What you need to know before you go Caravanning

Caravanning? If you know the word, you’re probably getting ready for your first caravan holiday. An exciting time of freedom, fun and the thrill of a new experience awaits and it’s not just for the 50+ age group. It’s extremely popular in Europe and there are so many cool caravans available nowadays. But before you’re ready to enjoy this new adventure in your holiday life, there’s a couple of important issues you should think about. Factors such as what to bring, how to be safe on the road or where to park when all of a sudden you have to pull over. And what about insurance? To get you started we’ve put together a bunch of basic tips for a steady start of an unforgettable caravanning experience.

Make a checklist
Before you jump in the car and start your adventure, make sure that you’ve packed everything you and your caravan need. You’ll have to bring an array of items when holidaying with a caravan. Apart from a fully functional car, of course. But have you thought about a fire extinguisher, wheel chocks, a caravan jack, towing mirrors, extra coolant and oil and a spare fan belt? Some items are essentials, others are just based on the level of comfort you’re aiming for.

Why the rush? It’s your holiday!

Be safe and take it easy
Fully packed and stocked? Time to hit the open road. But not before you’re absolutely sure that your caravan and vehicle are safe. Again, making a checklist before you depart is an easy referral. Among necessary checks are that the towing aid is fitted correctly, drawers and other loose items are secured, and windows and doors are locked. Remove wheel chocks and the jockey wheel, raise the caravans steps, switch on the lights and you’re good to go! But take it easy on the roads. Towing something this big takes time getting used to. Don’t endanger yourself and your fellow motorists and drive safe. Besides, why the rush? It’s your holiday!

Are you going caravanning this summer?

Your freedom, well covered

No matter how careful you are, an accident can happen anytime and anywhere. Nobody likes to think about a vacation falling down the drain due to a car accident or a related caravan drama. To make sure you’ll get all the help you need in times of small or major discomfort, be sure to buy travel insurance. This way you and your family are sure to have medical and cancellation cover abroad. But what about your caravan? Well, there’re loads of options for your beloved mobile home as well! Protect your caravan of camper trailer with a caravan insurance and enjoy cover against accidental damage or damage due to theft, fire or storm. Your freedom, well covered. Happy holidays!



*We collaborated with HEMA for this article

Top 5 » Wanderlust Campers & Caravans

We love everything that has to do with travel so it’s needless to say that we are a fan of camper vans, caravans and other wanderlust transportation.
Here’s our top 5 wanderlust Campers & Caravans:

1.The Caravan
The caravan used to be a boring, convenient place to sleep for those yearly camping trips with your parents. Times have changed!
It’s the coolest way to travel around the world and pimp them with lights, rugs, flowers and flags. We need it so bad!

wanderlust Caravans

2. The surfer Camper Van
The ultimate holiday vibe. Surf all day, drink beers and fall in love. 

wanderlust campers

The Gypsy setter
They still exist! The real gypsies travel around the world with their families and try to live a life that has nothing to do with the hectic existence as we know it.
Wouldn’t it be cool to live in one of these??


4.The Outdoor Adventure Seeker
Campfires, marshmallows, looking out for bears and the sound of nature. Follow your wanderlust and explore with these babies.


5. Let’s Go Together
Traveling can be boring alone so why not take all your friends? Roadtrippin’ in a big bus is convenient and fun! Hire a bus and visit festivals like Coachella or burning man. 




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