Colours of Ostrava | Europe’s Hidden Festival

The very coolest festival location of the year has been found. An area surrounded by old, industrial buildings is the backdrop for a weekend full of music, workshops, films, theatre, discussions and games. And yet, it is still very unknown in The Netherlands and even Europe. Czech Republic’s best kept festival is Colours of Ostrava.

The Location

Is an international, multi-genre music festival in Ostrava. This city is located in the east of the Czech Republic and is the third biggest city in the country following Prague and Brno. The festival takes place on the breathtaking surroundings of Dolní Vítkovice – the site of former blast furnaces, mines and ironworks. It’s an absolutely stunning and unique industrial area (it looks like something out of a Mad Max movie set) which is being turned into a cultural centre. Colours of Ostrava won several prices such the ALMA Akropolis Live Music Awards for the best music event of the year in the concert / festival category.

Colours of Ostrava Festival

Colours of Ostrava won the Angel Award for the Music Event of the Year, Twice

The Music

During the 4 days in which the Colours of Ostrava festival took place, more than 150 bands played and there was a heaping dose of jazz, world music, rock, pop and alternative music. Although I was certainly not familiar with a large part of the line-up, I loved walking around and discovering new bands and artists. Perhaps the most interesting stage, and the one most prominent, was the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Experience. Surrounded by steel pipes and high industrial walls, tattoo artists were at work, a DJ booth was installed, movies were played, and two giant games of Jenga were placed against one of the walls. Overall, the festival had first-rate jazz performances, great (known and unknown) rock bands, and international artists as The Cure, ZAZ, Years & Years and Florence + The Machine. Also a nice fact: Every year the organization gives a handful of emerging artists from the Czech Republic the opportunity to put their names on the map.

Colours of Ostrava Festival

The line-up of previous years included: Imagine Dragons, Norah Jones, Kygo, Clean Bandit, Rudimental, Ziggy Marley, London Grammar, Aurora, Paul Kalkbrenner & many more.

Food & Drinks

The food at the festival was fantastic and enormously varied. Many stalls were scattered throughout the site where, in addition to the typical festival food (burgers, fries, pasta, pizza), there were also many Czech specialties and healthy dishes available. I have never seen so many vegan and vegetarian food stalls on a festival as this one. Moreover, the price of the food is cheaper than it is at festivals in Western Europe. For a (vegan) burger you pay around 5 euros, for fries 2 euros, for a hot dog 2 euros and for a mushroom quesadilla 3 euros. For the drinks you first must do a one time purchase of 1 euro for a plastic cup. You can clamp this cup on your pants or belt which is very handy. The drinks were also very affordable. A beer of 500 ml only costed 2 euros and a G&T was around 4 euros.

 Colours of Ostrava Festival

Colours of Ostrava really is a fairly undiscovered gem!

The People

On the first day of the festival, I wanted to explore the terrain and started wandering on my own. I wasn’t feeling solo for long as I came in contact with some lovely locals who showed me around. We had surprisingly little difficulty in understanding each other as they could speak English quite well. Most of the food stall staff were also able to speak English and could translate items on their menu if needed. Overall, about 90% of the festival visitors came from the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries like Poland and Slovakia. The remaining 10% consisted visitors from all over the world.

 Colours of Ostrava

How to get there?

A distance of 1.300 km needs to be covered if you travel from Amsterdam to Ostrava. But there are several alternate travel options. Colours of Ostrava offers a bus that is leaving from The Netherlands (and Belgium) every year, which will drop you off at the entrance of the festival. If you prefer to accelerate things, then the airplane will be the best option. From Amsterdam you can fly to Ostrava via Prague. After landing, shuttle services and taxis are available outside the doors of the airport to take you to the festival in no time. Another option is flying to Prague and then taking the train to Ostrava. If you prefer to travel on your own, a car is recommended for transportation. For this you invest half a day on a direct ride, but you can make your holiday a lot more interesting if you dive into the cities that you pass along the way. Berlin and Prague are perfect stopovers to hop through for example. Not in possession of a car and driver’s license? Take the train and go interrailing!

Train station Czech Republic

My Verdict

Overall, Colours of Ostrava has absolutely astonished me. Both the location and programme are filled with surprises that will make you return from this festival with a wealth of new experiences. What I personally found so fascinating about Colours of Ostrava was that it was so much more than just a music festival. Aside from the performances and dozens of food trucks selling wonderful food, there were tons of other activities to do. In addition, the festival is also a good option if you are on a budget. A ticket for the festival only costs €105 euros for all 4 days and for 9 euros per person and 10 euros per tent you spend the night at the campsite.

Colours of Ostrava, I will be back!



Must Visit! Beach Food Festival on Texel

Last year, I visited Texel island (the Dutch Ibiza of the North), to get a preview of the Beach Food Festival. I arrived in style by a Bruuzer Texel, which is a speedboat that flies across the water with speeds up to 80km per hour! And if this was only a teaser, they have something in store for you, when the the actual event is happening this summer!

Beach Food Festival Texel
Beach Food Festival last year

On Friday the 26th until Sunday the 28th of July, the Wadden Haven on Texel will be transformed into a foodie’s festival dream. The 3 day festival focusses on sustainability, local food and local trade. It’s the 3rd edition for the Beach Food Festival that saw 12.000 visitors last year.

Beach Food Festival
The Bruuzer Texel certainly woke me up!

Local Food
Because Texel is an island, local produce is very important to the community, and food has different variation in flavours than on the Dutch mainland. All the restaurants and food stands that are participating at the festival, are local or offer something unique. During my time on Texel, I got the chance to taste some of the food that will be served at the festival. Here some of the highlights;

  • Novalishoeve
    This organic farm is doing everything right when it comes to local produce. Their cows, sheep, pigs and chickens produce dairy, eggs and meat that they sell in their own shop, located at the farm. From the milk, they create the most delicious ice-cream, without any additives. Besides dairy and meat, they also sell herbal tea, cakes, home-made granola and their home baked bread, that is sold in many restaurants on the island. Novalishoeve will serve their special  ice-cream at the event this year.

Novalishoeve Texel
Ice-Cream at Novalishoeve

All participants must serve at least one vegetarian dish on their menu

  • Kook Atelier
    This popular restaurant, serves beautiful creative, local food. Sea food caught at the Waddensea is their speciality, and last year they created a Texelse Pizza, that people are still talking about.
  • Eilandkeuken
    The name says it all. The kitchen created on the island. This restaurant uses everything Texel has to offer. They will serve speciality meats at the Beach Food Festival, but each food truck needs to also offer at least one vegetarian dish. Eilandkeuken is serving a no-waste-veggie-menu and I had a little sneak preview so I can tell you that it’s worth stopping by!

Beach Food Festival
Testing the pretty seafood from Kook Aterlier

  • StrandPaveljoen Twaalf
    Beach bar twelve is normally located right on the large beach of Texel, but for the festival they will set up a mini beach bar with delicious BBQ flavors like roasted pumpkin and vegan burgers. Last week I tried their vegan BBQ, which was amazing! StrandpaviljoenTwaalf
  • Texelse Branding
    Time for local coffee! Founder Evert used to live in Amsterdam, where good coffee is widely available. When he moved to Texel, he couldn’t find good quality coffee.. So he decided to experiment and roast his own! With great success, because his Texselse Branding is sold at several restaurants on the island.


Sustainability is very important at the festival. Besides that all ingredients must be local or organic, all the plates and cutlery are bio-degradable. Electricity is minimised by the foodtrucks and the festival ends in the evening, so no extra lights need to be in use. Because Texel is an island, many people use their bicycle to get to the festival and visitors from outside the island come by bus or foot. As previously mentioned above, all participants must serve at least one vegetarian dish on their menu and vegetarian food is highly encouraged.

Texel beach

Sleeping on Texel
There are many options! To find your favorite spot, check this website for availability

So take a pen and write down the dates, this July, we might see you at Beach Food Festival!

Beach Food Festival
20th – 22nd of July 2018
Waddenstrand Oudeschild, Texel
Website / Facebook



Festival trends seen at Coachella 2019

Coachella Festival is the catwalk that defines the new trends for this coming festival season, and what to wear this summer.With the festival weekend one gone, we can talk about some of the outfits and festival trends for 2019! 

Trend » Sneakers
Yep, sneakers are cool and you are allowed to bring them to the festival this year. Hailey Bieber was wearing Vans at the Levi’s party last weekend and many peeps wore the comfy shoe at Coachella.

Hailey Biebier wearing Vans
Hailey Bieber being casual

Trend » Whites
Even though the dust at Coachella Festival makes everything dirty, white dresses, tops and skirts were more popular than previous years. Check out Sincerly Jules, Helen Howen and Jamie Kidd in pearl white.

Coachella trends 2019

Jaimie Kidd
Jamie Kidd in white

Trend » Lays
Flaunt it with everything lace this year, because this trend is back in 2019.

 Coachella lace

Trend » Multi Color
Colors are proven to make people happy, so we totally feel this one. People went crazy on colors this year. What do you think?

Coachella trends

Hair Trend » Long Braids 
The double parting braids we have seen for the last 2 years have vanished but long traditional braids are back in 2019! If you don’t have long hair, you can fake it with extensions and add in some colour too. We like it!

Braids Coachella Festival
Braids are back, but different

Trend » Denim
The Coachella trend that never fails; Denim. We saw a whole lot of it at Coachella this year. Timeless right?

Denim at Coachella

So which trend will you follow this festival season?

Check out our Festival Guide for 2019!




The World’s Best Music Festivals 2019

It’s that time of the year again, Festival Season! Some oldies have returned, some have gone and there are plenty of new ones to check out! We’ve included festivals around the world that are worth mentioning this year. Here are the World’s Best Music Festivals 2019!

DGTL Festival Amsterdam
When? Easter Weekend 19/20/21 April
Where? Amsterdam NSDM Werf
DGTL Festival is one of the first festivals of the season, and if we can, we go. Why? Because this is more than just about music. DGTL has recently won the “Outstanding Award” at the Greener Festival Awards and a “Green Operations Award” at the European Festival Awards. DGTL is now officially one of the most sustainable festivals in the world. But let’s talk about music. DGTL creates a line-up with big techno names, but also highlights the underground scene, often DJ’s that make it big the following year. We can’t wait for Easter Weekend.

dgtl festival amsterdam

Lost & Found Festival
When? 2/3/4/5 May
Where? Malta
This electronic music festival was founded by Annie Mac 5 years ago and has been a success ever since. The location is perfect because you get to explore the small island while you’re there. Music wise you can dance to Black Coffee, The Black Madonna, Chase and Status and many more. There are beach parties, castles raves and boat parties. Get your tickets now! 

Bottlerock Festival
When? 24/25/26 May
Where? Napa Valley, USA
Wine and music is a great combination and that must have been the exact thoughts of the organisers of Bottlerock Festival. Napa Valley is a beautiful wine region but next to wine there will be food, silent disco, spa time and even art. Headliners are Imagine Dragons, One Republic and Sylvan Esso, to name just a few. The festival is almost sold out, but maybe it’s something to add into your diary for next year?

wanderlust festival guide 2018

We are FSTVL, UK
When? 25/26/27 May
Where? Upminster Greater London
It’s a huge festival with a lot of big names is dance and techno music. With 6 stages, this is one of the biggest festivals in London. Expect 50.000 people in London’s best festival. Tickets are about £60 and almost sold out so if you’re heading over to London you might as well check this festival out.

We Love Green 2018, France
When? 1/2 June
Where? Paris, France
This festival focuses on sustainability and uses solar power to generate energy. With We Love Green can show you that sustainable festivals will be something of the future and that it can be done. It will celebrate it’s 8th year and headliners include Erykah Badu, Laurent Garnier, Future and many more.

Komm Schön Alter
When? 22nd of June
Where? Tuinen van West, Amsterdam
This festival is one of Elke’s favorites. It’s small, intimate festival and welcomes a crowd from 24 years old and over, only. By doing so, the festival has a wonderful family feel to it, with no (too) drunken teenagers running around. This year, the line-up includes EINMUSIC, Oxia, Miss Melera, Arjuna Schiks and more.

wanderlust festival guide 2018
Sunshine at Komm Schön Alter Festival

Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria
When? 6/7/8/9 June
Where? In the mountains of Bulgaria
If you want something different and special you should check this festival out. Right near the Greek border, this is a festival hidden away in the mountains where you will see day turn into night and the morning fog fall over the trees. A truly encompassing and unique music and arts festival that brings to life the possibility of real adventure embraced by guaranteed sun and friendly faces.

Photo by @aronkleinphotography

Secret Solstice
When? 21/22/23 June
Where? Reykjavik, Iceland
Are you ready to dance in the light? This festival takes place on the longest day of the year where it’s just dark for about 3 hours. Secret Solstice is for festival goers with a passion for the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Each year the festival welcomes an eclectic lineup to the naturally breathtaking country for main stage sets, glacier raves, lava tunnel shindigs, midnight sun boat parties and secret lagoon blowouts. Enjoy this surreal phenomenon and feel at-one with nature during the festival which showcases the international artist alongside the best homegrown talent.

Awakenings Festival
When? 29/30 June

Where? Spaarnwoude, Netherlands
The best names in the Techno, minimal and deephouse gather each year to make this festival a huge succes. Stages are huge and the sound is spot on. A must visit if you love Techno music!

Awakenings Festival
Awakenings Festival

Neversea Festival
When? 4/5/6/7 of Juli
Where? Constanta, Romania
After the success of the first edition in 2017, Neversea will be back for their second edition in 2018. It’s the biggest beach festival in Romania and will take place in Constanţa. Dance, HipHop and Electronical music will have the center stage.

wanderlust festival guide 2018
Neversea Festival

Firefly Music Festival
When? 21/22/23 June
Where? The Woodlands, Dover, USA
It seems like all the artists that are looking for a comeback, are performing here. Post Malone, Travis Scott, DJ Snake, Panic at the disco are all on stage at Firefly Music Festival this June. It’s in the woods, so this gives the festival a cool vibe and we wish we could be there as the festival celebrates it’s seven year anniversary. Weekend tickets are still available but be quick!

wanderlust festival guide 2018

EXIT Festival
When? 4th – 7th of July
Where? Novi Sad Serbia
EXIT Festival has been around for a while but they managed to win the European Festival Award for “Best Major Festival”. In total, you can enjoy 20 different stages that vary in music styles. 

wanderlust festival guide 2018
Dancing at EXIT

Woodstock 50
When? 16/17/18 August
Where? Watkins Glen, NY
The mother of all festivals had to be Woodstock back in the early 70’s. This festival attracted over half a million people at the time, seeking peace, love and unity. Woodstock 50 wants to keep this spirit going and with headliners like The Killers, Jay Z and Miley Cyrus, they are definitely on the right track. If you are in New York in August, be sure to get hold of a ticket.

Sea You Festival, Germany
When? 13/14 Juli
Where? Freiburg, Germany
Just around the corner of the black forest, lays a lake where summer will be celebrated to the max. It’s an intimate festival with 2 stages but the biggest names in dance/techno music. It’s about 6-7 hours drive from The Netherlands so a nice roadtrip that’s well worth it. You can also wakeboard if you’re up for it and cool down in the big lake.

Sea you festival Germany
Source: Sea You Festival

Sonar Festival
When? 18/19/20 July
Where? Barcelona, Spain
We’re not going this year but elke went twice before. A M A Z I N G! Buy a ticket and experience the real Sonar but also check out all the parties around the beach and clubs. What we love: The free beach parties, the tapas and the good vibes!

Wildeburg Festival
When? 12/13/14 July
Where? Kraggeburg, Netherlands
This festival is getting more popular every year. With so many commercial and massive festivals, Wildeburg is something refreshing. It’s going to be the third edition with 150 acts that haven’t been announced yet. Although the weekend tickets have been sold out, last minute Sunday tickets will be made available so keep an eye on their website and social media!

wanderlust festival guide 2018

Lowlands Festival 2019
When? 18/19 August

Where? Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands
Set in a remote location in The Netherlands just over an hours drive from Amsterdam, Lowlands allows attendees to disconnect from the real world in a
township with thousands of inhabitants that arises in the middle of the country for three days in August. Lowlands is a festival for everybody that loves music. It doesn’t matter what festival you’re into, because you can find it all. HipHop, Techno, Rock, Jazz, Pop and Indy. There are about twelve stages (going by the names of Alpha, Bravo, Heineken, Lima, Juliet, X-Ray, Echo). Offering a unique selection of film, stand-up comedy, visual arts, literature, and street theatre. This year’s lineup includes appearances from the likes of Frans Ferdinant, Paul Kalkbrenner, ASAP Rocky, and many more. Wow.


LolaPallooza Berlin
When? 7/8 September
Where? Berlin, Germany
This intimate festival is striking down in Berlin for the 4rd time and with succes! Names like Kings of Leon, Swedish House Mafia and 21 Pilots will be on stage. Book yourself a comfy hotel in Berlin and explore the city!

OASIS Festival
When? 13/15/15 September
Where? Marrakech, Morocco
Just imagine a place where you can see lush gardens, vibrant colours, palmtrees, sand and swimming pools all into one place. Sounds like an Oasis maybe? Oasis festival takes place in the luxurious Fellah Hotel in Marrakech and attracts an international crowd. There will be multiple music stages, daily yoga and reflexology, delicious street food and pop-up restaurants, a champagne bar, craft cocktails, henna, hookah and its very own secret souk. Sounds good? Weekenders are on sale now and cost around €180,-.

Wanderlust Festival Guide 2018
Oasis Festival

Into The Woods
When? 13/14 September

Where? Amersfoort, Netherlands
This festival set in the woods of Amersfoort, is something magical. The setting is intimate, yet big enough to walk around the festival and discover a new area or secret corners. The art installations are incredible, we can only imagine how much work goes into this. Tickets are always sold out within 20 minutes and go on sale soon. Enter your email address to be notified.
 into the woods

23th – 27th May: Virgo Festival, UK
30th May: Primavera Sound, Spain

29th May – 2nd June: Distortion Festival, Denmark
26st -30th June: Glastonbury, UK

11th – 13th July: NOS Festival, Portugal
11th of July: Bilbao Live, Spain
17th – 20th July: Gurten Festival, Switzerland

25th – 28st July: Kendal Calling, UK

1st – 4th August: Untold Festival, Croatia
15th – 18th August: Green Man Festival, Wales
22nd – 25th August: Shambala Festival, UK



A Day at the Park Festival is back! (but not in Amsterdam)

Remember when A Day At The Park Festival announced they would call it a day after 10 years? Well, they decided to return, but this time at a completely new location..

The Festival
For 10 years, people from all over the Netherlands came to dance in Het Amsterdam Bos to the biggest artists. Besides the music, A Day At The Park has been a place to get creative, play games, sing to Karaoke, enjoy the market and you could even get “married” at the festival. But in 2017, they decided to call it a day and it might had something to do with the disappointing ticket sales over the last couple of years.

Wander-Lust at A Day at the Park Festival back in 2016

A Day at the Park
Always fun & games at ADATP

The Comeback
But there is light at the end of the tunnel and on the 21st of September A Day At The Park will return on the grass, but in Rotterdam! Yes, from one park to another. The festival will be held in the Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam. They call it the place where they will retrieve old memories and make new ones. What to expect? The old A Day at the Park, but fresh and richer, showing you what Rotterdam has to offer. 

What do you guys think? Will ADATP 2019 be a success?



Elrow Town is coming to Amsterdam!

It was about 5 years ago when I experienced my first Elrow party. It was in the city where it all started, Barcelona. At a square, surrounded by houses and walls, there was a stage where the biggest techno DJ’s played the craziest sets. Inflatables, gifts and colourful objects were passed around the crowd. People on stealths, carrying water pistols, and sexy girls dancing on stage. This was probably one of the best parties I’ve been to.

Good news, because Elrow Town is finally coming to Amsterdam!

© Photography by Khris Cowley

It’s the third city where Elrow Town will be celebrated and you can expect all the craziness that I just mentioned. It’s happening on the 8th of September and will be held at the industrial NDSM Werf in Amsterdam North. What the theme will be this year is still a secret but it will be announced later this year. Keep an eye out on their website.

Pre-sale tickets are going on sale from the 29th of January!



Amsterdam Events Calendar for July

July is one of our favorite months and things are about to get even better! With all these events, we don’t even mind that the rain is pouring down on Amsterdam now and then. Here’s our Amsterdam Events Calendar for the month July.

Summer Nights in Artis
When? June – July – Aug, Artis Zoo
What? Saturday evenings in the Zoo until the sun goes down, free entree!
Artis Zoo let’s people enjoy Saturday evening until the sun goes down by opening up their doors to the public for free. There will be performances, music, storytellers and you can learn about the animals and their nightly activities. Check the website for more info

Zoo nights in Artis

The Art of Banksy
When? 18th of June until 30th of Sept, Beurs van Berlage
What? Work from the legendary street artist Banksy
There will be around 85 art pieces on display at this exposition of street artist Banksy. You can see canvas, paintings, sculptures and installations. Get your tickets here.

The art of banksy Amsterdam
Banksy; Addressing daily issues

De Buurt Camping (The neighbourhood camping)
When? 15th – 17th of July , Rembrandt Park

What? A self build camping with activities in the park
A great chance to get to know your neighbors if you live in Amsterdam West. Rembrants park will transform into a camping that you can help build! Everybody is equal so everybody is welcome. Book your spot and join in the fun!


The Longest Vegetarian Table
When? 15th of July, Museumplein
What? Enjoy great vegetarian food and send positive message to the world!
There are a few reasons why Tivall and the Vegetarian bond organize this event. They want to serve you amazing food, set a record for the longest vegetarian table and show the world that it’s easy and tasty to help the environment a great deal by eating less meat. There is space for 1950 people so if you want a spot at this special table, you should check their Facebook Page for more info. Pay a donation of choice, after all, the message is more important.

Will you join the longest vegetarian table this year?

A Day at the Park
When? 16th of July, Amsterdamse Bos
What? One of the oldest festivals in Amsterdam
This festival has been around for quiet some years and still attracts a good crowd! It always seems to be sunny (well, at least the times we were there!) and it’s one of the best festivals when it comes to the ambiance. Next to the line up and pumping tunes, they offer games, silly karaoke, a chill and champagne area and a carousel! There are still tickets available and you can buy them here:

Hoela land at A Day at the Park

Pop-Up 3D Streetart on Museumsquare
When? 13th – 17th of July, Museumplein
What? 3D streetart interacting with the audience
This summer organisation “Dopper” launches a grand Pop-Up Streetart Project . With the theme ” Water & Waste ” artists in Amsterdam, Berlin and Antwerp create various 3D works that are interactive for visitors . The project kicks off on July 16 at 1pm on the Museumsquare in Amsterdam, where the final result of artists Ruben Poncia and Adry del Rocío will be unveiled. They started the project on the 13th so if you want to see some live action, you can go and have a look already.

Ruben Poncia
3D street art by Ruben Poncia

Kwaku Summer Festival
When? 16th – 17th of July, Nelson Madela Park
What? Suriname food festival with music and dance
If you want to experience Suriname food at it’s best, you should definitely go to Kwaku Festival. As soon as you arrive you smell the BBQ. There will be music you that will make you move your hips and fresh coconuts will be on overload. And the best thing: entrance is free! See Facebook for more info


Edelwise Festival 
When? 30th of July, Rembrandt Park / 1pm – 11pm
What? Edelwise but this time outdoors
You may have heard of Edelwise, a monthly after work party at “Het Sieraad” in Amsterdam West. They are returning their festival this summer at the Rembrandt Park. Get your tickets online or WIN 2 tickets by commenting below why you should win!

EdelWise Festival_20140726_201026_Afterview.nl_Peter Bezemer kopie
Source: Edelwise Facebook

Buitenkamer at Radion
When? 15th – 20thth of August, Radion (Fri – Sun)
What? Open air cultural paradise
From the 15th of July and for the 6 weeks to follow, there will be film (on Fridays), a market, DJ’s, cocktails, art, food & games at the backyard of Radion in Amsterdam new West. For more info about what’s on on which days, check here.

22Fest, Netherlands
When? 23rd of July Diemerbos, Amsterdam

What? A festival with no commercial headliners but very good music
They first started with their own music discovery platform where you can stream 22 brand new quality songs in 22 different genres that took Europe by storm. Amsterdam, Brussels and London and the rest of the world all go to to find out what the newest tunes are as curated by several DJ’s. The festival is just as cool if not cooler and they enjoyed their first edition last summer. No famous headliners but fully talented performers from DJ’s and bands. It’s an intimate festival with 5000 exclusive tickets so be quick before they go. For more info go to their Facebook page

22fest festivals
Source: 22Fest



This might be the coolest festival you’ve ever heard of » HABITAS

Are you a festival lover? Or maybe you hate festivals. Whichever type you are, you’re going to love this one. H A B I T A S.
At Our Habitas you become part of a community. It’s not the typical festival that you’re used to. No major line-up, no commercial bullshit.
Habitas is an LA born concept that has evolved into something amazing. They call themselves like-minded explorers brought together by appreciation and passion driven creativity, self expression and adventure. Something we can relate to at Wander-Lust.

There is something extraordinary that occurs when you place a like minded community in a environment full of just the right amount of care.

Our Habitas Summer 2015

Habitas at Spring


The festival is small, exclusive and by invitation only. We understand why. You even need to fill in a short summary so that the organisation can check if you can be part of this special community. This way, the festival will keep it’s core values. 
If you do get an invitation, you will sleep in a bohemian setting, complete with tents, Moroccan cushions, rugs and dream catchers.
At Habitas, you are in for an unknown adventure. Just enter with an open mind and enjoy the setting, the music and the people.

Habitas in Fall

Habitas is hosting different themes in different seasons. Summer, Spring, Fall and now the New Years preparations in Mexico are full on their way.
Founders Eduardo Castillo (also resident DJ) and Kfir Levy are doing an amazing job by keeping the festival small and non-commercial. Something that a lot of festivals are lacking. It’s a place for grown ups that dare to be themselves.
Let’s just hope they organize more events like these because with only 200 entrees it almost sounds like winning the lottery.


More info on their website. Check this video for an impression.



*All pictures are owned by Habitas

Festival report » DGTL Barcelona

I flew to Barcelona last weekend to enjoy tapas and some sunshine but I also flew over to report about DGTL Festival.
We’ve mentioned DGTL in our festival guide before and we are a big fan. With so many incredible international DJ’s on speed dail it came as no surprise that the Dutch organisation decided to bring this festival abroad and try it out in Barcelona.
A lot of Dutch festival guru’s flew over to Barcelona just for DGTL, so that must mean something right?

I was extremely curious if they would live up to my expectations. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Impressive art instalations

Day 1.
The organisation picked the perfect location. Parc de forum is situated near the beach and has the industrial feel to it that suits the festival seemlessly.
I knew that it would be smaller then the Dutch edition but with 3 stages (Digital, Stereo & Phono) it didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. With views over the beach and the sun shining in people’s faces, the crowd felt optimistic and ignored the rainy weather forecast.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

A small market with local brands brought a true festival vibe along with a massage table for the ones who needed it most. The food area, where you could choose between burgers and thai food, looked cute with the food trucks lined up next to the Redbull bar.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Food trucks are also hot in Barca!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
The Stereo stage was a 2 day jumping fest 

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Agoria was one of my favourites 

You got to give it to the DJ booker/programmer because he did a hell of a job getting these big names together. At the Digital stage you could dance to Agoria, Ame (both amazing!) with an explosive closing set from Maceo Plex.

At DGTL they work with a new system where you get a wristband that includes a chip where you can add cash on. This way you won’t loose your coins and the service is quicker.
It’s also sustainable and that’s also one of the reasons I love this festival.

Sustainability plays a big role at DGTL. They are setting a great example for other festivals out there by trying to find alternatives and solutions by for example recycling and re-using plastic.
For more info about their projects, check their Revolution page.

Day 2.
The clouds that were hiding in the mountains, unfortunatley made their way into Barcelona and it rained non stop from 5pm to 11pm. Surprisingly, this didn’t stop the crowd from dancing. A colorful sea of poncho’s was a result and they enjoyed the sounds of David August (who played an amazing live set) john Talabot and closings from Adam Beyer and Dixon.
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The nice thing about getting backstage is that I could watch the crowd go crazy everytime the beat dropped. Priceless. 

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What a sight..

The production did a great job and I saw that this was a real team effort.
This Dutch family makes me feel proud to say that they have really set DGTL on the map here in Barcelona. The question is now…what country is next..?