How to prepare your body for travel (inside out!)

It doesn’t matter whether your a woman or a man, we all want to look and feel great while we walk over the beach.
I say look and FEEL, because it’s also extremely important to turn the workmode OFF and put the chillmode ON.
In this blogpost I will talk about how to prepare your body for your holiday on the inside out.

Look great
Ok, we all know that this is not going to happen overnight, BUT, you can do a lot in a few weeks.
Work out: Boring but true. Get your ass to the gym already! Build it up slowly. Don’t kill yourself for 2 weeks because your body needs some time to get into it.
Eat right: Try to eat a little different. Cut down on pasta’s, rice and bread but do not stop eating! Eat small amounts 6 times daily instead of big meals 3 times a day. Breakfast is key here. Try buckwheat banana pancakes instead of sweet cornflakes and eat good fats like avocado’s. I swear by these because they make your skin look great and believe it or not, they actually break down fat in your body.
Skin prep: Start to prepare your face and body for the sunshine. There are a few things you can do;
Scrub. Buy a good scrub like the exfoliating scrub from Dermalogica (When you buy these products, always check if it doesn’t contain palm oil) Repeat this twice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. For your face you can use Foreo daily (without a scrub product) Just use some cleansing foam and enjoy your soft cheeks afterwards.
Finish your showers with cold water. Put the shower on the hardest setting are circulate it onto your legs, bum, thighs, belly and even your upper body. This is great for your blood circulation and it helps your body break down the fat.
After the cold shower you need to rub yourself dry. Keep that blood circulated! Finish by massaging your bodymilk onto your skin. Always use a facecream that contains SPF.

scrub your bodybikini ready?
Scrub and prepare your body for the sun

“It’s important to prepare your body form the inside out”

Feel great
This is about cleansing your body before you get into chill mode and try weird foods and drink more alcohol than you would normally drink.

For this I use the 3 day cleanse from the Juicebrothers.

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I had never done a cleanse before so this was going to be interesting. Here is my diary in short:
Day 1 » Starting off with a ginger shot which is quite heavy! I open the next bottle straight away and sip the master cleanse which has a bit of Cajun spice into it.
I always work out at the gym on Mondays so this cleanse is not going to stop me. I work out for about 45 minutes as I don’t want to push it.
It surprises me that I can function without food. All the minerals and vitamins keep me not feeling hungry. I go out for a meeting with Sarah and at around 4pm I notice that I can’t concentrate that well anymore. Time to head back home and finish the last 3 juices. Vanilla sky is by far my favorite! (almond milk, coconut sugar, vanilla powder, Himalayan salt) Yummie, I wish the whole bunch was like this one.

cleanse your body

Day 2 » I wake up and my tummy feels flat (hurrah!) but I’feel pretty good. I don’t even feel like having breakfast. (this is normally very important for me)
I start off with the ginger shot again and I have decided I really don’t like this one! It’s very heavy and sharp but it sure does get my tummy working so that’s good.
The whole day was pretty good but I cheated in the afternoon by ordering a smooth vegetable soup. I had a lunch meeting with Sarah (yes, again) and seeing everybody eating was just too much for me! (sorry Juicebrothers) BUT, it was a small soup and I didn’t cheat for the rest of the day..

Day 3 » I’m happy I’ve gotten this far so I’m determent to end my cleanse perfectly. My body feels like it can handle it so for the 3rd day I will use the deepest cleanse. This time I start off with a wheatgrass shot which is a lot softer and tastier! I feel energized and I workout for about 30 minutes before running off to an appointment. I don’t even think of food at this point and it’s only when my stomach starts to rumble that I realize I need to take my next juice.

Verdict: It’s all in the mind. My body was doing fine and I wasn’t hungry. It was my mind that kept playing games with me. (I thought about pretty much every food craving that’s out there) I feel ready for my trip. Energized and healthy. My cold that was coming up, disappeared and I feel more comfortable in my bikini.
I don’t own a scale but I can see that I’ve lost a little weight. I know this cleanse is not suppose to be a diet but it surly feels good!
Order your own cleanse here!



Recipe + Interview » Being Vegan is Hot!

This week our World leaders including Barack Obama, Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel and David Cameron are coming together to talk about climate change.
The summit, also referred to as the COP21 (Conference of Parties), are finally making promising progress after seeing the first press conference on TV.
The 6th summit started yesterday and will run until December 11th and it will be held in Paris.
If you care about the earth’s future as much as we do, this is a day we should take a second and think about how we can help by becoming “Greener”.

One of the main reasons for our greenhouse gas emissions are due to Animal Agriculture. I have addressed this issue before in my blog post about the documentary Cowspiracy. (Produced by Leonardo Dicaprio)
After watching this film, I decided to try and become a vegan. I have been doing this for about 2,5 months now and although I am still struggling with some foods like prawns, oysters and other shellfish, I have eliminated other fish, eggs, milk (from animals) and cheese. The change wasn’t too drastic for me because I have already been a vegetarian (that ate fish) for over 27 years.
I must say, I feel a lot better! Not only mentally but also physically. But the word VEGAN still has a certain reputation.

“Vegan is not sexy? Think again!”

I spoke to one of Amsterdam hottest ladies Isabella Machinè about her recent diet change and her look on sustainability. Lucky for us, she also kindly shared  a delicious vegan recipe just for Wander-Lust!

When and why did you decide to become vegan?
I’ve been a vegetarian for six years and vegan for about 6 months now. Why did I became a vegan? Well: to save animals, decrease climate change, decrease the chance of getting a heart disease, decrease the chance of getting cancer, decrease deforestation, decrease water pollution, live longer, lose weight, have better sex and again: save animals :-).

Schermopname (28)

When did I decide to switch from veggie to vegan?
I became aware of how being a vegetarian still doesn’t really have that much of a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare. Dairy cows are some of the worst treated in the industry. And why(!?) should we drink milk that is supposed to be for baby cows?! You won’t drink your mothers milk after the age of 1 right? I simply don’t want to be part of any animal cruelty, pollution of mother earth and I certainly don’t want to eat death. If you have Netflix and you want to get to know a little something of what is going on in the world I would highly recommend ‘Cowspiracy’. This documentary is hands down the most shocking and game changing film I’ve seen. The documentary ‘Earthlings’ is what originally turned me vegan. I practically turned vegan over night and never went back. But I know this won’t work for everyone. If you care about climate change, deforestation, species extinction, ocean dead zones and world hunger then I strongly suggest you watch this! Also read the book “Skinny Bitch”. Seriously, read it.

Has it been difficult?
No it hasn’t been difficult at all. Ironically, the hard part is the constant explanation I have to do. People often ask me why I turned vegan, and if it isn’t hard to be one etc. etc. Being a vegan is not hard at all! It’s a discipline you’ll have to get used to. One does this by simply thinking well about what sort of food he or she consumes. Instead of looking at recipes with meat or dairy products, look at those that do not have these ingredients. You can find everything about food on the internet, just type ‘vegan recipes’ in our beloved Google and you’ll have recipes for days, years even! And when you have found yourself buying the healthy stuff, make this a normalcy. It’s all about priorities! 

Isabella is a hot Vegan
Isabella feels better than ever after choosing the vegan lifestyle

You are an interior designer/stylist, how important is sustainability in your work?
Very important, and so it should be for everybody in every profession and sector. It’s no coincidence that the leaders of 180 countries come together to discuss how we all should conquer the 2 degrees celcius increase that we are heading towards. Now is the time to drastically change how we deal with our climate. As for me in my work I always look to find solutions to not have to consume more energy than that is needed for a certain project. When hunting for unique pieces I am carefull about the heritage of the products. Sometimes I can work with a budget that will allow me to work with craftsmen which is a great way of being sustainable and this is also a guarantee for quality. And of course second hand products!

What’s your biggest tip when it comes to going-green?
Let’s say I’m a missionary for veganism. I would advice everybody to seriously start looking on how to stop their consumption of animal products. I could name countless ways of how one can reduce their use of energy and how one can contribute to reduction of Co2 emissions but the answer lies within turning vegan. That should be the thirst thing on everybody’s agenda.

Isabella’s Smoothie bowl
For this smoothie bowl you need:

• 1 banana • 2 fresh figs • 1 kiwi • a handful of kale • 1 scoop of vegan protein (I use @gardenofliferaw_nl ) • Almondmilk •
Throw everything in a blender until you get a creamy texture, top it off with fresh figs and seeds! Et Voila!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Isabella’s delicious breakfast recipe

One of my favorite recipe’s online at the moment is this crispy tofu & rainbow veg sushi by Renee Press.

Who said that vegan food was boring?

Other hot vegans are:

» Liam Hensworth (Is it hot in here?)
» Natalie Portman
» Famke Jansen
(Our Dutch pride and Joy)

» Andre 3000 (I bet you didn’t know this right?)
» Olivia Wild
» Jared Leto 

» The VeganBro’s (2 Aussies that completely transformed after becoming vegan. Oh yeah, ther’re funny as hell)

2 hot vegans: Liam Hemsowrth and Olivia Wilde

Are you ready for a 30 day vegan challenge? Try it here! (Dutch) or here (English).



Now open » YAY health store & more in Amsterdam

I’m very exited about this new place in Amsterdam “de Pijp” called ➳ YAY.
It has 3 concepts flown into one and I love them all. YAY is a health store, a healthy cafe and they offer yoga, mediation classes plus various workshops.

The Store
They sell pure, honest, fairtrade and sustainable products with each a special a story.
All products in the store YAY, contribute to a healthier lifestyle for your body, mind or heart.
They sell products like Woody Skateboards, Two-0, Raw Chocolates, hand crafted Yoga mats and herbal tea’s.

Woody Skateboards. A product with a story (source: Woody Skateboards)

YAY healthstore

The Cafe
The raw food cafe is a place where the word “healthy” stands central. You can have breakfast, lunch, juices, coffee and hand picked tea.
The name kinda gives it away but they use raw food, which means that they will only use uncooked, fresh and organic food products.
They heat up until 48 degrees so that all the good stuff will stay inside for you to enjoy. Another thing I am personally happy about, is that they don’t use any animal products! Yes, finally a cool vegan cafe. (there are some around, but not many)
The cafe is also very sustainable. They have a no plastic policy (finally!) and they mostly use recycled material. They wasted food is used as compost for their own greenhouse. The cafe is open from 8am to 7pm (MON-SUN)

Healthy and colorful at YAY Cafe
(Source: YAY Cafe)

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My vegan wrap with homemade pesto sauce

Yoga & More
Besides the cute store and healthy food, they also offer different classes and workshops. You can also reach out and organize a healthy brunch or dinner in combination with the above.
For more information check this page

YAY Health Store & More
Gerard Doustraat 74 (ingang winkel)
Albert Cuypstraat 101-103 (entrance health café & winkel)
1072VV Amsterdam



For more Amsterdam news and hotspots, check here:







Recipe » the perfect healthy treat, banana bread

In almost all the coffee bars in the cities I’ve been lately – Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Antwerp – they serve banana bread.
I really love it, I never feel I can have enough of it!
The texture is soft, the taste is sweet with a incredible distinct banana flavor.

There are so many recipes to make banana bread, but most of the banana bread I got are with cream, butter and sugar.
Inspired by all the banana bread I tasted I’ve made one without sugar and the taste is amazing!

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Recipe » Raw Cacao date almond bonbons

My first introduction with Tunisian dates was when a friend was cooking a traditional Tunisian couscous dish where she mixed spicy herbs and dates. As dessert she served cake with dates and nuts. I really enjoyed the sweetness and I learned from her that in Tunisia, dates are very famous. They add dates in several dishes what really makes the difference!
Also very important to tell is that dates have no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are rich in fiber and potassium.

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Top 5 » Bali’s most healthy hotspots

It’s that tropical & magical little island, it’s the island that everybody escapes to recharge their batteries. I’m talking about Bali, Indonesia. Like London, Australia, and some other big western countries, Bali is is one of those places where the healthy food and lifestyle started a while back. And yet more and more healthy hotspots are popping up.

This is our Top 5 of Bali’s  most healthy hotspots :

1. Sisterfields
Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7, Seminyak, Bali 80361

With Australia around the corner, it’s not a big surprise that this kind of cafe opened up in Bali not too long ago. They call themselves “The Iconic Australian Cafe”. You can certainly have breakfast like a king or eat lunch like an emperor with one of their famous tropical juices.

IMG_6322 copy
Source: Sisterfields

2. Sari Organik, Ubud
Jl. Raya Tjampuhan, Ubud, Bali

I came to this place in 2010. First I wasn’t sure where I would end up because you’ll need to walk through the rice fields for about 20 minutes which makes this place even more special! 
Once arrived, you can enjoy the best fresh coconuts, and homemade organic lunches.

Bali's healthy hotspots

3. Shelter café
Jl. Drupadi, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

From 7am you can indulge yourself with healthy food and this open tropical café. Amazing salads, homemade gingerbeer, lemon squash or their super smoothies will make you want to come back here. Many holiday seekers are fan of this place, and so are we! 


Source: Facebook Shelter Cafe

4. Ubud Hanging Gardens
You can imagine my jaw dropping when I entered the hanging gardens for the first time. I had a wonderful dinner here with no time for a jump in the infinity pool but let’s just say we have a rain check on that one! They mainly use vegetables, fruits and spices  from the Bedugul or are grown at their own property, their seafood comes directly from Jimbaran Bay making lunch and dinner very tasty!


Source: both pictures courtesy to the Ubud Hanging Gardens

5. Warung Kecil
Jalan Duyung no 1, Sanur, Bali
My parents told me about this secret place. Sanur residents love it here. The prices are extremely low but the food quality is sky high! From the outside it doesn’t look like anything special but it’s cosy and cute on the inside. They offer vegetarian and vegan options plus healthy wheatgrass shots, fresh almond or macha milk, pressed juices, young coconuts and you can also go for a buffet. Check their Facebook for more info.

PicMonkey Collage
Source: Facebook Warung Kecil



Top 5 » London’s best lunch & coffee spots

We often travel to London, for business or pleasure, and we always enjoy it big time!
We’ve found our way but every time when we come back we discover new places, like the ones I have listed for you in this post.

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Top 5 » lunch spots in Amsterdam

There are lots of great lunch possibilities in Amsterdam, but a few standout!
I have chosen the below restaurants because they are different than many others;
» They serve top notch food
» Excellent service, very friendly
» Good quality at reasonable prices
» Great vibe
» Inspirational design
» They all have something in common, something special on the side!

“These are the top 5 lunch spots in Amsterdam”

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