal
» It’s the first time i’m taking these babies on holiday but I have a feeling they won’t leave my sight this summer.. Havaianas 
» Take care of your skin and hair whilst at the beach. I’m using Nivea 30+ (yes, you will still get a tan) and Wella Sun Protection Spray.
» Flash Tattoos. I still love them. I always get them via Child of Wild. The originals all the way from California. 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Still loving the original Flash Tattoos! Shot by David Stegenga

My flight will leave in the morning so I need to continue packing, but if you want to follow my crazy trip, check our Instagram.
See you soon! (from Rome)