Hotel Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, booming more than ever! Brand new hotels are popping up like mushrooms. Especially the small boutique hotels grab my attention. I don’t like the ‘room factories’, those grand hotels with hundreds of rooms that lack of personality. If I have to choose between these giants and the small, intimate ones, I definitely pick the last, no doubt. Are you also a ‘boutique lover’? Lucky you! Last springtime week – (my gosh, wish we had this kind of flowering, friendly season all year around) – I took a look at the newest boutique gem in Amsterdam. Say hi to Anna van den Vondel, the first scion of the completely new (inter)national hospitality brand ‘Pillows’.

Expect a cozy, luxury and an Instagramable, pastel colored interior

Anna van den Vondel, situated next to the lovely Vondelpark in one of the most authentic, decadent neighborhoods of Amsterdam. With a total of 31 luxury rooms she certainly deserves the title ‘boutique’. Upon arrival I was positively surprised by the bright, stylish entrance. I didn’t get the feeling I walked into a ‘normal’ hotel. No reception immediately in your face, no obtrusiveness, just a relaxed ‘feeling like home’ vibe and genuine hospitality. Pillows has given the definition of ‘hotel’ a whole new twist! Expect a cozy, luxury and an Instagramable, pastel colored interior. Hands up for the amazing styling skills of the hotel owner, all my credits for her. At the moment I’m busy with furnishing my own little house in the lively East of Amsterdam and I can tell you that’s hard enough..

Hotel Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam
The living room

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Just a small impression of Anna’s room

Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Good news! At Pillows Anna van den Vondel they serve all day breakfast, ye-hesss! They create all the yummy food and bites in their beauty of a cooking island in the middle of the living room. I’ve never seen something like this before in a hotel and I love it. Imagine you can eat poached eggs, croissants and Greek yoghurt at 7 a.m, 1 or even at 7 pm. Would you rather have dinner in the morning, afternoon or night? No worries, there’s also a clock-less dining menu. During the tasting menu which I had last week I tried the juicy mini-burgers and fresh Caesar salad with very tender grilled chicken breast, keep these two in mind! Side note: all the staff is multi-functional trained. This means they can play any hotel role, so cool! Besides I’m very enthusiastic about Anna, her rooms and food, it’s noteworthy that she isn’t accessible for wheelchairs or for people who have difficulty walking.

Hotel Pillows Amsterdam Breakfast
All day breakfast yum!

Cooking island at Pillows Amsterdan
The beautiful cooking island

I definitely keep this hidden gem in mind when family or friends are coming over. Oh and when I’m around I’ll certainly do a drink (or two, or three) with a mini-burger on the side. See ya there?

P.S. Currently they’re working on a webshop. This is the place to be where you can buy all the amazing, stylish (interior) stuff of the boutique hotel. I’m already a fan of the scented candle, whose scent you can smell through the hotel hallways. Shopaholics beware!

Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam
Anna van den Vondel 6, Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6833013




The Amsterdam Teleport Hotel is changing it’s look

Yesterday something cool happend in the Teleport Hotel near Sloterdijk station in Amsterdam. The Teleport Hotel opened in the summer of 2016 and is situated in an old office building. This meant that a lot of work needed to be done and they decided to pimp their hotel by organizing a graffiti art event held on the 27th and 28th of November with amazing results..



They really promote their guests to discover Amsterdam

The Hotel
The Teleport Hotel offers 143 studio rooms and each of those have a small kitchen so you can feel right at home and save money by being able to prepare simple meals. Each room has a Flat Screen TV, free Wi-Fi and safety box. Bathrooms include a shower, hairdryer and toiletries. The hotel features a chill area, colorful dining room and even a small gym. But they really promote their guests to discover Amsterdam so the hotel offers a lot of tours like the art tour where local graffiti artists walk you around the city discovering the coolest street art. The hotel is located near Amsterdam’s 2nd largest trainstation with only one stop from Amsterdam Central. If you want you can rent a bicycle for €15,- per 24 hours. The hotel mainly accommodates young people on the go but sees more and more travelers from all sorts of ages and backgrounds, as long as they love to explore. It’s also a great location for a business stop as the Schiphol Airport is only 2 stations away from Sloterdijk Station. 

Source: Teleport Hotel Amsterdam

Creating Art
Because it used to be an office building, the rooms looked a bit dull and this is something the management really wanted to change. By inviting several local street artists, the hotel is getting a total make-over. At the event graffiti artists like Dotsy, Sket185, Sjem Bakkus and Press One sprayed 20 rooms into a colorful display.

Graffiti artist at work at Teleport Hotel Amsterdam
Graffiti artist Sjem Bakkus at work

Graffiti by Skept185

grafiti at the Teleport hotel Amsterdam
Yesterdays artwork  by Skept185

Press One at the Amsterdam Teleport Hotel
Press One doing his thing

Be sure to check the last day of the event which is being held today (28th of November) and see the artists finishing the rooms. If you can’t make it this time, keep an eye on their website as a second event will be organized in the new year!

Amsterdam Teleport Hotel
Heathrowstraat 3-5, Amsterdam



*All pictures were shot by Jolien, one of Wander-Lust guest bloggers

Stay in a traveling Hotel at special locations

Are you looking for an unique and unusual special place to stay?
Camping in the middle of the city without having to bring your own tent, able to use the building as your own living environment but also sharing spaces with other guest, that is what Emmy Polkamp created. She designed traveling hotel to house guests during festivals or other cultural events: To Many Places, a nomadic Pop-Up Hotel.


‘Why stay in one city with your while you can re-use empty buildings and give them a new purpose instead of having them empty’

The Concept:
The guests get the opportunity to stay in designer tents which are located on special locations. The traveling hotel already gave a special place to sleep in an old feed mill to the visitors of the festival Boulevard and was the hotel also being found in an old coffee-roasting factory. This year a select group of DDW-visitors can sleep in this traveling hotel. This time it’s not in an old factory, but in an authentic chapel, located in the Center of Eindhoven. YES PLEASE!

It’s a simple but well thought-through concept that brings the visitors of the DDW together into an intimate and social atmosphere. This unique experience definitely fits the concept of the Dutch Design Week. The tents offer single- or double rooms with its matching facilities. Back to basic, but with the needed additions to create a nice and relaxed setting. The luxury breakfast in the mornings makes sure you have enough energy to start your new day!


About Emmy:
She graduated in the year of 2015 from Design Academy Eindhoven with the concept for her nomadic hotel named To Many Places.

‘I am thinking of a world in which we all work together.
Each from his own strength,were we work with what is already there and invent new solutions around it.’

Between the 22th and 30th of October you can sleep on this unique location with the stunning view over Eindhoven.

Find ‘To Many Places’ on Airbnb or email Emmy directly via to secure a spot!



A Glampacker? Then you’re going to love these Poshtels!

At the age of 24 I decided to backpack my way through Australia and slept in hostels with more than 8 people in a tiny room with showers you do not want to enter without flipflops. I didn’t care less. I was a true backpacker and I loved it. But during my trip to Greece last summer and my trip to the Philippines this winter that I came to the following conclusion; I had passed the backpacker’s  lifestyle. I have officially become a glampacker. But I still want to enjoy all the perks of a hostel such as a community kitchen, different nationalities and making new friends. If you can relate to this, you’re going to love Poshtels!

Poshtels are the perfect combination between hotels & hostels. The fun and games of a hostel with all the luxury and comfort of a hotel for a reasonable price!

I now need a solid bed without bedbugs, a clean shower where I can wash my hair and a private room.

Generator Hostels, Europe
Sarah and I recently enjoyed the opening of the brand new Generator Hostel in Amsterdam. They threw a crazy party and invited everybody from bloggers, magazines, creatives and glampackers! We were lucky enough to experience a nights stay and we took 2 of our friends to enjoy the fun. It was pretty cool to be the first ever guest of room no. 5 and let me tell you, the beds were super nice! (almost better than my own matras!) The pillow’s could have been a bit flatter but ey, who is complaining? This poshtel features several chill area’s including an old library,a basement club and a coffee area which is open to the public. Generator hostels are all over Europe such as Rome, London, Paris and Stockholm.

Paris generator hostel
Generator in Rome (source: Generator Hostels)

Generator poshtel Amsterdam
Generator Amsterdam

Freehand Hostel, USA
The USA was the world’s first country to open the gateway for “poshtels” and opened their first one in Miami in 2012. They call it Freehand and they created these for a new generation of travelers. They now have locations in Chicago with Los Angeles to open soon. Check out their blog for the latest events.

Mother of all poshtels. Freehand Miami
The mother of all poshtels; Freehand Miami  Source: Freehand

Cloud 7, Istanbul
They differentiate themselves by focusing on technology and the new modern way of traveling. They discribe themselves as a “unique destination for young, spontaneous travelers”. This funky poshstel carefully curated a collection of decorative items and vintage pieces to attracts travelers around the world. Their rooms are spacious, clean and cost about 50 euro’s per night for 2 people. They are planning to open some Cloud 7 poshtels in Dubai, Prague and muscat.




For more info about the Generator Hostel Amsterdam.

Generator Amsterdam
Source: Generator Amsterdam

Now open » City Hub Amsterdam

I recently posted about getting the local experience whilst visiting another country. Well, we can add one more to this list.
City Hub. I was at the opening and asked manager Pieter Van Tilburg a few questions.

So what’s City Hub?
City Hub is a hotel/hostel with private privileges in a local part of Amsterdam.
Instead of dorms or hotel rooms, you sleep in a private cabin. These fit up to 2 people.
Each Hub has a giant, double bed, wifi, app-controlled lighting and a personal audio streaming system. Pretty cool.
There are a total of 50 cabins and you share the toilets and showers.

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Small but comfy!

Looking good! Showers and toilets (Source: City Hub)

So why is it extra special?
City Hub is a digital hostel/hotel. You make your reservation online (or you can always walk in) and you enter your details into the computers at the entrance. This is the way you check in. After this, you will receive a wristband. With this you can open your cabin door, enter City Hub and buy yourself or your friends drinks at the self service bar. Yes, you can tap your own beer. Brilliant!

City Hub wristband
The key to everything..

Location, Location, Location
City Hub is situated in a cool area of Amsterdam. Not near the Dam square or other touristy places but right in the heart of where you will find cool shops, restaurants, galleries, coffee bars and markets.
This way you can really enjoy the perks of Amsterdam and feel like a local. At City Hub, there is always a city host available to give you inside tips or help you with anything you need. Day and night.

City Hub self service bar
Tap your own beer at City Hub!

The app
There will be an app available soon where you can get in touch with fellow City Hubbers, exchange discoveries and suggestions. With the app you can also control your own Hub like managing the lights, play music or set the alarm. 

City Hub is now open for business. Cabins are available from 59 euro’s.
Book yours now at



Review » MR PORTER openings party Amsterdam

Doutzen Kroes, Boris Becker, Ruud Gullit and pretty much every Blogger/Influencer you can imagine was there last night. I’m talking about the official opening party of the highly anticipated MR PORTER at the W hotel Amsterdam.

Entering the former KAS building in the Amsterdam Spuistraat, you start to realize how large the building really is. A few number of stairs brings me to the cloakroom where we are welcomed with champagne and rosewater. After a bit of chit chat, I walk up about 5 staircases and just when I’m about to grab for my asthma medicine, I enter a room where the music is pumping and the drinks are flowing.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
The party went on until the early hours

Boys and girls from the Amazing Agency give outstanding art performances by standing/sitting completely still dressed in the most amazing costumes. 
My hand is never filled without a drink and I can’t walk 3 meters without bumping into a familiar face. Yes, this party is good.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Weird but stunning

Every time I turn a corner, I think I’ve seen everything, but it just keeps on going. 
Outside the cocktail bar, you have a long-sized warmed swimming pool, and even though I’m not entirely sure whether that’s going to be used, it surly looks good!

Outside of Mr. Porters restaurant
The rooftop pool impressed everyone

But let’s talk about the reason the W hotel is throwing this party. MR PORTER.
Hotel restaurants and bars are hot stuff at the moment. Mr Porter is a modern steakhouse, lounge and a cocktail bar that gives you a fine dining rooftop- experience with an iconic view of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. The man who can add this one to his name is Yossi Eliyahoo , the same creative brain who also set up MOMO, Izakaya, The Butcher and The Duchess, so expectations are high. 

A companion by day, a hunter by night. A gentleman, a merciless lover. A jetsetter and a local.

Mr. Porter
MR. PORTER Steakhouse (Source: MR. PORTER)

I think MR PORTER and this openings party will be the talk of the town for some time. The only question remains now, is this one of those one hit wonders that’s HIP now and gone tomorrow? Or is this a newcomer that’s here to stay? 

My Verdict: If you have a little cash to spent and you’re a meat lover, I would definitely check out the restaurant and ambiance. And if you’re just curious to see what all the fuss is about, you must visit the cocktail bar and try their cocktails! Just make sure you dress up nicely! 😉



Mr. Porter
Spuistraat 175, Amsterdam