The Wanderlust of.. Travel Writer Liss Connell

She caught our eye a while back when we saw her beautiful Instagram account @lifeintheslowlane. This Aussi girl inspired our travels to The Philippines and we fell in love with her beautiful bohemian caravan. She has been to most places we can only dream so be prepared to add a few places to your bucketlist after reading this. What is she up to now and does she still own that caravan? This is the Wanderlust of.. Liss Connell.

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Melissa Connell but friends call me Liss. I previously ran a tourism company but I am now in the start-up stages of creating Slow Travel Magazine

How did traveling change you?
Travelling has taught me to appreciate folks from all walks of life. It has simultaneously taught me to appreciate life here in Australia and how important community and personal relationships are.

The wanderlust of Melissa
One of her most famous images from The Philippines, Photo @shotbygrace

Which country would you visit again and which one you rather not?
I recently visited Vanuatu and I fell in love with the people there. They are so well connected with the natural environment and the communities work well together. Places that I like to avoid are cities so not a specific country as such. Crowded places make me feel claustrophobic and anxious.

Sleeping in a treehouse
Sleeping in a real treehouse in Vanuatu @shotbygrace_

Which country has impressed you the most?
Vanuatu, for the reasons listed above. I also adore New Zealand. We’re so blessed that some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth is only a few hours flight away from us!

Liss Connel
Liss releasing a turtle in Vanuatu

I think you just made us write Vanuatu on our bucketlist! Something else, do you still own that caravan?
Nope. I sold it a while ago. It’s important to recognise when to let go of things to allow room for the next dream to grow.

Could you tell us a little bit about your website, slow travel magazine?
These days the majority of travel companies and magazines advertise a certain style of travel which involves rushing from place to place to tick certain experiences off a list. Experiences that they tell you that you ‘must do’. A sense of discovery and spontaneity are taken away when you’re just following a list. Slow Travel is about connecting with your surroundings – having an open mind, chatting with locals, supporting locally made arts, crafts and foods. Supporting local economies. The Slow Travel philosophy encourages you to get to know an area well, in a way that is less stressful for you, more respectful of the locals and easier on the environment. I hope that Slow Travel Magazine can reach a wide audience and challenge the popular notions of modern day travel.

Schermopname (139)
The caravan we so fell in love with. Shot by

“I’ve long dreamt of spending a few months in Mexico, learning Spanish, surfing and eating tacos.- Liss Connell”

You really inspire people with your amazing photo and travels, do you realize this and do you feel a pressure?
Thank you, that’s kind of you to say. I have really enjoyed sharing my travels via social media but I’ve also realized that it can be very selfish. I would now like to move away from sharing my own personal travels and help to grow the community of Slow Travel.

Why do you think traveling is so important for us?
Humans are naturally curious and there’s a certain fulfillment that we get from exploring beyond our daily boundaries. Whilst travel can be fun and enriching, I think it’s very important to have a strong connection with community. Whether you have a home base or are part of a nomadic group, life is all about connecting with other people, learning and contributing.

Liss Connel in the Philippines
Coron, Philippines Photo by @shotbygrace_

Something we always ask our travelers, name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist
‘Pilrimage’ by Jess Ribeiro & The Bone Collectors. I also really love PJ Harvey’s album ‘Let England Shake’.

And last, what are your next travel plans?
I’ve long dreamt of spending a few months in Mexico, learning Spanish, surfing and eating tacos. But I’m just as happy to do a roadtrip up the coast here in Australia. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from exploring your own backyard and it’s fun to just pack the car and go!

Campervans Australia
Bells Beach, Australia. Photo by @hireakombi

Liss Connel
Liss on her selfmade swing. Photo by Grace Picot

Let’s be inspired and follow this girl. To find out more about her Slow Travel Magazine, check her new Instagram account.

The Wanderlust editor Stephanie Broek

She travels in style and does it effortlessly. She young, beautiful and she has a dream job at Glamour Magazine. She recently started a video series called Glamour Hi Fashion with the Makers Channel where she interviews fashionista’s and visits the best fashion shows around the world. Next to the glitz and glamour, she loves to travel. Her dream destination is India and she would love to go vintage shopping in Los Angeles. This is the wanderlust of Stephanie Broek.

So in short, who are you and what do you do for a living?
My name is Stephanie Broek, I’m 27, and I live in Amsterdam where work as a fashion features editor for Glamour Magazine in The Netherlands.

How many countries have you visited so far?
15 I think. Outside of Europe I traveled to Morocco, Turkey, the US, China, Malaysia, Thailand and I’m finally going to Indonesia this year!

Nice! Being a fashion girl, what is the best shopping place in the world?
Ooh, that’s hard! I think Los Angeles, even though I haven’t been there yet. I love vintage shopping and I’ve heard the flea markets, charity shops and vintage stores in LA are unlike every other place in the world.

Downtown LA
The skyline of Shanghai by Stephanie Broek

Time to book your ticket Steph! 😉 So apart from LA, which country is on your bucket list and why?
India. I’ve been drawn to the country for many reasons. I think I would feel really at home between fellow vegetarians. The country is a world on it’s own. So colorful, chaotic and unique. I would love to see the Taj Mahal, stroke the cows on the streets and go to the island Goa. I would come back with so many sari’s!


We’re curious, where have you bought your favorite fashion/travel piece?
Morocco. I found some amazing djellaba’s in the souk in Agadir.

What’s your favorite travel outfit?
I love a mini skirt, T-shirt and sandals for comfort, yet stylish.

Favorite travel outfit Stephanie Broek
Stephanie’s favorite travel outfit

The wanderlust of Stephanie Broek

What is one item that you always bring with you while traveling?
Sunglasses! I can’t live without them. My current favorite pairs are from Ace & Tate.

“My ideal travel situation now would be to sleep in a big yurt”

Where do the most fashionable man live?
This might surprise you but it’s India again. In Little India in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia I already saw so many well dressed men. I love how colorful their traditional clothing is and there techniques to tie turbans are mesmerizing.

Fashion in India
Indian style icons

Name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist
2080 by Yeasayer. My favorite band of all time. I get emotional when I listen to that song every single time. It makes me feel both extremely happy and sad. It evokes a feeling of freedom and chasing your dreams. I feel alive and in the moment when I listen to it.

And finally, the question we ask everyone in this segment; What kind of traveler are you? 
(without hesitation) I’m a Glamper! I used to camp every year with my parents and still love it. There is nothing better than being outside the entire day.
Sleeping in a tent is so romantic! But I became a bit spoiled ever since I started working for Glamour. I travel a lot for work and sleep in the best hotels, which now has become one of my biggest hobbies ;-). My ideal travel situation now would be to sleep in a big yurt that has a good shower or bath and a clean private toilet.
Or I would love to sleep in one of those design tree houses in Scandinavia. The best of both worlds.



Curious who we’ve previously interviewed?




The Wanderlust of.. adventure seeker Yolan Post

He quit his successful job as international marketing & sales manager and bought a one way ticket to travel and see the world. He doesn’t know for how long exactly or where he will end up at, but one thing is for sure, this traveler is a true explorer even if he doesn’t quite relize it yet. This is the Wanderlust of..Yolan Post.

So in short, who are you and what do/did you do for a living?

My name is Yolan and a couple of months ago I decided to quit my normal job and travel the world. And because I can’t sit around and do nothing, I started a travel blog called ‘NotGoingHome’ on Instagram and YouTube. So nowadays i’m traveling the world and i’m trying to create some cool photos and videos that make people want to get out into the world and to the same.

So you’re traveling around the world, how many countries have you visited so far and what’s next?
Yep! I’ve started around three months ago, in december 2015. Since then I’ve visited: South-Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, The Maldives and India. Next up is Bali, Indonesia. Where i’m finally gonna meet the Misses (Yolan’s girlfriend will visit him a few times during his trip). After three weeks, we’ll have to say our goodbyes and i’ll continue onwards with my Asia tour. After that i’m dying to see the Caribbean and South-America.

1C Cape Town -Table Mountain
Table Mountain, Cape Town

Yolan psot in Namibia-Dune
Chillin’ on the dunes of Namibia

Which country is on your bucket list and why?
Better to ask which one isn’t haha. I guess I wanna go everywhere, as long as it is not too cold. I’m not build for the cold…
Anyways, a country that is definitely on my bucket list is Japan! I heard that during spring time, it’s absolutely mesmerizing. But ever since a friend of mine told me that on one of those nights that she went out for some drinks to meet new people. She and her new friends ended up getting drunk and doing a tour of all of the crazy cafés they have there. She went to the ‘Kitten Café’, where you can pay by the hour to pet cats and have a drink. After that they walked into a bar with a ceiling made completely out of glass, as she looked up she noticed that she was looking under the skirts of ‘Japanese Schoolgirls’. Well, she had me at the Kitten Café, but a bar where they have a glass ceiling.. That I need to say with my own eyes!

“I can’t sit around and do nothing”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done so far?
I guess it was the bungeejump from Bloukrans Bridge in South-Africa, it’s the highest in the world: 263 meters. And it was my first time.
Swimming with a great white shark in Cape Town was pretty cool too!

1E Cape Town - Mr Great White
Yes, this is a shot from the actual shark that Yolan stood face to face with

Wow, pretty sick. Is there something you wouldn’t do whilst traveling?
Hmm activity wise I think i’m up for anything. The only thing that I wouldn’t do whilst traveling, is to screw around with people with authority. I mean for instance, overstaying my VISA or act like a numb-nut on the airport around customs. These guys just always give me the chills, and when I’ve passed them I always think to myself: “Yes, I didn’t do anything illegal. I’m not going to jail!”. I might have watched to many episodes of ‘Locked Up Abroad’ before i went on this trip.

What’s the one travel item you won’t live without?
I feel really bad saying this. But… it’s obviously my phone haha. Would seriously don’t know what to do without it.
And no, it’s not as bad as you think.. It’s not that i’m constantly on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.  I get lost really easily – that’s why my account is called ‘NotGoingHome’ (Just joking) – so I use my phone to find my way. And it’s just that everything is on there: my e-mails, books, banking apps, flight controls for my drone. I use it to make photos, it is my back-up video camera and i’m addicted to how easy you can book an accommodation or a flight. Most of all, it gives me access to all my music. So yes, my phone is THE travel item i can’t live without.
Yolan post geting ready to hump
Getting ready for the highest bungee jump

Do you think traveling will change your perspective on life?
For sure it will! I hate to admit it, but it is life changing. For me at least.
Besides all the crap (which is all true by the way) about: personal growth, “getting to know yourself way better” and that you’re reminded that you are part of a bigger world. You are on a big big adventure! And it’s some much fun. You meet loads of new people, who think different, look different and act different. It made me think about how lucky i am with all my friends. And how freakin’ awesome it is that when you work hard for something, and you have the balls to do it, you can really make a dream into reality.

Yolan Post Sand boarding in Namibia

Where did you eat the best food so far and where did you eat the worst meal?
On The Maldives I definitely ate my worst meal, for 10 days straight that is. Since it’s a group of islands, they have to import everything. So I ate tuna on the day that i arrived, tuna the day after. The day after that? Tuna. All the way up to my departure: Tuna. And the funny thing was, it was always canned tuna with canned vegetables and rice. Guess next time i’m not ballin’ on a budget whilst in the Maldives, but i’ll do it properly and hang out in a 5-star resort for a couple of days. My best meal was in India. I had this amazing ‘Tuna’ dish! Fresh from the ocean, well prepared and with added fresh veggies.

Yolan post room in Cape Town
Yolan stays at some of the most amazing places

Name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist
I got the PERFECT roadtrip song! It’s ‘Fritz Kalkbrenner – Back Home’.
This guy (Josh) I met in South-Africa via a mutual friend, put this song on while we were driving to the beach.
The sun was shining brightly, we had the windows open and for the whole 6 minutes and 22 seconds it felt like we did not have a care in the world. Played it many times after that day, and probably will do it quite some more before this trip ends.

We’re playing it right now Yolan! So, what kind of traveler are you?
Maybe you should help me out with this one. I just don’t know…
Cause one day I really feel like i’m a backpacker, just exploring with nothing more than my backpack, a tent and my camera gear.
The next day I love arriving in a really nice boutique hotel. Love to chill on the beach, but can’t do that all week as I get restless doing nothing. Maybe an explorer?

You can follow Yolan’s trip on Instagram and check out his YOUTUBE Channel for his latest video’s.


The Wanderlust of.. model and photographer Franggy Yanez

He works as a model and photographer, plays the guitar (and can sing!) and you’ve probably noticed that he looks pretty yummie!
His talents and popular Instagram account (180k followers) take this nomad around the world. Lucky for us, he took the time to talk to us about one of his other passions; Travel. This is the Wanderlust of Franggy Yanez.

Franggy Yanez in Amsterdam
The bearded nomad in Amsterdam

So in short, who are you and what do you do for a living
My real name is Franggy Yanez, born and raised in Venezuela, but moved to Europe to change the world in 2005 (i failed miserably). What i do for living varies in many ways, i like to call it a ‘Creative Adviser’ since I work in several fields; Photography, Modeling, PR , Branding, Social media influencing etc..

Sounds interesting! You travel a lot for work, how many countries have you visited?
Ok wait a sec.. let me count.. mmm as far as i know i have been in around 15 countries.

the wanderlust of.. fracrox
Venice beach shot by Fracrox

Plane session Franggy Yanez
Franggy travels a lot for work but his homebase is Amsterdam

Where have you shot your most beautiful picture?
This may sound cliche but my most beautiful photo has been of my niece and nephew every time I go back home. They are just 2 and 3 years old but they have such an amazing personality and are so loving that my camera just can’t stop photographing them! 

Shot by Franggy Yanez
Portraits are his thing. A beautiful shot by Franggy Yanez

New York by Franggy
If you can make it here.. Photograph by Franggy Yanez.

What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?
I gotta say, the landscape in Thailand stole my heart

Which country is on your bucket list and why?
Oh Australia definitely, love their culture, their landscape and the people seems to be very photogenic over there 😉

We love Australia too! So what is your nr. 1 place in the world to make beautiful shots?
Honestly, since I do mostly portrait photography, i don’t think a place would determine my final shots, I find faces everywhere so i just go with the flow.

Schermopname (34)
Sunset in Nashville shot by the man himself

“I am more attracted to people and their culture than a place itself, therefore backpacking allows me to have an inside look at their lives and places”

Have you had any bad experiences whilst traveling?
Yes, like most travelers I had some bad food poisoning (Thailand), hotels disasters with reservations (France), lost luggage (USA). But nothing major luckily!


The wanderlust of.. Franggy Yanez
The man behind the camera

What is one travel essential you would not leave the house without with?
(Answers without hesitation) My camera’s!

What language is the most sexy in the world to you and how many do you speak?
I find any language well spoken really sexy, it’s more about the way the person talk, manners, refined way of talking in any language wins me more than the language itself. I speak fluently English, Spanish but not fluent but a little of Dutch, Italian, Portuguese etc

Heel goed Franggy! Name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist
We Die Young by Alice in Chains
That’s a classic, love it. Last but not least; What kind of traveler are you? (backpacker, Luxury, Explorer, Beachbum etc)
Definitely the Backpacker/ Explorer. I am more attracted to people and their culture than a place itself, therefore backpacking allows me to have an inside look at their lives and places.

Check Franggy’s Instagram account @fracrox and check his photography here.



Curious about our last interview with the fashionable duo Notre-Vue? Check it here:


Interview »The Wanderlust of.. Notre Vue

Welcome to our new monthly series! The Wanderlust of..
Each month we interview creative people that share our love for travel. To kick off with, we start with the uberstylish men from Notre Vue.
Luc (29) and Steven (30) are two friends from Amsterdam that took Instagram by storm with their amazing shots and sense of style. Both men have traveled quite a bit and have the wanderlust virus just like us We asked them some questions.


So in short, what the hell is Notre Vue?
Luc » Hahaha, we’re story tellers, we create content for brands and retailers as well as our own creative projects.
Steven » I call it content creators who tell a story about the brand or retailer from our point of view. So yeah what Luc said..

How many countries have you visited?

Steven » A lot and many more coming!!
Luc » Around 50, but still so much more to go. This year I want to at least add 3 more to the list.

Steven from Notre Vue
Steven in Alicante

Impressive! What’s the most beautiful place you have ever been to?
Luc » I really loved Noosa in Australia, it’s this really nice little town
on the Eastcoast. The whole town is right in the middle of the National park. So wildlife everywhere you go, from Koala’s to even whales just off shore.
Never seen such a clean country either.
Steven » To me it’s Sekumpul in Bali. The most beautiful valley I’ve ever been to. Full of waterfalls, swallows, butterflies, monkey and the awesome rays of sunshine on the valley completes the perfect picture.

Luc traveled through Australia in 2012

Which country is on your bucket list and why?
Steven » Tokyo!! This is the closest that you can get to end up in a
complete different world. You can’t read anything and the culture and
style is just amazing! I Really want to experience that.
Luc » Tokyo for the urban/city, New Zealand for it’s nature.

“Notre Vue is a group of friends from Amsterdam expressing their creativity and passion for anything we put our minds to.”

What is your nr 1 place in the world you wish to visit to make shots for Notre Vue?
Luc » For me something crazy with a lot of Urbex locations, New York, Chicago come to mind, but also Tokyo or even way out there.. Chernobyl.
Steven » Iceland, New Zealand, Tokyo, New York, Rocky Mountains, San Francisco

The boys from Notre Vue live in Amsterdam
Chillin’ in their hometown Amsterdam

Ever had a bad experience whilst traveling?
Steven » Just running to the toilet that’s it…
Luc » Not really, lost my suitcase two times, but it always came back.

Thanks for that Steven..moving on! What’s one travel essential you would not leave without with?
Luc » Contact Fluid and a camera.
Steven » Hair elastic and a tooth brush

What language is the most sexy in the world to you and how many do you speak?
Steven » South American Spanish…
Luc » Italian by far! Italian women drive me crazy(good and bad way)…I’m fluent in 3 (English, German and Dutch) I can help myself I French and Italian.

Schermopname (15)

No lack of style

Nice! Name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist.
Luc » Have Love, Will Travel – The Sonics
Steven »The World (is going up in flames) – Charles Bradley

So what kind of travelers are you guys? 
Steven »Explorer with a lil bit of luxury
Luc » Luxurious, Exploring Beachbum. I love to the beach, I love exploring everything but I hate camping!

Schermopname (11)

Thanks guys, see you soon!

Check out the Notre Vue boys on Instagram or visit their blog