Oma’s Soep » Tackling loneliness and Food Wasting

At Wander-Lust we love it when a good idea spreads across the city. With good we mean, doing something good. We discovered a new concept called Oma’s Soep (Granny’s Soup) and we are fan!

Helping the Elderly
The concept was brought to life by Max and his friend and is simple but effective; Together with a group of elderly, they create delicious soups together at a community home. This way, old and forgotten recipes come back to life plus the elderly enjoy new contacts and make new friends. Did you know that 50{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of elderly are feeling lonely? Oma’s Soep is trying to tackle this problem. After cooking, they eat the homemade soup together and produce extra so it’s ready to be delivered in and around Amsterdam. They have recently opened a pop-up soup shop where you can choose between 4 different, freshly made, soups. 1 liter soup will cost you 12 euro and can feed 4 people. If you order 10 liter, you only pay 10 euro per liter. You can order your soup here. (also for companies!)

Oma's Soep
Oma’s Soep Pop-Up at the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam

All the soups are made of lef-over vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away by the supermarkets. Don’t worry, all the veggies are perfectly good and colourful as ever! 

Oma's Soep
Tasty pumpkin soup anyone?

A new way to tackle loneliness and food wasting at the same time! Do you know a granny or grandpa that could use a little more contact in their life? Sign them up! Every elderly in and around Amsterdam is welcome!

Oma’s Soep
Amstelveenseweg 210, Amsterdam