Festival trends seen at Coachella 2018

Sarah just got back from an amazing couple of days at Palm Springs and enjoyed Coachella 2018 to the max. With the festival weekend 1 gone, we can talk about some of the outfits and trends! Yes, Coachella is the catwalk that defines the new trends for this coming festival season, and what to wear this summer. 

Trend » Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses
No surprise, because these been around for a few months now, but Coachella just confirmed the trend. Last year we saw many roundies and big was back, but this year it’s all about those narrow sunnies that slide down to the nose. Some are more extreme than others, but if you want to look the part this year, you cannot do without a pair! Shop yours at Mango.

Coachella Festival trends 2018
Retro look

Hair Trend » Hair Jewellery 
Besides the usual glitter dust, we love this new hair trend where you add rings into your plaits. You can add flowers or colourful dots to pimp it even more. Check out these girls!

Coachella Festival Trends 2018
Pimp your hair!

Coachella trends 2018 hair trends
Kenza rocking this trend

Trend » Denim
The Coachella trend that never fails; Denim. We saw a whole lot of it at Coachella this year. Timeless right?

Coachella festival trends 2018

Coachella Festival Trends 2018
Spotted with Alessandra, Sarah and Lizzy

Trend » Belt Bags
Finally! A trend that is also super handy, yet stylish! Add your mobile phone, lipstick and gooo! Shop your here.

Handy and fasionable!

Trend » Kimono’s
Yep, they are back in business! Thank god, I have a few left in my closet! But if you don’t, you better buy yours fast! 😉

Kimono’s are also a great option for when it cools down at night. Shop our favourite kimono of the season here.

Coachella trends 2018

They got it right:

Julie Sarinana aka @SINCERELYJULES
We’ve been following this tropical girl for a couple of years now and she didn’t disappoint us at Coachella this year. We love how she sticks by her own style!

Source: @sincerelyjules

Jamie Kidd aka @JAMIENKIDD
Wow, this girl is on fire! She’s a model (no shit) and a travel blogger. Cute as hell but she also has a great shape and she flaunts it in the right way. She really stood out this Coachella last year and this year she’s doing it again. 

Source: @Jamienkidd

Claire Rose Cliteur aka @Claartjerose
One of the biggest influencers of The Netherlands at the moment. This picture is one of the most shared pictures on the “Coachella” internet right now. 

Source: @Claartjerose

Sarah Reinhoudt aka @Wanderlust.nl
Of course! I have to mention the women I was most jealous of this week. Sarah got it right with her Levi’s style. 

Wander-lust at Coachella
Representing Levi’s and Wander-Lust, Sarah was killing it!

So, what’s your favourite trend? Check our Instagram Stories for the report!



These are the coolest Concept Stores in Amsterdam

Fashion and apparel concept stores are popping up all over the world, so is Amsterdam. A great experience where you find a combination of fashion, food, furniture, books, art, all-in one! It involves more than just shopping, inspiring places where you can wander around and discover new and secondhand stuff where it’s hard to leave empty handed.

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Exclusive » Wander-Lust & Costes Campaign!

We can finally tell you about our exiting new collaboration…with Costes!
It could be that you’ve seen something in the Costes stores around The Netherlands last week? Cool Wanderlust flyers are given out in all the stores announcing our collaboration with the cool brand. So why is this interesting for you? -we hear you think.. Well, you can win some pretty awesome prices!

Wander-Lust & Costes
With so many good options to choose from..

Costes is a Dutch fashion brand (founded in 2013) for women who want to wear stylish clothes for every occasion. Whether it’s for an office look, glam chique or the perfect summer outfit (yes, they also have bikini’s!), everything can be found at their boutique style stores and online shop.

Costes X Wander-Lust is all about travel this season

The Campaign
We were super exited when they approached us for this collaboration. But now, let’s tell you about the campagne because trust us, this is something you want to know about. This season Costes is all about traveling and doing it in style!
We’ve packed 3 suitcases from SuitSuit with different styles of Costes Fashion. Each suitcase represents a city in Europe. Pick your favorite suitcase and you may win:

  • 3-day city-trip with SRPRS.me for you and a friend, incl. flights, hotel and pocket money
  • Suitcase set (of 2) from SUITSUIT
  • Costes look worth €250!

Wander-Lust & Suit Suit
Which suitcase would you pick?

» Suitcase 1: summer boho colors & flowy fits
» Suitcase 2: minimalistic style with sophisticated prints & colors
» Suitcase 3: girly items, romantic colors & paisley prints

So which suitcase would you prefer? Join the competition and travel this in style this summer!!



*As Costes Fashion is based in The Netherlands, only residents of The Netherlands can apply

Coming soon Wander-Lust and Costes!

Something exiting is coming up soon and you can be a part of it! Do you have wanderlust and the urge to explore (in style)? Good news because Wander-Lust is teaming up with COSTES Fashion for a cool campaign and it’s all about travel!
This coming Tuesday, we will announce the full campaign and we’re pretty sure you wanna hear about it! 

Packing our favorite styles but where to?

Can’t wait much longer? Visit a COSTES store near you and check out the flyers on the counter!



Interview »The Wanderlust of.. Notre Vue

Welcome to our new monthly series! The Wanderlust of..
Each month we interview creative people that share our love for travel. To kick off with, we start with the uberstylish men from Notre Vue.
Luc (29) and Steven (30) are two friends from Amsterdam that took Instagram by storm with their amazing shots and sense of style. Both men have traveled quite a bit and have the wanderlust virus just like us We asked them some questions.


So in short, what the hell is Notre Vue?
Luc » Hahaha, we’re story tellers, we create content for brands and retailers as well as our own creative projects.
Steven » I call it content creators who tell a story about the brand or retailer from our point of view. So yeah what Luc said..

How many countries have you visited?

Steven » A lot and many more coming!!
Luc » Around 50, but still so much more to go. This year I want to at least add 3 more to the list.

Steven from Notre Vue
Steven in Alicante

Impressive! What’s the most beautiful place you have ever been to?
Luc » I really loved Noosa in Australia, it’s this really nice little town
on the Eastcoast. The whole town is right in the middle of the National park. So wildlife everywhere you go, from Koala’s to even whales just off shore.
Never seen such a clean country either.
Steven » To me it’s Sekumpul in Bali. The most beautiful valley I’ve ever been to. Full of waterfalls, swallows, butterflies, monkey and the awesome rays of sunshine on the valley completes the perfect picture.

Luc traveled through Australia in 2012

Which country is on your bucket list and why?
Steven » Tokyo!! This is the closest that you can get to end up in a
complete different world. You can’t read anything and the culture and
style is just amazing! I Really want to experience that.
Luc » Tokyo for the urban/city, New Zealand for it’s nature.

“Notre Vue is a group of friends from Amsterdam expressing their creativity and passion for anything we put our minds to.”

What is your nr 1 place in the world you wish to visit to make shots for Notre Vue?
Luc » For me something crazy with a lot of Urbex locations, New York, Chicago come to mind, but also Tokyo or even way out there.. Chernobyl.
Steven » Iceland, New Zealand, Tokyo, New York, Rocky Mountains, San Francisco

The boys from Notre Vue live in Amsterdam
Chillin’ in their hometown Amsterdam

Ever had a bad experience whilst traveling?
Steven » Just running to the toilet that’s it…
Luc » Not really, lost my suitcase two times, but it always came back.

Thanks for that Steven..moving on! What’s one travel essential you would not leave without with?
Luc » Contact Fluid and a camera.
Steven » Hair elastic and a tooth brush

What language is the most sexy in the world to you and how many do you speak?
Steven » South American Spanish…
Luc » Italian by far! Italian women drive me crazy(good and bad way)…I’m fluent in 3 (English, German and Dutch) I can help myself I French and Italian.

Schermopname (15)

No lack of style

Nice! Name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist.
Luc » Have Love, Will Travel – The Sonics
Steven »The World (is going up in flames) – Charles Bradley

So what kind of travelers are you guys? 
Steven »Explorer with a lil bit of luxury
Luc » Luxurious, Exploring Beachbum. I love to the beach, I love exploring everything but I hate camping!

Schermopname (11)

Thanks guys, see you soon!

Check out the Notre Vue boys on Instagram or visit their blog www.notre-vue.com.



The best comfy & stylish travel outfits

Travel in style!
I’m not like the usual backpacker, meaning; wearing the baggy travel pants with flip flops and a basic tank top. It’s easy to end up looking quite messy whilst traveling, though it’s definitely possible to look stylish and wear comfy clothes when doing this!! You can also find fashionable travel outfits in light weight fabrics, wrinkle free, quick drying etc.

I have some favorite pieces that I always bring with me, and I will tell you why these are handy for countries where it’s hot and where you sweet a lot, like in Asia. Of course you need to keep in mind that you will have to carry your back quite some time, therefore packing light is a must!

“The most comfy but stylish travel outfits for your next adventure!”

Hereby my all time favorites:

1. Levi’s denim short
Levi's short Pinterestsaar
source image

The 501 short Travel Outfits
Photo by David Stegenga

The iconic 501 short is something what can’t miss in your backpack. You look hot (at least, we try to!), it’s easy to combine and it’s very handy! Think about chilling in the park or when you are on a boat, wearing a short will give you the flexibility sitting cross-legged.
Even for jungle trekking a short can be useful.
Check out this Levi’s 501 vintage short

2. Maxi skirt
Maxi skirt pinterest Travel Outfits - Skirt Sarah
source image

Like a denim short, the maxi skirt is comfortable, flattering and it never go out of style.
The best maxi skirt is the one that hits above the ankle so it doesn’t sweep the floor! Not to worry when you are at the beach, but when you are walking in a city your skirt can get very dirty at the bottom. It also comes in handy to keep the mosquito’s away and a good choice when your legs are sunburned. They’re easy to add layers over as hide layers under – when it’s gets chill in the night. The nice thing about a maxi skirt is that you can easily dress up fancy for in the evening.

My faves of this moment:

river islandSister Jane Portobello
Asos: 44.12 | Asos: 59.56 |

3. Beach Towel / Beach dress
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Beach kaftan Travel Outfits

Over years I struggled to find space in my backpack, so what to leave out? Towels take up a lot of space and take forever to dry, so why not bring a linen/cotton towel instead? These towels are extremely compact, very light, easy to hang up, dry very quick, big enough to cover all your belongings and great to wear as a dress! A lot of shops in different countries offer these kind of towels for a very cheap price, so need to order them right away! But if you want to be sure, here are some very nice ones that will save you a lot of space:

beach towel 1towel 2
Boudewijn: 178.00 USD | Remodelista: 45.00 USD |

4. Sexy and comfy travel pants
Yes, Pockets are maybe great, handy and necessary in some cases, but just bring a small backpack to put your staff in and go for a nice pants instead! You can look classy even while trekking! Important is to choose a pants with thin fabric and stretch which fit easily in your backpack. Have a look to these cool pants that you also can wear in the evening with a nice top:

pants asos 2pants asos
pants asos 3 travel outfits asos
: 132.35 | Asos: 147.06 | Asos: 32.35 | Asos: 44.12



More essentials? Check here!

Source: theblackandwhiteboard.com

Source: theblackandwhiteboard.com


Packing guide » Ibiza

I’ts time to relax, chill, explore…. That will happen this week on the magical island Ibiza.
Famous for being the party capital of the world, there’s a lot more to explore on this beauty.
This is the reason why I’m heading to Ibiza: sun, palmtrees, Beaches, views, spa’s, restaurants, shopping and 1 night of partying!

The Trip » Explore Ibiza in 5 days, and recharge my battery
Length of stay » 5 days
Budget » 600 euro’s exclusive flights

But first, I need to pack my bag! I didn’t opt for big luggage, so I can only bring carry on.
That’s a challenge when you go to this island, since you want to bring some very nice pieces next to your beach essentials.
Traveling light is alway a key for most of our trips but for this trip it’s even more important!
My motto is: Light but also Fashionable.

Carry On:
The Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7
» Mobile Power band for Smart Phone of Mitone
» What I always bring with me on my travels, the Ipad Air
» Apple EarPods when listening to music via my Ipad or Iphone
» My Levi’s denim pocket wallet (cool right!)
» My Levi’s leather card holder

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Colorful & Classic..
I love to combine classics with colorful essentials like my Wayuu Mochila handmade bag from Panama.
Tip » Create matching outfits when packing This way you always make sure that all items can be styled with another item – very important in this case, when you can’t bring to much. (I arrived in Panama once with all different tops, but I forgot to bring shorts!)
Of course you want to look good, but most important for me is the fabric. I love soft tops and comfortable shoes.

» Silver Flip flops from Havaianas
» Handmade Wayuu Mochila bag from Panama
» I always bring a few Levi’s shorts, the must have for your holidays!
» Maybe most important is suncare of my Lancaster (my fave, love the smell) with optimal UVA/UVB protection SPF30

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

To the beach:
Since I will be a lot at the beach or swimming pool I have packed a lot of beach outfits. I love to swim and to sunbath especially after some heavy working months. It’s time to relax and chill > zen!
» I’m addicted to bikini’s. I think I have at least 15 bikini’s in total, all different colors. For Ibiza I choose this colorful bikini of Forever 21
» Always important to bring a hat and I love this black & white baby of Zara
» I serious can’t concentrate without wearing sunnies. Do you know this cool brand already, Ace & Tate?
» Elke and I always wear these beautiful accessories of Mimi et Toi with funny details like this one: Rock Star!

Processed with VSCOcam

I’m off! See you in Ibiza



Top 5 » lunch spots in Amsterdam

There are lots of great lunch possibilities in Amsterdam, but a few standout!
I have chosen the below restaurants because they are different than many others;
» They serve top notch food
» Excellent service, very friendly
» Good quality at reasonable prices
» Great vibe
» Inspirational design
» They all have something in common, something special on the side!

“These are the top 5 lunch spots in Amsterdam”

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Top 5 » Wander Spots around the world

I have traveled a lot and one thing I love to do is walking around and find that piece that you keep with you for ever.
From luxury goods in London to quirky finds in Panama, to large shopping in New York,  I can easily wander away for hours or a whole day.

Hereby a few of my wander spots…

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