Top 5 » Badass Travel Women around the world

We celebrated international women’s day so a good reason to highlight some amazing women who inspire us to the max. We are so happy to see more and more independent females who pack their bags and travel around the world to show us that it can be done no matter what age, size or background. There are too many amazing women to mention them all but we’ve picked 5 badass travel chicks that we feel set a great example of what a strong female represents.

1. Celine Cousteau, USA & France
She’s a filmmaker, diver and most of all an explorer. Born in California and raised in France, she has certainly seen the world. Celine inspires people all over the world with her documentaires about humanitarian and environmental stories. She speaks 3 languages fluently and uses her voice as a public speaker. Besides all this, she is also a mother to a son. This woman has power!

Celine Cousteau badass women
What a woman! 

2. Floortje Dessing, The Netherlands
She’s the most famous traveler from the Netherlands. She has seen the whole world from Amsterdam to Greenland, Japan, The North Pole and even North Korea (she and her TV crew are one of the only ones that were allowed to film there). In total she has visited more than 120 countries and for her latest television show she is visiting Dutch people who live in remote places around the world and the TV program scores high! Besides all her travels, she also gives a lot back and she started a fair-trade sustainable clothing store called Nukuhiva. This woman is far from being done with traveling and we love her for it!

Power woman Floortje Dessing
Our Dutch pride; Floortje Dessing

“These wanderlust women show us that anything is possible”

3. Morgan Brechler, USA
She is the bohemian dream-mother of the world. At least, we think so. Morgan (26) is a (extremely beautiful) young mother from the US who travels and climbs around the most amazing national parks of the USA and other parts of the world with her daughter Haidlie since she was only a small toddler. She recently gave birth to her second child and she is working towards a degree in sustainable agriculture and Morgan is part of a new documentary called Born Wild, celebrating single adventurous mothers who want to instill a love of nature and the outdoors into their children’s lives from the very beginnings. Can we say we are a little bit jealous of this amazing woman?

Morgan Brechler badass women
Wanderlust mother Morgan

4. Chelsea Yamase, Hawai
She is a Hawaii-based creative, traveling the world as an athlete, model, and writer. She is followed by many that want to be inspired to travel in an adventurous way. She travels the world with her boyfriend and photographer Sam Kolder, and together they take us on their daily adventures. She is pretty but doesn’t even know it. She is just being herself and showing us the beauty of this world. Follow this girl and be inspired! @chelseakauai

We are addicted to her Instagram account

5. Roshni Sharma, India
Everybody told her she couldn’t do it and she proved them wrong. She became the first woman in India who drove all the way from Kanyakumari to Kashmir with on her motorbike. The 5452 km long road was dangerous and the trip was long but that didn’t hold her back. Armed with pepperspray, the 26 year old, took on the challenge and finished the journey. You go girl!

Roshni Sharma
The woman and her bike. Source:



Top 5 » Wanderlust Campers & Caravans

We love everything that has to do with travel so it’s needless to say that we are a fan of camper vans, caravans and other wanderlust transportation.
Here’s our top 5 wanderlust Campers & Caravans:

1.The Caravan
The caravan used to be a boring, convenient place to sleep for those yearly camping trips with your parents. Times have changed!
It’s the coolest way to travel around the world and pimp them with lights, rugs, flowers and flags. We need it so bad!

wanderlust Caravans

2. The surfer Camper Van
The ultimate holiday vibe. Surf all day, drink beers and fall in love. 

wanderlust campers

The Gypsy setter
They still exist! The real gypsies travel around the world with their families and try to live a life that has nothing to do with the hectic existence as we know it.
Wouldn’t it be cool to live in one of these??


4.The Outdoor Adventure Seeker
Campfires, marshmallows, looking out for bears and the sound of nature. Follow your wanderlust and explore with these babies.


5. Let’s Go Together
Traveling can be boring alone so why not take all your friends? Roadtrippin’ in a big bus is convenient and fun! Hire a bus and visit festivals like Coachella or burning man. 




In need of some Tipi inspiration? Check here!

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Photography Books that will inspire you to travel

I’m a very visualized person. I guess that’s one of the main reasons I love Instagram.
A picture says a 1000 words and it must be true when I looked at these photography books.

They all represent what we call “Wanderlust”.

1. Once in a lifetime
This book is a part 2 but even better then the first one.
Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2 celebrates exceptional hotels, lodges, and other locations.

Whether readers use the book to plan their next trip or to simply enjoy a marvelous visual journey from the comfort of their own homes, it reminds us that there are a
host of places out there that are worth the trip –and that our personal paradise might be closer than we might think.
Buy it at Amazone for 40 euro’s or check your nearest bookstore.

A beautiful Photography bookPlaces to go, places to see..

2. The Outsiders
A wonderful inspirational and informative book about life outside.
We are seeking adventure and going outside more then ever, in our quest for peace, balance and the unknown.
A whole new movement was born, and this book shows that. Gaze at pretty pictures of hiking, biking, surfing and more..
Learn to build your own Tipi or create a fire. This is a book that every traveler must own. Published by Gestalten.

Tipi inspiration!

3. The new Nomads
The nomads are coming back and if you feel that itch to try a nomadic lifestyle, we have just the book for you. The New Nomads: Temporary Spaces and a Life On The Move, written by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Michelle Galindo, is a book about freedom, liberation and enjoyment.
Sleeping in your own bed just got boring.

We all seek that Nomadic lifestyle..

4. Before they pass away
This photography book made a lot of people talk. Positive but there is also a lot of criticism towards photographer Jimmy Nelson.

“The pictures are staged and look like a fashion shoot” Whatever you may think of it, I think the most important thing is that we respect the different culture.
Every picture is beautifully taken and makes you think about, well, life and the world.
Widly available from various online bookstores from 99,99 euro’s

Amazing but criticized, the pictures by Jimmy Nelson

5. Hide and Seek
Follow-up to the bestselling title Rock the Shack. The highly individual cabins, hideaways, and summer homes featured in Hide and Seek offer their owners exceptional, yet convenient ways to escape urban routines and embed themselves into the land. The photographs exemplify how to create remote shelters that bring calm and balance to our hectic lives. With the right concept, furniture, décor, and atmosphere, even small or basic designs become stunning sanctuaries. Although the individual cabins and hide outs are very different from each other, all of them respect nature and focus on the essentials.
Shop at Gestalten or check your nearest bookstore

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The ultimate hiding place

6. National Geographic- The Covers
Since I can remember, I used to read the National Geographic magazine. My dad used to read it to me when I was a little girl.
This is when my love for travel was born. I needed to see the whole world and I wanted to know about the people, habits, animals and cultures. 
National Geographic is famous for it’s realistic pictures and brings worlds together. My dream was to work for them one day. 
They published a lot of books but this is one of my favorites and a Photography Book that you can enjoy time after time. The Covers edition.
Shop it here.

Diver in Magic Kingdom - 2014-04-13_245144_outdoor-scenes.jpg
Stunning covers like this one

7. Below sea level
I must highlight this new book because I’m from the Netherlands. Below Sea Level, The Netherlands in Photographs.
Almost one quarter of the country’s surface is made up of drained inland lakes and land reclaimed from the sea. In Ewout Huibers’ stunning photographs, the ever-present water plays a natural leading role.  For many people, it’s strange to think that we, the Dutch, live below sea level. This book represents both the simplicity yet a complicated and dangerous relationship with water.
Buy it at

The Netherlands represented by Ewout Huibers



P.S: For the Dutchies: The Books Once in a lifetime, The new Nomads, The outsiders, Before they pass away and Hide and Seek are also available in the concept store Hutspot.