Our top 10 favourite lunch spots in Amsterdam

To be fair, there are too many great lunch and brunch possibilities in Amsterdam, but a few standout! 

We’ve handpicked our favourite 10 lunch spots in Amsterdam because they have that extra little thing. More importantly, we have also selected our choices by these important pillars:

  • They serve topnotch food
  • Provide excellent and friendly service
  • Good quality at reasonable prices
  • Great vibe
  • Inspirational or unique design

1. COTTONCAKE, 1e van der Helstraat 76-hs

This Concept store in the Pijp has it all! No need to travel to Paris,  Berlin, Melbourne or New York – Cottoncake brings all influences together in their store and café. They put all their love in fine organic food & smoothies. Besides food & drinks you will find a mix of fashion, design & lifestyle. From lovely handmade jewelries of Mimi et Toi & Monocraft, organic creams of La Bruket, to lovely basic shirts of Samsoe & Samoe and beautiful knits of Sita Murt.. I really fell in love with this concept store; you can sit down and relax, enjoy their organic healthy food and find that special item that you have to try on and you will keep for ever. cottoncake.nl

source: www.cottoncake.nl

2. BAKERS & ROASTERS, Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54

Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland are known for their great coffee shops and these two friendly owners of New Zealand & Brasil brought the caffé culture to Amsterdam. This New Zealand style café is a very nice place where they serve fresh fruit salads, healthy juices, hot pies fresh from the oven, eggs, granola and is packed every day and we totally understand why! They do not except reservations, but it’s worth to wait.
Don’t forget to take a coffee, since their crafted coffee is a selection of Roasts from Ozone Coffee. They establish relationships with all their growers, batch roast & dispatch daily to ensure maximum taste & freshness. http://bakersandroasters.com

Lunch spots Amsterdam

3. VINNIES DELI, Haarlemmerstraat 46 | Nieuwezijds Kolk 33

Are you looking for tasty & healthy lunch where they use organic, fair-trade and sustainable products? Then Vinnies Deli is definitely the place to be for you! It’s no surprise this is one of our favourite lunch spots in Amsterdam. It’s a small cozy lunch/coffee room where you can eat your hart out! I have two favorites on the menu: eggplant with buttermilk sauce and pomegranate, and smoked mackerel with grapefruit chutney. But they also serve delicious cakes & coffees. Vinnies Deli is open from 7.30m in the morning and does take a killer take away and delivery. Do you like what you see inside? All the designer furniture is for sale! vinnieshomepage.com


4. GARTINE, Taksteeg 7

In the hectic city you will find this secret’ place in Amsterdam, Gartine, a cute, cozy and lovely restaurant that is known for it’s high tea! From the garden to your plate: The special thing about Gartine is that they produce vegetables, fruits and herbs from its own garden. Almost all products are produced locally and everything is organic. They serve high quality breakfast, lunch & high tea dishes on flower-printed china plates. You need to make a reservation upfront since they only have 7 tables in total. gartine.nl

gartinesource: www.gartine.nl

5. CANTINA, Joris van Den Berghweg 107

In case you were looking to escape the city, Café Cantina is one of our favourite all time spots in Amsterdam. It’s not close to the city center and you can only reach it by car and bicycle. Therefore it’s never crowded and popular with locals. The organic café is also part of “Het Rijk van de Keizer” which is a location that can be used for weddings, parties and special dinners. You chill in the sundeck on a fatboy, hammock or even sit in an old car wreck. Find a spot in the shade under umbrella’s tucked away in between the trees. Don’t be surprised if you see chickens walking around, this is normal! Read more about this amazing spot.

Favourite lunch spots in Amsterdam, Cantina

6. SLA

If you want to eat something healthy and nutritious and organic, SLA is the place to do it. Currently, they own x locations in Amsterdam and they are still growing. Our favourite location is the one on the Amstelveenseweg because it’s large and next to the famous Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Every season they change their salad options, so you won’t get bored and they have more than 12 choices! It’s also one of our favourite workspots in Amsterdam, and furthermore, they offer free tea refills! ilovesla.com

Lunch spots in Amsterdam, SLA
Source: SLA

7. KARAVAAN, Kwakersplein 2h

To begin with, this place is brand new. It’s large, warm and the staff is extremely friendly which can be rare these days. In terms of people, you will find it all here. Couples, friends, freelancers, you name it. Find out more about this favourite lunch spot in Amsterdam.

Karavaan, lunch spot Amsterdam


One of us has Indonesian roots, so we especially love Benji’s Toko. That being said, all of their locations are magnificent!  Best of all, all locations are full of plants and greenery, making you feel like you are in a tropical location.


9. DROVERS DOG, Heemstedestraat 25 | Eerste Atjehstraat 62

This Australian café/restaurant has been around for many years now, but is still popular with locals and visitors till this day. To be fair, their service is excellent and the kitchen produces delicious comfort Aussi style food. In fact, two Australians and a Dutchman set up this great spot. In addition to the fact that a Drover is a well-known dog breed, the name has more to do with what these dogs do. They bring large herds of cattle together in Australia and bringing them together is what is important at  Drovers Dog. It is always cozy and full of friends, couples and families. Everyone who works there speaks English fluently and often with a strong Australian accent. (Oh, how we love it). 

10. BAR LELY, Cornelis Lelyplein 4

It’s one of Elke’s favorite workspots in Amsterdam at the moment, and situated at a brilliant location in Amsterdam West. Bar Restaurant Lely is so much more than just a restaurant next to Lelylaan train station. The restaurant opens at 8am, so early birds can drink a quick coffee and have some simple breakfast such as granola & yoghurt or a croissant. For lunch they serve simple but very tasty options and I must say that the avo on toast with a poached egg. 

Bar Restaurant Lely Amsterdam

Happy eating!


These Are The Coolest Concept Stores in Amsterdam

Fashion and apparel concept stores are popping up all over the world, so is Amsterdam. A great experience where you find a combination of fashion, food, furniture, books, art, all-in one! It involves more than just shopping, inspiring places where you can wander around and discover new and secondhand stuff where it’s hard to leave empty handed.

Find out where to look for the coolest Concept Stores in Amsterdam:


A cute little store in West where you will find a selected mix of funky new brands.
T.I.T.S stands for ‘This Is The Shit’, and they live up to the name! Most of the brands in store are yet unknown and these are all very special pieces for affordable prices. I bought an amazing hat of Brixton for only 60 euros. They also have a little coffee corner in the back where they serve excellent coffees and when it’s sunny you can drink your coffee in their beautiful garden.
De Clerqstraat 78



This amazing store is located in one of our favorite streets in Amsterdam. The Haarlemmerstraat. Full of boutique shops and eateries, this place is kinda special and different from other concept stores in Amsterdam. All items are handmade with a focus on nature. You can find warm scarves and cardigans, handcrafted jewellery, decorations, paper goods and kitchenware. The store is also a big fan of sustainability and therefore prefers to sell as many local goods as possible. Did you know Sukha means “joy of life” in Sanskrit? No wonder, this store will make you smile.
Haarlemmerstraat 110

Amazing Suhka Source


Four young owners started Hutspot in Amsterdam to provide a platform for creativity that enables ideas, products and people to become easily accessible. You can shop for clothing, accessories, art, housewares, plants and furniture at Hustspot. They started a second shop after their first great success – Van Woustraat and Rozengracht. More important to mention is that you will find unique brands that use sustainable materials and secure the rights of marginalised producers and workers. There’s a cafe where you can read magazines, drink a very nice cup of coffee and have some healthy salads and sandwiches or meet up with friends. Also the ultimate place to work from.
Rozengracht 204-210 – Van Woustraat 4



They started their journey at the Kinkerstraat and now they are back again after pop-up stores on the Bilderdijkstraat and Magna Plaza. Their motto is “Work like a captain, Play like a Pirate. Young entrepreneurs and creatives showcase their sustainable and natural products including Gekaapt their own goods. They offer the most cool travel essentials ever and next to that you will also find some very nice plants, handpicked cactus plants of Cabloom They also have a nice coffee corner where you can sit down and enjoy your organic coffee en some homemade cakes and sandwiches. They hijack space and create huzz & buzz! What is not to like up here? They recently opened a kids Gekaapt next door which we love!
Kinkerstaat 320  Amsterdam


Concept Stores are super happening right now!


We’ve already highlighted this amazing concept store in a previous blogpost and I will do it again since it’s worth sharing again. I fell in love immediately, what about you? This is probably my favorite lunch spot in Amsterdam. Their food is incredible healthy and so tasty. They switch their menu once a while so you will never get bored. A few of our favorites: Roasted Pumpkin sandwich with fresh rosemary, goat cheese, toasted on organic spelt bread, Quinoa salad with avocado, almonds, goat & sheep feta cheese, apricots, fresh mint and lemon. Next the food you will find lovely handmade jewelry of Mimi et Toi & Monocraft, organic creams of La Bruket, lovely basic shirts of Samsøe & Samsøe and beautiful knits of Sita Murt.
1e van der Helststraat 76-hs


All The Luck In The World

Love, love love this store in East Amsterdam! It’s so beautifully set up and every corner is a feast for your eyes. They have 3 locations in Amsterdam and one in Utrecht. You can drink a coffee, have some cake and tick away on your laptop. The interior is to die for and you want to buy everything!
Linnaeustraat 20H – Gerard Doustraat 86h – Berenstraat 2


Coolest concept stores in Amsterdam
Just one part of All The Luck in the World


We received an email of the one of the owners who was a little disappointing not to see Doordeweeks in our list. And she was absolutely right! This store is so cool! Founded by two creative girls, Suzy Beemsterboer and Jildou Fleur, Doordeweeks gives new twist to the concept of concept stores by providing a make-up bar and an experience during your visit to the store. They serve coffee from White Label and they sell edgy clothes, accessories, furniture and art.
Eerste van Swinden straat 22



On a mission – Make Amsterdam greener!
This is one of the greenest concept stores in town! Always wanted to know how to make a macramé plant hanger? Wildernes organizes workshops where you will learn how to pimp your place with plants! Inside you’ll find the ultimate urban wilderness – you will find yourself in jungle paradise. You can also sit down and relax, order coffee and seriously nice cakes.
Bilderdijkstraat 165 F

Wildernis is the greenest concept store


This is one of our favorite stores when looking for a fantastic original gift. What many people probably don’t know is that Anna en Nina founded their namesake agency in 2012, back then they were only specialized in jewelry and accessories. After that Anna and Nina opened their first store in Amsterdam in 2013 with a second following in the same city in June 2014, where they sell a variety of super cool brands. They already have 3 locations at the moment! They sell funny and super nice jewelries, accessories, gifts and beautiful interior items.
Kloveniersburgwal 44 & Gerard Doustraat 94 & Reguliersgracht

Ana & Nina

Circle of Trust

This concept store started in 2005 as a fashion brand for men, women and kids. In 2014 they opened their first concept store in the Pijp, located on the Ferdinand Bolstraat around the corner from Albert Cuypstraat. The men, women and children collections from Circle of Trust are represented including a nice mix of wanna-have lifestyle, care products, vintage and contemporary furniture, fashion and plants.
Ferdinand Bolstraat 47

Circle of Trust

Hartje Oost

This small, but uber cute concept store is selling great coffee and wonderful fashion. Oh, they also have a few great items on sale for your house like special lights, plates or plants. 
Javastraat 23 

Photo by simonevanreesphotography

Things I like, Things I Love

This store is super cute. You can find a few racks of beautiful clothes here plus things to decorate your home with. We also love the small earrings they sell and bought a few! They also have a popup store in the Gasthuismolensteeg 10!
Jan Evertsenstraat 106 & Ceintuurbaan 69

Schermopname (5)

Sissy Boy

Okok, we all know this one. Nevertheless, it’s so worth mentioning Sissy Boy because it’s one of the best concept stores in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. It seems that they are getting better every year with new upgrades on style, furniture and musthaves. When we walk past a Sissy Boy store, we can’t help it but take a peek inside and before we know it, our bank account has lost a little funding, oops! There are too many locations to mention so take a look at the website to find your nearest store. Sissy Boy may close its stores because bankruptcy, such a shame! Vingers crossed that they will make it.

Which Concept Store is your favorite?



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