Falling in love with Prague

When KLM and De Jong Intra Vakanties sent us on a blind city trip last week, we didn’t know where we were going but we kind of hoped it would be a city of culture, food, sunshine.. and that’s exactly what we got! Last week we gave you guys a few clues about the city we were going to visit. Our guess was as big as yours until we heard the news when we arrived at Schiphol airport and a KLM flight attendant gave us a small present with a guidebook of.. Prague! Did you guess it right? Then keep an eye on this page here during the end of May to see if you are the lucky winner of a Blind City Trip for 2!

Flying to Prague with KLM
Bye Bye Amsterdam

We had no idea what to expect of Prague. All we knew was that the local currency is Czech Koruna, it’s very affordable and beer is the national drink. Time to explore! Our hotel was only a short walk from the center so we walked almost everywhere. Sometimes we even walked for 2 hours straight! Although we were given a guidebook of Prague, we didn’t even open it. We are all for getting lost and discovering the best places by talking to the locals. So that’s exactly what we did.
The city is divided by the Vltava River. You can get across the other sides by using one of the many bridges. The most famous one is the Charles Bridge which dates back from 1402 and features 30 statues of saints. One side of Prague features the vibrant “old town”where it all happens at night and the other side is has many cute restaurants is great for hikes, castles the the famous “Eiffel Tower“.

Wanderlust in Prague
Looking at the famous Charles Bridge

» The John Lennon Wall, created by rebels to express their feelings against communism. Find messages of love and peace are written down with musicians singing John Lennon songs. Awesome.
» Parziska
is the high end shopping street where you can go crazy on window shopping and enjoy expensive cars driving around.
» Go on a bicycle tour
, this is the best way to see the city, hands down. We recommend “mijn praag tours” with Dennis. (Dutch and English speaking.)

» Michalská is a quiet street in the center of Prague where you will find a few cute restaurants and shops.
» Zlute Lazne, is city beach which opens up during the summer months. Bring your flipflops! www.zlutelazne.cz/en
» Narodni Divadlo (The National Theater), a gold-roofed neo-classical building, Statni Divadlo, (The State Opera), a sumptuous nineteenth-century opera house. 
» Naplavka farmers market,
Every Saturday visitors can purchase goodies made from high-quality ingredients situated by the river underneath the Vysehrad fortress, some 15 minutes by walk from the National Theater.

» U Prince Hotel for a fresh Ice-tea on the rooftop overlooking the old town square. They also have a nice cocktail bar called the Black Angels Bar. Info
TIP » Eat a Trdelník! You will find this sweet pastry on almost every corner of a busy street and they all cost about 1,50 euro’s.

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Wander-Lust at the John Lennon Wall

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Amazing views from Hotel U Prince where we enjoyed some fresh iced-tea

View from the golden well in Prague
Prague features many views like these

“Prague totally surprised us and made us fall in love instantly”

On the first night we really lost our way back to the hotel and walked past a cool Vietnamese restaurant called U Fughio. Cool hiphop tunes blasting through the speakers and we think that all the hip crowd of Prague must have been sitting here. After dinner we discovered that there was a downstairs club/bar where you can smoke shisha and drink cocktails. The owner (28) who’s also a hiphop dancer, build everything himself. Prague is full of places where you can eat. Yes, the Asian cuisine is on a high but you can also find lot’s of Italian, local, vegetarian, vegan and other international restaurants here.

Breakfast at Herbivore Prague
Acai bowls at Herbivore

» Eska, they’re the new kids on the block but probably the best lunch and dinner place in Prague. It’s fine dining combined with a downstairs bakery. Enjoy forgotten vegetables and see the passion which the chefs cook with. We enjoyed a tasty lunch for only 20 euro’s! www.eska.ambi.cz
» Herbivore, amazing breakfast, lunch and juices. Try the Acai bowl or their vegan buffet! Facebook
» Etn Svêt, go here for an all vegetarian buffet for only 6 euro’s per person! www.etnosvet.cz/en
» NOI, the best Thai food in Prague! Cool house tunes and a nice bar. Perfect to start the weekend! www.noirestaurant.cz
» U Fughio, Go for the cool vibes and try Vietnamese dishes (they also serve Thai food but we preferred the Vietnamese food) Facebook
» Kolkovna for the best local Czhech food! Make a reservation during the weekends! www.kolkovna.cz
» Naplavka farmersmarket, mentioned before, this is where you won’t find any tourist. Simply because they don’t know how good this is. You will find homemade soup, crepes, vegetables, juices and flowers. Bring cash!
Extra tip » Visit the Starbucks Coffee in the castle! This is probably the best Starbucks location ever, overlooking the city.

Eska Prague
Fine dining at the newest hotspot Eska

Food in Prague
Dinner at U Fughio, Cakes at Eska and fresh soup at the farmersmarket

One things we’ve learned about Prague is that there are plenty of places where you can have a great night out. Friday is when all the locals go out so plan your evening well. As you may expect, women get into every club or bar without any problem and many times you don’t even have to pay an entrance fee. We drank amazing cocktails at Tretter’s and Bugsy’s (a huge price difference between these two!) and we danced at Chapau Rouge goes on until the early hours.

» Tretter’s, great cocktails for a small price! Men in tuxedo’s shake it up for you.
» Bugsy’s, a high class cocktail bar. Expect to pay European prices.
» Chapau Rouge reminded us of a club in Berlin. 3 area’s including a dark basement with techno and drum & base tunes
» Roxy, check out their flyers to find out what’s on as some of the biggest DJ’s play here
» James Dean, ladies be warned, your bum will be squeezed a few times. This place if for dancing to rock & roll music and drinking lot’s of beer.
» Cafe Cafe, a gay friendly bar with lot’s of hot men plus great coffee and cakes!

cocktails in Prague
From left to right: Trendy Cafe Cafe, Cocktail at Tretter’s and Bugsy’s interior

» Emblem Hotel, they’ve opened 2 years ago so this hotel it very fresh and in the middle of Prague’s epic center. As a guest you can use the spa, rooftop jacuzzi, gym, enjoy evening snacks with Prosecco (which we tried of course!) and enjoy a great breakfast buffet. The staff is extremely helpful and one of the owners gave us some great dinner tips! Website
» Aria
, if you want to feel like a king or queen, you should stay here. This music themed hotel has Dali’s and Picasso’s hanging on the walls and has a beautiful rooftop terras and garden where you can find some time to relax. Website

» Travellers hostel, if you’re on a budget, this hostel is pretty cool and clean plus it’s right in the center of Prague! Website

Relaxing at The Emblem Hotel in Prague
Relaxing at the rooftop of The Emblem Hotel

Hotel garden at Aria Hotel Prague
The beautiful garden at Aria hotel

Falling in love with Prague

Our verdict is simple: Prague is an amazing historical city with lot’s of modern hotspots where you wander for days! We can really recommend you to visit Prague this year so you can fall in love too.. 



* all pictures where taken with the Olympus PEN or OMD E-10

Explore the unknown and Win a Blind City Trip!

Wanderlust is about the need to move, to fire the imagination, to satisfy curiosity, to make new friends and to experience the unknown. We believe it’s good to explore and discover places you haven’t been before. With this in mind we got pretty exited when we received a mysterious package from KLM yesterday..
KLM decided to send us on a Blind City Trip and guess what…we have no idea where we will be going! If YOU can guess where we are, you will win a blind city trip for 2 with KLM made possible by De Jong Intra Vakanties

Explore and discover places you haven’t been before

Win a blind city trip!
Fly fly away to destination unknown..

Our first clue is this picture:

KLM Blind city trip
Build bridges between the towers..Can you guess where Wander-Lust is going?

Ok awesome! So how does it work?
It’s all happening this Wednesday. Once we arrive at Schiphol airport (around 11am) we will find out what our destination will be. Only a short moment after, we will fly off to…??? We will arrive at our mystery destination on Wednesday afternoon (20th of April) and this is the moment when we will post our second clue on Instagram and Facebook. From this moment on, you will have another 24 hours to guess where we are by entering your answer via this link. The computer will then automatically pick a winner out of the correct answers. The winner will be announced on the same link page at the end of May.

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Never forget your camera! Elke in Rome with her Olympus OMD

Our tips for exploring the unknown:
» Always bring your camera, you never know what you will find. We use the Olympus OMD & PEN
» Bring comfortable walking shoes. You’re bound to walk a few miles!
» Get in touch with the locals. Do this from the get go and get the best inside tips. Try to avoid the tourist offices.
» Eat something you’ve never eaten before. This is culture people.

Good luck!!



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