Sleeping in a Wine Barrel!

It all started when I planned a visit to my sister, who lives in the south of Germany. It takes about 7 hours to drive there as she lives near the black forest, close to Switzerland. So why not make a stopover?

Germany is a beautiful country full of hills, cute towns and nature parks. But when I stay somewhere, I want it to be something special, something I haven’t done before. This is when Camping Rissbach caught my eye. I’m always open to new things when it comes to travel so when I heard about this camping in Germany where you could sleep in a wine barrel, I got pretty exited. 

The Camping

You love it or you hate it. Campings. I use to camp with my parents since the age of 3 but we did it in Greece which is nothing compare to a Dutch camping where everything is well organized. No, we did it back to basic style so I don’t have a lot to compare with. My boyfriend loves camping so I thought it would be nice to surprise him with something special. The camping I choose was perfectly situated between Amsterdam and my sisters house in Germany. After a 4 hours drive we arrived at Camping Rissbach, situated perfectly next to the Moselle river which flows through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. The camping exist 10 years and is run by a Dutch family. The atmosphere is relax and laid back. Like all campings, you can bring your own caravan, tent or camper. But this camping is extra special because of their luxe glamping options. Sleeping in a Wine Barrel.

Sleeping in a Wine Barrel

I booked a XXL Wine Barrel to sleep in and it was so cool! The Wine Barrel has everything you need. A fully functional toilet, washing sink, table, refrigerator, a 2 persons bed and the possibility to make 2 extra beds. I felt like a total gypsy sleeping in here! There are 4 XXL Wine Barrels available and 6 normal size. The normal size barrels don’t have a toilet and only one entrance instead of 2. The Wine Barrels are all stationed alongside the river which is a great way to wake up! You can get freshly baked bread at the campings bakery and have breakfast in front of your accommodation. 

Sleeping in a Wine Barrel
There are 4 XXL accommodations available to rent and 6 normal size

Inside of the Wine Barrel
Sleep romantic!

The Surroundings

Traben-Trabach is a great area for cycling and walking. I really don’t think hiking is just for “older” people. Raised in a country without hills or mountains, I love hiking! Moselsteig is the area’s most lover hiking trail. At 365 km, it’s voted as the most beautiful long distance route in Germany. I only managed to walk a very short part of it due to lake of time but I did walk up to the old fortress (which was a pretty steep climb!) From here you have a beautiful view of the Moselle river and area.

You can book a walking tour via camping Rissbach. Pauze for a coffee and enjoy the view of the many wineries. Yes, Traben-Tribach is full of them! This place is renowned for the steepest wineries in the whole of Europe. There are many wine cellars and wine tastings all year round and I was so lucky to witness such an event during my stay. All the wine farmers around the area showcasing their best wines and I got to taste it? Sleeping in a wine barrel fits quite well don’t you think? If you want something traditional you should eat at Zunft Shüne restaurant. It’s like walking into a museum with hundreds of attributes and different rooms. Walk towards the village past the Moselle river to get there in 15-20 minutes.

Restaurant Zunft Shune

Sleeping in a wine barrel in Traben-Trabach
Tasting wine, dinner at Zunft Shune and the view of the Moselle river

Sleeping in a wine barrel at Camping Rissbach
Stop at the fortress for a coffee

View over the Moselle River
After a steep walk you are rewarded with this view (with the wineries on the right)

Curious to see what this part of Germany has to offer? Book your stay in a Wine Barrel here!



Luxury camping in Europe!

If you ever been out camping as a child, you know that it’s something special. The outdoor sounds of birds and crickets, and the cozy evening by the fire. However, the damp floor, cold nights and wet socks was perhaps something you would rather forget. As I got older, I realised that I was becoming a glampacker instead of a backpacker. And lucky for me..Luxury Camping (glamping) is hot, especially in Europe.

There are plenty of glamping options in Europe and sometimes it’s difficult to choose one. Yelloh! Village, is a network for different campsites-villages that has became THE luxury outdoor hotels reference in France, Spain and Portugal. Yelloh! Village is particularity good if you’re traveling with kids, because of the many options for children.

Yelloh! village

Whether you want to camp near the sea, rivers, mountains or stay in the countryside, it’s all possible. We’ve picked some of our favorite accommodations that Yelloh! Village has on offer.

The Yurt in France
Feel like a nomad is this traditional Mongolian stay. This yurt sleeps 4 people (one double bed and 2 single beds), and is located in France. Outside the yurt is a shower and toilet, plus you can relax in the lounge chairs on the terrace. And it’s not expensive at all! You can book this yurt from 156 Euro for 4 nights!

Magical and unique!


Experience the traveling nomadic lifestyle, with all the luxury you want

Cabane sur la plage, in Spain
This cabin on the beach is a dream! It’s not the largest stay that Yelloh! Villages has on offer, but the location totally makes up for it. The 15²m cabin/tent has 2 bedrooms and a small terrace overlooking the beach. Waking up here, is the best part! The camping itself offers a swimmingpool, bar, minimarket, restaurant, children activities and sports. Nearby towns are Creixell, Barcelona, Calafell, El Vendrell, Reus, Salou, Tarragona, and Torredembarra. Book it here from just 560 euro for 7 nights!

Cabin on the beach Yelloh! Village
Cabin on the beach!

Beach view

Chalet s’Agaró in Costa Brava
If you are looking for more facilities, like the luxury camping of having your own kitchen and living room, you should check out this chalet in the Costa Brava. There are 3 bedrooms and fits 5 people easily. You have a lot of space, in and outside (and a BBQ!). Wifi, breakfast and sheets/towels are included within the price. You can book this chalet here.


Luxury chalet

All campsites have restaurants, swimming pools and things to do.

Yelloh! Village glamping
Luxury Breakfast instead of a burned sausage 


Are you ready for your camping 3.0 experience?

Yelloh! Village
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Zwier » Escape The City

Last year we booked a weekend at Zwier, a glamping experience just outside the city of Amsterdam. Deadlines took my stress level to a high last week, and my body & mind were looking for those holiday vibes.

After a short drive from Amsterdam, and you’ll find yourself in pure serenity

From City life into Glamping life
Within 15 minutes by car, you find yourself at The Vinkeveense Plassen. A lake area with flora and fauna that feels miles away from busy Amsterdam, or any city for that matter. Zwier is located in the middle of this, and situated next to a tiny harbour with boats and canoes. Until one year ago, Zwier was a normal camping, with caravans and places to set up your tent. It’s a family business that has recently been passed on to the latest generation, and they decided to focus more on glamping, sustainability, and offer people from around the busy cities a place to totally relax.

Glamping at Zwier
The comfort of glamping

It feels like coming home, from home.

At Zwier you can stay in beautiful Bell Tents that are equipped with a small fridge, comfy boxspring beds, a small table and chairs. It feels like coming home, from home. If you want, you can also book your stay on a large boathouse or tiny island hut next to the water. The utilities are extremely luxury for a camping. Rain-shower, check. Clean toilets, (that include unlimited toilet rolls!) check. Each tent has enough space, and a feeling of privacy. I noticed that most people staying at Zwier, are aged between 25 and 40 years old, work of live in cities nearby, and have a busy profession. Burn outs, are most common between the age of 30 and 45, so it’s extremely important to give your head some space now and then. The bell tents are available from €229,- for a whole wknd (Fri-Sun) and include 2 boxspring beds, breakfast, yoga and free use of sup-boards and canoes.

Zwier Bell Tent

Zwier Amsterdam

Healthy & Fresh
Breakfast is served in a glass house between 8 and 11am that includes fresh bread, croissants, homemade smoothies & granola, fresh orange juice and unlimited coffee & tea It’s also the community kitchen to prepare your dinner that you can pre-order at the Zwier reception, or you buy in your local supermarket. Veggies and herbs grow in the Zwier garden, and guests are welcomed to pick some fresh salad and cucumbers. At the reception, you can buy organic ice-cream, beers, crisp and organic lemonade.

Fresh herbs & veggies from the garden

Breakfast in the glass community kitchen

Zwier Breakfast

So what do you do at Zwier?
Mainly; relax! I saw people reading books, sunbath, girlfriends chatting away, take a plunge in the Zwier natural pool, or take a yoga class. At Zwier you can do anything that feels good. Nothing has to be done, but the options are there. You can take a sub-board or canoe for free and explore the Vinkeveense plassen. You can also rent a boat, which is great for a group of friends, for €99,- per day, or €35,- per hour. If you arrive at Zwier by car, you have the option to explore a bit further, but we loved staying in and around Zwier for the 2 days that we were there. I felt no rush to explore, just being there in the moment.

Where would you stay, tent, or boat?

Around The Area
If you feel like eating somewhere else, other than Zwier, you can visit the Coffee house “De Goede Morgen” which is just 10 a minute walk away and such an amazing hidden spot. They serve breakfast and lunch until 4pm, so it’s great for a morning stroll. If you continue walking for a little longer, you’ll get to beach club Lust, where you can order a more lavish lunch (and some wine). If you come with kids, this area is also nice because of the man-made beaches, that allows shallow swimming. I must say, the water near the beaches, aren’t very clean, so be sure to shower your children after they’e been swimming.

Vinkeveense plassen
So quiet and peaceful

Goede mOrgen Café, Zwier
Coffee house, De Goede Morgen

24 Hours Without
Zwier also has some nice activities planned such as 24 Hours Without. Here you are challenged to stay at Zwier’s Island Cabin, which is not located on the camping, without Wifi, mobile phone or tablet. With a basket full of organic goodies, a good book and your thoughts, you can opt for the 24hours or the 48 hours challenge. Would you dare? 24 Hours Without is available from €175,- and includes a made up boxspring bed, transportation to – and from the island, a food basket and a small kitchen.

Waking up at Zwier

Zwier may be one of my biggest must-do-tips to date

When it was time to check out on Sunday (check out is a 4pm if you stay the weekend), it felt like the end of a holiday. I couldn’t believe I was 15 minutes away from the city, and my home. At Wander-Lust we give many tips, but this must be one of my best ones yet. So no matter who you decide to come with; your girlfriends, your partner, your colleagues or alone, Zwier will re-charge your batteries. 100%.

Winkeldijk 20A, Vinkeveen



5 x New Travel Trends for 2017

Travel is so diverse nowadays and it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. Some, however, do stand out and we thought you should know about these 5 travel trends for 2017.

Glamping & Camping
Remember those times when you went camping with your parents? Waking up by birds singing, feeling the morning sun burning and the sound of your tent unzipping. This was camping back then and let’s be honest, you loved it right? Well, camping is totally making a comeback and it comes with all the luxuries you missed back in the days. Why not go glamping with your friends or take a roadtrip in an old skool Volkswagen Van. More and more companies are giving us the chance to experience camping in a whole new way. With Camptoo (only in The Netherlands), you can hire a camper in any shape or size ala Airbnb-style. You can go festival glamping this summer, sleep in a wine barrel in Germany or go back to basic on Terschelling. It’s all possible in 2017!

Into the Wild Algarve Tent
Glamping is one of the travel trends for 2017

Sustainable Travel
As travelers, we care more about our planet because we know more about her than ever. Unfortunately, traveling can take it’s toll on mother earth so we need to find new ways to accommodate. Start by compensating your ecological footprint by paying for your CO2. Calculate how much you use via this website. Book your vacation via Better Places and sleep in Eco-Lodges instead of a large hotel. You can do a lot yourself by re-using the same towel for a few days or refilling your water bottle. Check if you want to proactively help promote ecotourism or check out this website if you want to help save endangered sea turtles.

Wellness & Spiritual Travel (digital Detox)
This is probably one of the fastest growing travel trends of 2017. With our busy lives, it’s hard to totally switch off for a moment. Even on holiday, people are still checking emails and scroll down the pointless Facebook newsfeed. Therefore you see a growth in Wellness and Spiritual Travel where you can have yourself a digital detox. Meaning; no phone, no laptop. Just your thoughts, good conversations or perhaps a good book. The most popular trend being the yoga retreat. If you’re interested in booking one we have 3 suggestions; a vegan yoga retreat or a bliss yoga retreat, both on Bali or check out Eco-resort Into The Wild Algarve in Portugal. Visit for a total digital detox vacation.

Yoga at Into the Wild Algarve
Putting our phones down and totally relax at Into The Wild Algarve Eco-resort.

Travel With A Cause
This is a trend we are very happy about! We love traveling and enjoy amazing press or personal trips but sometimes it’s good to stay grounded and see what’s going on in the world. At Wander-Lust we decided that at least once a year, we want to travel with and for a good cause. No luxury hotels, no Instagram photo’s by the pool. Nope, we want to visit communities and give something back. We traveled to Bolivia in March to report about violence against women. Organisations like Mensen Met Een Missie make this trip possible. You can also decide to teach in Uganda, help as a volunteer in India or bring new clothes to Bolivia. For a unique chance to live and work in another country, you should check out

Travel trends for 2017, Bolivia
Sarah with children in Bolivia

Family Travel
Times have changed and worlds are getting smaller so traveling to a far destination with your entire family is totally happening in 2017. You know families love the all inclusive holidays but there is a small shift happening. People tend to go for private villa’s and homes where they can totally relax and do their own thing. Now that one of us has a baby (Elke), we are looking for different locations and accommodations where this is possible without losing the adventurous side. Want to see if a luxury All Inclusive is for you? Check Elke’s video where she experienced Club Med.

So which travel trend are you picking up this year?