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Remember those days that everybody bought a newspaper? Well, those days have long changed. News travels fast and most people don’t want to carry that chunky bit of news around with them. So newspapers became digital. Good for the planet and it also saves you getting your vingers stained. But with so many newspapers and so much news, it’s difficult to find the one news feed that suits all your needs. Topics can help you with that cluster. It’s a new way of reading papers.

Topics, newspaper
Newspapers, a thing of the past?

So what is Topics?
Topics is an app that gives you access to 13 different Belgium & Dutch newspapers where you can select the “topics” that interest you the most. Sounds interesting? Well, it does to us, so that’s why we will try the Topics App for one whole month where we pick and share the articles that interest us onto our Facebook Page. What will we be looking for? Lifestyle, Amsterdam and sustainability has our interest. Oh, and let’s not forget about the latest travel news of course! It’s available for your smartphone, laptop and tablet and you can choose between 15.000 different articles.

Over the next month we will be posting our favorite articles onto our Facebook Page and we will let you know what we think about this new way of reading newspapers! Wanna try for yourself? Topics is now giving away 30 days of free reading so you can see if you like it. Get it here.



Now open » City Hub Amsterdam

I recently posted about getting the local experience whilst visiting another country. Well, we can add one more to this list.
City Hub. I was at the opening and asked manager Pieter Van Tilburg a few questions.

So what’s City Hub?
City Hub is a hotel/hostel with private privileges in a local part of Amsterdam.
Instead of dorms or hotel rooms, you sleep in a private cabin. These fit up to 2 people.
Each Hub has a giant, double bed, wifi, app-controlled lighting and a personal audio streaming system. Pretty cool.
There are a total of 50 cabins and you share the toilets and showers.

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Small but comfy!

Looking good! Showers and toilets (Source: City Hub)

So why is it extra special?
City Hub is a digital hostel/hotel. You make your reservation online (or you can always walk in) and you enter your details into the computers at the entrance. This is the way you check in. After this, you will receive a wristband. With this you can open your cabin door, enter City Hub and buy yourself or your friends drinks at the self service bar. Yes, you can tap your own beer. Brilliant!

City Hub wristband
The key to everything..

Location, Location, Location
City Hub is situated in a cool area of Amsterdam. Not near the Dam square or other touristy places but right in the heart of where you will find cool shops, restaurants, galleries, coffee bars and markets.
This way you can really enjoy the perks of Amsterdam and feel like a local. At City Hub, there is always a city host available to give you inside tips or help you with anything you need. Day and night.

City Hub self service bar
Tap your own beer at City Hub!

The app
There will be an app available soon where you can get in touch with fellow City Hubbers, exchange discoveries and suggestions. With the app you can also control your own Hub like managing the lights, play music or set the alarm. 

City Hub is now open for business. Cabins are available from 59 euro’s.
Book yours now at