These are the best lunch spots in Antwerp

Sometimes you don’t want to reveal your best kept secrets but then again.. we didn’t start this platform for no reason! We travel to Antwerp at least once a month (for work or pleasure) and we found some quirky lunch spots we want to share with you!

These are our top lunch spots in Antwerp.

1. Native

This hidden pearl is by far our favorite lunch spot in Antwerp. This bistro serves fresh, original, and good quality food. It’s organic, locally produced with sustainable ingredients, this is Native! Vegan and organic food lovers will love this place! During the summer they open a very nice terrace.


Muntstraat 8, 2000 Antwerp

2. De Broers van Julienne

When we need to grab a quick and healthy bite, we go here. In a side street of the Kammenstraat – with lots of boutiques – you will find this small cute little restaurant. You can take away the best quiches, soups,  salads and other warm healthy dishes. Besides that, they sell oil, wine, coffee, juices and other delicatessen. They  also offer catering and cook workshops.


Kasteelpleinstraat 45-47, 2000 Antwerp

3. Foodbar Cordoba

Cordoba is situated in a dockside area called Het Eilandje (the little island). We love this area in Antwerp, this is where the locals come to eat breakfast and lunch. Don’t forget to stop by Cordoba, a lovely cozy place where you can easily stay for the whole day! Order the homemade ice tea with red fruit, the soup of the day with bread crumbs and their famous toast with hummus and grilled vegetables.


Napoleonkaai 1, 2000 Antwerp

4. Chick Pea

This cozy Mediterranean/Israeli restaurant offers a specialty that we really like: hummus. Next to that – they offer hummus in 5 varieties, with chickpeas and mushrooms – they also serve delicious salads, Italian coffees and fresh juices. We definitely recommend this place; The restaurant is situated in a lovely area, the owner is very friendly and the food was damn good!


Oudaan 4, 2000 Antwerpen

5. Crumbles & Beans

This place, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and pastries in the afternoon, really surprised us. First of all the owners select their product with great care; bio croissants, fresh milk, wood roasted coffee beans van Antica Tostatura etc.  Besides, the vibe is awesome – warm and comfortable –  the restaurant looks great and the owners are so sweet, the food is cooked with love. Try their quiches and home made cakes!

Crumbles & beans

Lange Dijkstraat 16, 2060 Antwerp

Now you know where to find us! Do you want to know more about the city? Check out our complete Antwerp City Guide!



5 x The Best Breakfast Spots in West Village, New York

In a completely food-obsessed city, the West Village seems to be a breakfast focal point. Not only is the food incredible, but the environment of that particular neighborhood gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to kick off the start of your day. Instead of skyscrapers, you’ll find brownstone, pre-war buildings complete with classic New York fire escapes and every tree-lined, cobblestone street seems to be the home of some cozy, quaint restaurant packed with people looking for a delicious meal and good coffee. Although I’m sure there are dozens of fabulous options to choose from, here are five of my favorite Breakfast Spots In West Village.

Hundred Acres – 38 Macdougal St
Located right on the borderline of the West Village, SoHo and Greenwich Village, Hundred Acres is a Mediterranean style restaurant that never disappoints at breakfast time. Unlike a lot of other typical NYC breakfast spots, Hundred Acres is spacious so a good choice is you have a large party – and they have a backyard garden area! They also take reservations on OpenTable which is super convenient when looking for the right place to eat. The lemon ricotta pancakes and the cinnamon rolls are both superb!

Hundred Acres, best breakfast spots in West Village


West Village draws fashionable crowds to its designer boutiques and trendy restaurants

Monument Lane – 103 Greenwich Ave
Any place with chicken & waffles on the menu gets an automatic thumbs up in my book. With outside seating during the warmer seasons, Monument Lane is a great place to people watch. Good food, friendly staff and a varying menu with plenty of different options to choose from – what more could you ask for?! They also give you an adorable little notebook to sign when you get the bill – it’s all about the little details and one of the reasons why it’s one of my favorite breakfast spots in West Village.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Waffles & Chicken at Monument Lane

Bluestone Lane – 30 Carmine St (*multiple locations)
A casual, Australian cafe that serves great coffee and simple brunch items. One of my favorite things about it – the staff are all Aussies! I like that this cafe gives me a taste of a different part of the world, all the way down to the carefully chosen decor. The avocado smash and the berry bowl are both delicious!

Bluestone Lane, Breakfast Spots in West Village
Love the interior!

Bluestone Lane breakfast NY

The Wild Son – 53 Little W 12th St
This restaurant is located on the border of the West Village and The Meatpacking District right next to the Hudson River. It’s small, so not ideal for large parties, but if you’re looking for a place to grab a coffee and some breakfast with a friend, this adorable restaurant is a great choice. They don’t take reservations, but stop in to put your name down and take a stroll along The High Line while you wait. You can’t go wrong with the blueberry corn waffles!

The Wild Son, Breakfast Spots in West Village
Always busy and cozy!

Their signature dark lemon soda. Source

Cafe Cluny – 284 W 12th St
A trendy, upscale West Village brunch spot that you go to when you want to be seen. Covered in charming and tasteful decor, this modern French restaurant is a complete embodiment of the vibes of the village and could be a good location for a celebrity sighting.

Cafe Clunsy, best breakfast spots in West Village

cafe-cluny-Breakfast Spots in West Village
Delicious and healthy! Source



*Casey is one of our guest bloggers from New York. She’s a 25 year old that grew up in Long Island NY. After graduating college, she moved into NYC and took a job in marketing. She and her large friend group of about 9 girls are all about trying out trendy restaurants and keeping busy with all this amazing city has to offer. She also has her own personal blog, Adolescent Adulthood. She will publish an article in the beginning of each month.

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Roootin » The Healthy Middle Eastern Hotspot in Amsterdam

Hello hello newbie, warm welcome to Roootin. For weeks or maybe even months they were renovating their place…and the result doesn’t lie. Don’t expect the usual hotspot with eggs Benedict’s, croque madams and juicy burgers, nops. Time for something new, let’s introduce you to the Middle Eastern cuisine! I think I never had something Iranian or Kurdish before, so let’s zoom in on what they’ve in store for you!

Interior Roootin Amsterdam


The story behind Roootin Amsterdam
Roootin is an idea of one Iranian brother, his two sis and their mom. How cool a family have teamed up. During reading the intro you might have thought: Roootin with 3x ‘o’? Yes, and I tell you why. Roootin is a combi of roots and origin. It doesn’t only has to do with their Iranian roots, but also with their interest in the essence of humans, nature, healing power of products…let’s say the roots of things. Mix that with origin and Roootin is born, a place where you can meet the healthy Middle Eastern food.

Amsterdam meets Middle Eastern food
When it’s bedtime I can become such a happy kid by thinking of how my next morning will start: yaaasss breakfast is callin’! Recently my day started even better with a brunch at Roootin. I had no idea what to expect from a Middle Eastern inspired kitchen, I couldn’t mention one typical Iranian, Kurdish or Lebanese dish. A totally new food world opened for this girl with dishes like orange blossom pancakes, labneh, avocado toast the Iranian way and a Kurdish dish called Sawar. Choosing didn’t last long, pancakes for me. Defenitely one of the best I’ve had in Amsterdam, and I can know as probably one of the biggest pancake lovers in town (wink wink). Dropping by at Roootin means experiencing lots of new flavours, unknown homemade dishes and…a bright colour overload! Even when sometimes the sun is hard to find, you can find her here on your plate. Oh and I don’t discuss their complete menu in detail, because it has so much more charm to discover it by yourself.

Pancakes Iranian style, love them!

Vegan avo toast, worth tryin’

Roootin, place to charge yourself
Besides I really liked the pancakes and juices, for me the whole atmosphere stood out. No hustle or bustle, just relaxed vibes, laidback music in a modern and above all warm place. East has some places where it is ‘see and be seen’, luckily they’re not that kind of a food spot. In terms of hospitality, they also score super high. In case you’ve a food allergy, nothing is too much to ask. They’re really supportive and focus on specific solutions for every vegan, lactose-intolerant or other special wish.

One last thing: Roootin hopes to further deepen the concept by initiating all kinds of projects that are in line with their philosophy. Think about workshops and yoga classes, you name it. I’ll try more of their brunch food and healthy guilty pleasures as soon as possible, and book a yoga class. Who wants join this beginner yogi?



Linnaeusstraat 16, Amsterdam
Opening hours: Tuesday till Sunday 09:00 till 17:00, Mondays closed
No reservations


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Vegan friendly » BarTack in Amsterdam West

Oh how I love Amsterdam West. I can’t get enough of it and it may has to do with the fact that I live there. Well, I live in Amsterdam New West (yes boys and girls, that’s outside the center of Amsterdam). But I also love it because it’s fast developing. Since I have a baby, I walk around a lot more instead of using my bicycle and by doing so, I discover new shops, restaurants and coffee bars. This is also how I discovered Bartack.

You may have heard of Bar Spek on the Admiraal De Ruyterweg in Amsterdam West. Well, they are the same owners of Bartack, so when I walked past the other day I had to check it out. The look of Bartack is industrial combined with a little touch of vintage. Round tables, mixed with some big lounge chairs and small stools. The space is not wide but long with the kitchen in the back (or front, depending on which way you are entering)

Interior Bartack

The Menu
They are open for breakfast from 8am (go for the fluffy pancakes!), up to lunch and dinner. I noticed that the menu offers a lot of vegan options, something you see more and more of in Amsterdam. I love plant based foods so I was happy to see this. From soup to salads or a variety of filled pita breads, I decided to go for the vegan falafel with coleslaw and tajine saus. The open kitchen is always good news and this dish didn’t disappoint me al all! (yummie!) Oh, and another important note; the coffee is great! Yup, bad coffee will turn me off completely and that would have been a shame.

Falafel at Bartack

Add this one to your hotspot list!

Postjesweg 124, Amsterdam



Playa Provisions » The Must Try Breakfast Spot in LA

As Los Angeles continues to grow and evolve, it seems that around every corner, a new restaurateur is aiming to fulfill his or her dream of owning a successful haven for the SoCal foodie. And sometimes, whether you’re a settled local or an eager traveler, it’s a challenge to keep up with each innovative establishment. Some things, though, are unwavering…like the occasional need for an amazing breakfast experience!

I’ve had my share of Los Angeles breakfasts out (it’s hard to pass up the opportunity with almost 300 sunny days a year; who can blame you for not wanting to stay inside to cook?) And, while I may be biased toward the leisure of the beachy west-side life, I have solidified my choices for the TOP BREAKFAST SPOTS, and here’s my first!

Playa Provisions
With the picture-perfect Playa del Rey Beach as its backdrop, Playa Provisions is one of my favorite places to enjoy a sunshine-filled breakfast or brunch. Executive Chef, Brooke Williamson, of Top Chef, alongside her equally-as-talented Chef husband, Nick Roberts, opened this multi-concept space a couple years back, after seeing huge success with their other two gastro pubs, The Tripel and Hudson House. A restaurant, bar, café, and even creamery, Playa Provisions never fails to have just what you’re looking for, whatever the occasion.

Playa Provisions interior
This modern, yet beachy interior makes Playa Provisions a fun place. (Photo by

Playa Provisions
“Dockside”, Playa Provisions’s restaurant, allows a panoramic view of the beach.
(Photo by

While Dockside, Playa Provisions’s seafood-based restaurant, is an ideal dinner spot, Grain, the back bar, offers a variety of whiskeys and other signature cocktails, and Small Batch, a creamery with myriad homemade dessert options, reminds you what it’s like to be a kid in a candy store. But, it’s King Beach, Williamson’s and Roberts’s café, that puts this eatery at the top of my LA Breakfasts list. 

Impressive latte art!

The King Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich at Playa Provisions is mouthwatering..

When I find myself frequenting the same local spots to get my fill, I like to make my way around the menu to discover my favorites. At Playa Provisions, my top picks have never let me down; first up is the Breakfast Sandwich… King Beach’s Breakfast Sandwich is mouthwatering. A masterfully-cooked egg, turkey and bacon sausages, melted Gruyere, vinegar-cooked collards, avocado, and house-pickled habanero hot sauce on a precisely-toasted ciabatta roll; this is surely the sandwich from which cravings are made.


Coconut Chia Seed Pudding and coffee for two? Yes, please!

Looking for something a bit lighter? The Coconut Chia Seed Pudding, topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, in-season kiwi, a bit of ripe mango, and sprinkled with Hemp Seeds, is surprisingly filling, totally satisfying, and just sweet enough to feel indulgent.
And, for those moments when that sugar-yearning really takes over, the homemade Cinnamon Rolls and the Dulce de Leche Biscuits are made fresh and are undeniably delicious. 

Okay, so Playa Provisions sure knows how to deliver. Still, there are top contenders for the best breakfast place, and a few are nestled comfortably on Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice… More on this soon!

Playa Provisions
119 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, USA



*Shae is our guest blogger from Los Angeles. An educator whose lust for experience influences her teaching, she travels with the desire to immerse herself in diverse cultures, seeking new adventure and inspiring others to engage with compassion and expand their world view. Follow Shae on Instagram! @seekvantage

All Day Breakfast at Benji’s Amsterdam

Good news, Benji’s is opening up a new location in Amsterdam West! It will be loacted next to the waterfront with a sunny outside terrace. More soon.. Read more about Benji’s here:

Amsterdam, after four years as an official ‘Amsterdammer’, I’m still totally in love with you! But honestly, there are places that really needed a complete make-over. Let’s take the Wibautstraat, the most busy street of our cute capital which was intended to become as beautiful as ‘Les Champs- Élysées’. OK, that mission failed…but the not most charming Wibautstraat is increasingly pimped by new, must try hotspots. As an Amsterdam East neighbor I’m really in love with this ‘trend’. The only thing I missed, was a laid back all day breakfast spot like Benji’s. Welcome to Amsterdam you little Benjamin!


Last rainy lazy Sunday I gave this new, just opened spot in town a try. My aim? To discover the food, drinks and vibe – oh ánd of course to warm up with a large cup of fresh mint tea. This autumnal weather isn’t that bad ;). Upon entry you’ll be surprised by the enormous spatial and urban, industrial vibe. Expect concrete, steel and tipped with lots of contrasting natural materials, it’s like in- and outside are one. Deep green (hanging) plants are all over the place. That makes it not a chilly, but rather cozy, warm oasis without too much fuss, but with an eye for details. Oh and absolutely workplace proof, check.

Central in Benji’s creative food & beverage concept is…the essential subway line underneath the restaurant. The metro is the #1 A to B place where all cultures come together, like a potpourri. That mixture you also see on the ‘in progress’ all day breakfast menu. Hands up for these kind of spots! Be honest, breakfast is one of the best meals, I can’t get enough of it. On the menu an Italian Burrata, an uber Dutch goat cheese, vegan hummus from the Middle East and the icing on the cake an Indonesian rendang. Lots of chances for you as a foodie to make a culinary world trip during a breakfast date, how cool! Nice to know is the fact that you can add whatever you want, big plus! And about the drinks? Fresh smoothies, a delicious variety of coffees, teas and alcoholic goodies.


Last but not least special credits for Ciro and Noah of INDEBT Studio, the creative brains behind this hotspot. They also store their own purchasable artworks for which they organize nice events. That makes Benji’s the place to be ‘where cosmopolitans can influence each other’s creative cultures.’

Seriously, write this all day breakfast spot on your bucketlist! Please, don’t blame this Benjamin when it takes a while longer before you get your caffe latte. This youngster has a lot of potential! And psst..they have the intention to come with a mix of bites and more local special beers. Keep this in mind for your next Friday afternoon drinks.



Wibautstraat 196
Tel: 020-2238787
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8 am – 8 pm || Sat – Sun: 9 am – 8 pm

*Sharmaine is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands with a sweet tooth. The sweeter, the better! She no kitchen princess so she’s always in search for the best hotspots in Amsterdam! You can expect an article from her once a month! Check her out on @sharriefromsandmountains!

5x breakfast galore in Amsterdam East

Whether its a lazy Sunday morning (with possibly a slight headache) or a pre­ work date during the week, going out for breakfast is thé reason to get out of bed. I love the fact that there is no need to dress fancy but all the need to just chill and start your day as relaxing as can be. The only thing that might cause some stress: where to go? Decisions, decisions. Worry no more, I’m giving you five great places in the east of Amsterdam for the perfect kickstart!

1. Bar Wisse
A hidden gem if you ask me . With industrial elements mixed with just enough coziness, the interior is hip and inviting. Sitting next to you is a hipster couple with a fresh stack of pancakes, behind you the family next door. Everybody comes here and that makes for one hell of a relaxed atmosphere. But even more important: the food is perfect! The menu gives you just enough to choose from, with plenty of ‘not your everyday’ sandwiches. I would normally skip the fish for breakfast,but their
mackerel and avocado sandwich is to die for. Same goes for the steak sandwich , for the heavy users. Don’t forget to order a coffee, i’m still dreaming about the soft blend. Needless to say, I’m a Wisse fan.
Bar Wisse
Linnaeuskade 1A, 1098 BC Amsterdam
Tue ­ Thurs 08:30 ­ 01:00 / Fri: 08:30 ­ 03:00 / Sat: 10:00 ­ 03:00 / Sun: 11:00 ­ 01:00

Bar Wisse Amsterdam
Bar Wisse

2. Helena Primakoff
As if entering a friends place where a bunch of strangers also happen to have walked in, Helena’s is home. This is where you don’t rush anything and forget the time. Simple and sweet, perfect to read your newspaper or chat with your friend. Preferably over a big piece of their carrot cake with a fresh mango smoothie. Perfect bliss. Don’t care for a sweet breaky? No problem, they have one of the best club sandwiches in town! Super fresh, rustic bread stacked with chicken, avocado and bacon. Some chips on the side and your good to go for a day full of adventure. That is, if you even want to leave this place.
Helena Primakoff
Lijndenstraat 28, 1018 Amsterdam
Mon ­ Fri: 08:30 ­ 16:30 / Sat ­ Sun: 10:00 ­ 16:30

Helena primakoff Amsterdam

3. Bakers & Roasters
This ‘kiwi’ place is where you need to go if your craving a heavy breakfast. Although i’m not really convinced that the friendliness of the waitresses is genuine, they do spot a hangover from a mile a way and advice you which breakfast goes best with that unwanted friend. In our case that meant ‘the cubano’, a huge bun with ham, cheese, pickles and best of all: pulled pork. After eating this baby its perfectly acceptable to go back to bed and digest. Too heavy? They have tons of other options (Pancakes, poached eggs, cakes). If you have the chance and the weather allows it : go sit outside. The terrace gives you sun and lots of people the watch. The inside is a bit more cosy and slightly sterile, but hey, your main reason for coming here is the food anyway!
Bakers & Roasters
Kadijksplein 16, 1018 AC Amsterdam
Mon ­ Sun: 08:30 ­ 16:00

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
One of the best meals on the menu, the veggie breakfast!

4. Clubkoffie
If you are like me and feel easily satisfied as long as you can order a good coffee and a club sandwich, Clubkoffie is your go to breakfast spot. They focus on two things, surprisingly: coffee and clubsandwiches. Now don’t worry if you are not into those big, three layered breads, they have some other nice and pretty healthy alternatives (yogurt, Acai, cakes). Or you just pick a two­ piece of bread club. No more excuses not to go. now back to the important part, the food. They offer ten (!!) different kind of clubs, ranging from classic to vegan to pulled pork, all served with vegetable chips. I haven’t tried them all, but they are on my list for sure. Second best part about this place is of course the coffee. They serve you a strong cup made of beans from a very local roasting company called Stooker, run by two guys who also trained the Clubkoffie staff. Can’t go wrong with these cappuccino’s. The inside of the place is cosy and fun, but I advice you to enjoy your plate on
the cute and very sunny terrace!
Krugerplein 2, 1091 KX Amsterdam
Mon ­ Fri: 08:00 ­ 17:00 / Sat ­ Sun: 9:00 ­ 17:00

Clubkoffie Amsterdam

5. Bedford­-Stuyvesant
I’m a sun lover, so with every chance I get I am outside absorbing that vitamin D. Therefore I can only admit that the outside space of Bedford­Stuyvesant in the Javastraat, is perfectly located to catch some rays. However, this is the one place where I would recommend to pack your stuff and head inside (with the Dutch weather that’s not really hard). Drawings on the wall, cute tables and comfy couches combined with industrial touches and a bar filled with cakes, this place is cool! Same goes for the menu, lot’s of not ­so ­ordinary sandwiches, smoothies and juices. The best one if you ask me: the mean green. Pesto, spinach, avocado and Turkish bread, yum! Combine that with a big glass of fresh orange juice and you’re good to go for the rest of the day!
Javastraat 55, 1094 HA Amsterdam
Ma ­ Fri ­ 08:00 ­ 19:00 / Za: 09:00 ­ 19:00 / Sun: 10:00 ­ 19:00

Bedford stuyvesant Amsterdam

Bedfort stuyvesant Amsterdam

Remember: breakfast is the most important me a l of the day! Don’ t skip it, you know where to go now.



*Jill is one of our guest bloggers living in Amsterdam where she works as a content manager for a digital agency. She’s Crazy about traveling and has spend her studies in New Zealand . You can read a new article from Jill in every 3rd week of the month!



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