Top 5 » Best Free Travel Apps of 2017

No one can live without their smartphone nowadays , including us. We love to explore and wander, but I travel best when I can look something up quickly. So even when I’m traveling I use my phone for good reason. There are more travel apps out there than ever and these are by far the best free travel apps of 2017! These apps could make your next journey a little faster, cheaper and smarter!

1.Google Trips
Coming in at number 1, is this new travel app from Google. It basically makes it a lot easier for you to plan your trip. Beforehand or when you are on the spot. Besides finding the usual “things to do”, you can also find travel details like reservations and confirmation numbers in one easy app. Google Trips simply gathers your travel information from Gmail and Inbox, then organizes it automatically. Plus, the entire app is available offline. Bye bye wifi hassle. Get the free app here

2. Hostelworld
Not everybody can effort a room at the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji or The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong, therefore this app is perfect for you. Search and book more than 30,000 properties in over 180 countries, from anywhere. Read millions of hostel reviews from fellow travelers & book your next adventure via this app. Get to budget travel in an instance here

Hostel world best free travel apps of 2017
Be a backpacker and check out the Hostel World app!

3. AirBNB
We all know Airbnb of course but when they announced the the app in November last year, they have upgraded the experience. ” Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb, said “We realized we needed to create a whole, holistic journey.” Always wanted to sleep in a beautiful loft at the canals in Amsterdam, in a Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaï or in a mini van right at Cala Cordo in Ibiza? The app is free and available on IOS and Android. 

4. Favoroute
Find all the travel guides in one place, written by travel experts, locals and travel bloggers. Choose a guide by your favorite Travel Designer that enjoys your way of traveling and knows the destination with the eyes closed. We’ve actually written a London Guide for Favoroute when the app was just starting their journey. The app is free but you need to pay for the guides. Updates are free. Get it here.

PicMonkey Collage

5. Polarsteps
Explore – Dream – Discover
This app helps you to log and share your journeys in an easy and beautiful way, turning your travel moments into a lifetime memories. It automatically tracks your route and places you’ve visited while traveling. It even logs your route when you have no internet connection and it has a minimal battery impact. The route is plotted on a colorful world map. Not only super handy when you own a travel blog but also when you want tip your friends by sharing this map with them. A new feature is that you can order your travel photo’s online and make it into a photo album. Download it here and check the story below.

Bonus: Want to see how much you have seen from the world? Check out the travel app BEEN. Crazy enough we have only seen around 18{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of the world. Wow, we need to get a move on!

So check out these free travel apps of 2017 and enjoy your next travels!



Going to London? Get our personal London Guidebook!

We have teamed up with Favoroute and created a London guidebook for your phone. How cool! Favoroute is a website that enhances your travel experience by getting different travel designers (journalist, bloggers and locals) to write guidebooks.
You can find city guidebooks (like ours), different countries and other inside travel tips. They’ve selected some of their online guidebooks and made them available in the app store and ours is available now!

Favoroute London guidebook by Wander-Lustscreen322x572 (1)
A sneak preview of our London Guidebook

So why did we write about London?
Well, Elke has lived there for 7 years and Sarah has been on lot’s of press trips over there. London is ever changing and it’s hard to keep up with the latest trendy hotspots but I think we managed pretty well! 
In our guidebook we will show you how to experience London like a true local. Yes, try and steer away from the usual tourist attractions in London because you won’t find anything about Buckingham Palace in our guidebook!

Trendy East London

Instead we show you London in 3 days by guiding you through hip and trendy East-London on day 1 where you will find amazing shops, food markets and local goods. Day 2 is all about shopping and clubbing (because that’s something you should experience in London) We highlight some of the best clubs and restaurants, including my all time favorite Asian spot in town! On day 3 we take it a bit easier and relax by taking you to the best high tea spots and healthy joints.We tip the most trendy hotels with great value and close to the all the best attractions. Our guide is available to buy on iTunes for $3,99 and will be available on android in April.

 London Guidebook
The Roof Gardens founded by Richard Brandson

So if you’re heading over to London, get our guidebook here and let us know what you think!

*We will update our guidebook from time to time if needed.



These website will make you feel like a local, anywhere in the world!

Wander-Lust is all for getting the local experience whilst traveling. We are happy to say that more and more companies are seeing the advantage of this and play into the needs of travelers. There are a few new (and older) companies out there that are focusing on the local experience and we would love to share them with you!

1. Yays Amsterdam
This company offers travelers to stay in their beautiful boutique apartments just outside the city center of Amsterdam. This way you can really experience Amsterdam like a true local! All apartments are settled in old historic buildings in exiting areas throughout the city. And when we say apartments, we mean apartments! There’s a fully equipped kitchen, livingroom, bathroom and of course a lovely bedroom. This way you can feel really at home. Every property has it’s own neighborhood concierge who knows the area inside out so you have first hand tips about where you should go during the day and night. At the moment Yays is only operating in Amsterdam but rest assured they will grow rapidly and extend. You can find Yays apartments at the Bickersgracht, Oostenburgergracht en Zoutkeetsgracht.

feeling like a local at Yays
Sarah and I at Yays Zoutkeetsgracht

The most authentic experiences are not in guides, but in people

Local Amsterdam art by ICI & SOT
Discovering Street Art in Amsterdam with trip4real.

3. BlaBla Car
They’ve been around for a while but their app has improved a lot since then. Carpooling done clever. 
Available world widely now, you can hitch a ride with a stranger who has an empty seat available. You pay half the gas tank from where you get in until you get off and you get a cheap ride to..where ever! The app is available on IOS & Android. Check BlaBlaCar.

4. With Locals
This is a company that truly connects locals to visitors and the other way around. Just select the country where you’re going to be and pick a local that will take you for a walk in the jungle, enjoy a home cooked Thai meal or learn about the famous landmarks of Italy. Their mission is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences. You can sign up as a host or traveler and book an experience at a fair price. Good for you and for the local community! It’s widely available in 13 countries (including The Netherlands) and covers most of south east Asia. I will check it out when I’m in the Philippines this year!

Clear messages!

5. Nightswapping
We have written about this great concept before. Nightswapping is like Airbnb but here you trade/exchange nights instead of paying for it.
How does it work?

Let us know what your true local experience was!