Club Med Cefalù on Sicily re-opened and it’s amazing!

 at If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would never have gone for an all inclusive resort. I love adventure, the unknown, and “All Inclusive” was only something families would book. Well, after experiencing Club Med Palmiye 2 years ago as a babymoon (I was 23 weeks pregnant at the time), I completely changed my opinion. You can imagine my joy, when I was invited to experience the newly opened 5* Club Med Cefalù resort in Sicily.

The perfect location

Club Med Cefalù is one of the Club’s oldest resorts, that they have completely transformed and constructed. Now, fresh and vibrant, the resort re-opened their doors in June 2018. Your luxury experience starts as soon as you fly into Sicily. The impressive mountains and stunning coastlines will take your breath away. From the airport, it’s around 1,5 drive to Cefalù bay, where the Club Med resort is located. You are welcomed Club Med style, with an introduction, refreshment and positive vibes by the staff. They will treat you like royalty over the course of your stay.

Club Med Cafalù

They will treat you like royalty over the course of your stay.

Club Med Cafalù

Club Med Cefalù

Relax or Explore

People tend to go to a Club Med resort because they want to relax and not think about their busy life back home. But apart from the resort, Sicily offers a wide range of activities. For example; we hired a Fiat 500 and drove up the mountain to one of the oldest wineries, that used to be a hiding place to one of the most legendary mafia bosses of the island. You can also take a day trip to Palermo, Sicily’s capital, which is full of history and culture.

For a more local experience, you should really visit the town of Cefalù or Castelbuono. Eat at one of the traditional restaurants, or try locals treats such as Panettone. 


Palermo Sicily
Palermo, Sicily

A courtyard in Palermo

Food & Drink

One of the things you gotta love about an All Inclusive concept is the food & drink. And Club Med Cefalù knows how to wow it’s guests with their food choices. There are three restaurants and 4 bars to choose from; La Rocca, the main buffet restaurant, Palazzo Gourmet Lounge for local Sicilian flavours, the seafood restaurant located next to the water. If you want to have a lay in, just use the breakfast room service (tried & tested). Club Med wouldn’t be Club Med if they didn’t have something going on at the pool bar. Learn the Club Med dance, participate in a music quiz, or taste the new cocktails on offer.

breakfast Club Med
Breakfast at La Rocca

Room Service Club Med
Breakfast delivered to your room? No problemo!

Things To Do

The resort is quite big and widely spread out, so there are buggy’s to take you around the premises. (I admit calling for one a few times when I was running late for dinner). Club Med Cafalù offers a Spa by Carita to pamper yourself with a massage of facial. All products used are from the Carita brand which is high class. For the active individuals there is a tennis court, a gym with daily classes (free to join), a sup and kayaking area and snorkling. I opted for some supping which never fails to disappoint. This water area is located in between the rocks and overlooks the pretty town of Cefalù.

Club Med Cafalù
Supping and Kayaking

Supping at Club Med Cafalù
Supping at Club Med Cefalú

The Rooms

There are different rooms available; but all accommodations have a natural look & feel to them. I stayed in sea view deluxe villetta with a huge bath in the middle of my bathroom, a rain shower, a super large bed and an outside patio. 

Bathroom Club Med Cafelù

Rates start at just €1000,- per person which includes your flight, accommodation and food & drink (as much as you want) for 4 nights! The resort opens back in April, so get booking!

Club Med Cefalù
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Club Med Palmiye » the crème de la crème of all inclusive

Don’t get me wrong, I really like my live in Amsterdam. Correction; I LOVE my life in Amsterdam but sometimes it can be quite hectic. Life goes pretty fast down here and catches up with you, especially in a big city. So when I say that sometimes you need to get away from it all, I think a lot of you can relate to this. It was time for me to have a little break. Now, if you know me, you know that I’m a true traveler, explorer and someone that can’t stay in one place for too long. And if you know me, you also know that I would never go for the All Inclusive concept. Right? Last week I tried something a bit different. I needed to give my body and mind some rest so I did the unexpected; I booked an All Inclusive. But not just any..I stayed in one of the best All Inclusive resorts there is. Club Med Palmiye.

Tipi at Club Med

Club Med
The all inclusive concept has been around for ages and Club Med was there from the start. They have resorts all over the world but because I wanted to stay in Europe plus get a temperature of at least 25 degrees, I decided to fly to the south of Turkey. And it was more than just sunshine I got! Upon arrival you feel this is a different kind of all inclusive you might expect. With this resort, transfers are included and the 50 minutes drive in the nice airconditioned bus only seemed like a short ride. When you arrive you get a warm welcome from the staff and a refreshing lemon drink while some of the park details are explained.

The Accommodation
Your suitcases will be waiting for you in front of your room when you get there. The resort has several options when it comes to accommodation. Overall, the rooms are more basic than the rest of the resort because they want people to go outside and enjoy the sun, sea and activities. That completely makes sense because the park is only open until the last week of October before having a winter break. You can sleep in one of the many bungalows or stay in the hotel next to the entrance. Both nice in their own right but I preferred the bungalow that I stayed in because it feels more natural. Around the bungalows you will find different sort of trees and plants that really take your breath away. Besides the many palmtrees, you will also find orange and persimmon trees (my favorite fruit!)

Accommodation Club Med

Accommodation Club Med Palmiye
Tropical bungalows

One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored at a Club Med resort. There are lot’s of things to do and the Palmiye resort I stayed in offered activities such as wake-boarding, water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, archery, Pilates, fitness and more. If you don’t feel like doing anything at all, there are 2 adults-only areas where you can chill to the max while ordering cocktails or other refreshments. As much as you like! Yes, if you’ve never enjoyed an all inclusive resort before, it might be something to get used to. (I needed one day haha) If you want to out at sea, you can take the resort boat and enjoy some snorkeling or sunbathing on the deck for about 2 hours or grab a Catamaran and sail away on your own. (there is a small training course if you need to). At night there is a beach club open until 2am and you can enjoy several shows in the open air theater. The staff even joins in which made me laugh because they’re not the best dancers but ey, they certainly entertained me! 

Activities Club Med
Trying to hit the bullseye

Hammam Club Med in Turkey
Enjoying the Hammam

Sailing at Club Med Palmiye

If you know me, you also know that I would never go for the All Inclusive concept. Right?

The Food
Ok, this is probably one of the best parts of Club Med. The Food! Wow, but seriously, really wow. Every day it’s a feast of different flavors and colorful decorations made out of food. At Club Med you never want to sleep in because you don’t want to miss breakfast! At home you pay a fortune for pomegranate seeds and here you can grab bowls full of it! It’s not just a buffet like you’re used to. No, there is a different chef at every food stand; Pasta (homemade), traditional Turkish food, cakes and sweets, salads, BBQ and the theme changes day by day so you never get bored of eating the same thing. There are 4 restaurants at the resort but because I visited the Club in October, only one was open but it was perfect for the amount of guest at the resort.


Lunch at Club Med Palmiye
One of the amazing pool lunches at Club Med Palmiye

Club Med Palmiye
The sun dissapearing behind the mountains

Strange but true, I really enjoyed my time here and managed to relax and enjoy the perks of the ultimate All Inclusive concept to the max (without having to run for towel space). Yes, Club Med Palmiye is designed to take away your stress and worries and simply makes sure you can get away from it all. Perfect for city people that are so foccused on work. And let’s be honest, you freakin’ deserve it!

Club Med has resorts all over the world and this is just one of them. They even have winter resorts in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. To find out about all their destinations and booking details check or

Want a really good impression before you book? Check out my video on YOUTUBE!