What to do in Kuching, Borneo

Borneo is one of the favorite destinations of many travelers who visit Malaysia. I totally agree! I’ve been to many places in Asia, but Borneo will always have a special place in my heart. From food, friendly local people to music, nightlife, culture, wildlife and jungle – Kuching has a lot more to offer than many other countries in Asia.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear the sounds of the sea and the splashing waves, read a book under palm trees, relax and then jump into a swimming pool, but after a week I’m craving for some adventure. Kuching, and Borneo for that matter, has something for everyone!

When I decided to stay in Kuching for 3 days, the the owner of my hostel convinced me to stay at least 5 days since there’s so much more to discover than jungle/wildlife only. He was totally right! I eventually stayed for almost 1 week. I’ve spent four days outside the city and three days inside the city of Kuching. You probably won’t expect it – neither did I – but Kuching has a lot of trendy restaurants where they serve top notch food and wines and cafes that come alive at night where locals play the guitar and sing oldies like the Beatles. Definitely my cup of tea:)

Let me take you along a journey you will never forget!

The city of Kuching

Kuching is the Capital of the Sararawak province. The city is well know for it’s style, culture and natural habitat. It might be a small city but it it’s big in it’s venues. You will see statues of cats everywhere – the city’s name is derived from the Malay word for cat — Kucing. A bit weird in the beginning but you will get used to it. It’s a vibrant and dynamic city with beautiful new and historic buildings with impressive architecture. The locals are very friendly and warm, you feel at home right away.


Cruise along the majestic Sarawak River

Explore the city by boat along the Sarawak River. The Sarawak River, separating the north and the south called, is the best way to view the city. Relax and take a moment to see the city from another angle. Normally you will pay around RM60 (13 euros) per person when you do a tour via an agency where you share a big boat with at least 15 people. Tip » I took a small taxi boat where the locals travel with. A lot cheaper – RM 30 (6 euro) for two people – you will get a lot more inside info and you will have the boat all for yourself! You will have to negotiate, but my trip took 1.5 hours and the local guy I had was so lovely. Take a breath and enjoy the calm river while sipping a cold refreshing beer.




Walk along the waterfront

Kuching’s Waterfront Boulevard is great for a walk during the whole day. During the day you see the daily activity on the river where local people using the small ferry boats to travel to and from their homes across the river. There are food with beverages and snacks to eat as you stroll along. In the afternoon/beginning of the evening when the sun sets you will enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfront where locals preform almost every night. There’s not only a harmonious vibe on the streets but also in different bars and restaurants!


Visit China Town

Kuching’s Chinatown is Carpenter Street, marked on its western end by the large Chinese gate officially called the “Harmony Arch”. While there are a few guest houses and lots of restaurants along the road, the area is not very ‘touristy’ at all. Somewhat surprisingly, Carpenter Street still has a few carpenter shops, along with bicycle shops, printers and other small businesses.

DRINKS | Drunk Monkey Old street Bar
Drunk Monkey Old Street Bar brings a taste of the urban hipster scene to Kuching. Nice ambiance, great beers and music.
TIP! Check out the other side of the bar/terrace – Beautiful street art!

FOOD | Saigon Fusion
If you’re hungry you should definitely check out the authentic Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Fusion. Try the PORK PHO, amazing! The owner Allan Goh know how to surprise people with his excellent food and service!
You can also ask the staff of Drunk Monkey Old Street Bar for the food menu, they can get the order for you from this amazing Vietnamese restaurant. 




Check out the Street Art in Kuching

Next to the open air market and India street you will see beautiful street art of the talented Lithuanian painter Ernest Zacharovic, famous for his interactive street art in different countries. This was the first time that I’ve ever heard of him and immediately I became a huge fan. He brings his street art to life and interact with local people by letting them participating in his work. His work is widely shared on social media and I understand why!
More of him to come in my next blogpost about George town Penang, Malaysia, where I have seen a lot more of this impressive work.

Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic

5. Hip Hang outs
Kuching is a hip and happening place. I never expected Kuching to be so trendy, but it is!
Kuching has a great bar and restaurant scene, where many

DRINKS & FOOD | The Barber
Before an old barber shop with mirrors and barber chairs, became a trendy and chic venue to dine and have cocktails. They serve American style food, like burgers.

IMG_2765 IMG_2767

FOOD & DRINKS | The Junk
After a jungle trekking and some street food dinner we wanted to have a few drinks before going to bed. We found this place – a few doors away from The Barber – The Junk. It’s quit a unique and impressive place, it’s divided into 4 areas which named as Backstage, Red room, Junk bar and restaurant area. Every room is different and if full with great decor pieces like red lanterns. At night this restaurant turn into one of the hottest clubs in town! Oh what a night…

IMG_2771 IMG_2775

I hope I have inspired you a bit… More of Malaysia and Borneo down here!




Borneo is third largest island on earth, a tropical paradise with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, the oldest and most bio-diverse rain forest, impressive wildlife and an abundance of natural wonders. back to.

If you plan to visit Malaysia, then Borneo should be on your travel list!

Tips before you visit Borneo:

» Book your domestic flights ahead as far as possible. Often tickets will be cheaper than traveling by bus and it saves you a lot of time.
» Air Asia & Malindo Air are your best friend. They offer low fares online across Asia. Make sure to bring your credit card, the only other option you have is to book a flight at one of their shops.
» Ask the locals for help! Generally, they speak English very well and they like to help. It saved me a lot of time and money!
» You will find the best food on the street food markets in Sabah Borneo
» I made the mistake by not setting my bankcard to International before I left

Borneo island, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu

I took a 2.25 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu (KK) with Malindo Air. KK is the capital of Borneo and a part of the Sabah province. I decided to stay just for a few days because I wanted to have enough time to explore Kuching and it’s nearby jungles. Perhaps you may think Kota Kinabalu isn’t as vibrant or diverse like Kuching, but it is still worth visiting for a couple of days.

Most travellers who come to KK don’t come here for the city itself but to travel further into Saba to the numerous idyllic islands, jungles and other various nature sites in the area, but if you do want to spend some time in KK, you should definitely pass by the Filipino night market. This famous food court in Borneo located at Jalan Kampung Air is open from 5PM until the last paying customer is ready to leave. Over here you will find a diversity of a culinary mix of food dishes from South East Asia.

Man in Borneo

Another thing you should do is snorkeling in KK, simple, easy, affordable (like these destinations) and a fun activity. It’s easy to arrange a snorkeling trip via an agency, but if you want to save money you need to take the local bus to the jetty at Jesselton Point and book your trip over there. You will find various tour operators inside who can bring you to one of the 5 islands for about RM100 and RM200.

Borneo has a typical equatorial climate with sunshine all year round!

Kota Kinabalu
Jesselton Point

Manukan island

If you ever wondered what heaven looks like? This is the closest you will get! Near Kota Kinabalu, just a 15 min boat ride, you will find a place that is a wonderful treat to nature and adventure lovers, talking about Manakan. It’s one of the five tropical islands  – Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Mamutikis – of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (TARP) and the second largest of all 5 islands. TARP is full with colorful fish, crystal clear waters, idyllic beaches and a turquoise sea. Plenty of tourists come here for the underwater activities, so it can be a bit crowded but still Manakan is the best island for diving and snorkeling.

Borneo Turtle

Extra Tips:

» Don’t forget to go up hill for a great walk in the jungle. After 1.5km you will see some of the best views.
» You need to buy a ticket for about RM40 when you arrive to enter the island
» T
he last boat will head back to KK at 4PM

Snorkling at Manukan island



Check out our full Kuala Lumpur Guide!

Aloft Kuala Lumpur

The Kuala Lumpur City Guide

Kuala Lumpur is not only the capital of Malaysia, it’ a melting pot of culture with a vibrant mix of Malay, Indian, Thai and Chinese people. Planning a visit to Malaysia, a stopover or just curious about what this metropolitan has to offer? This is the guide you need!

If you have a few days in Kuala Lumpur, there are n From Shopping, history, culture, nature, to of course food, its all here. Keep one thing in mind, locals love to eat, so you will see everybody eating all day. From street food to fancy restaurants, in KL you don’t have to worry about food. All is fresh and very tasty!

Where to stay

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral
We stayed here when we arrived and can really recommend it. Why? This hotel has rooms starting from 85 Euro, so it’s affordable for everyone. It’s located at a very convenient spot if you arrive at the international airport. The main train station KL Sentral is located only a few minutes walk away and the train takes about 28 minutes from the airport. There is a rooftop pool, a gym, 2 restaurants, and the staff is really lovely. The dinner and breakfast buffet is outstanding. A great place to start from. Wanna do some shopping? Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral is connected to the Nu Sentral Shopping Centre via an air-conditioned link bridge. Book your stay here.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur
Aloft Kuala Lumpur

Oh how we love the W hotels. It’s luxurious, but not in a awkward kind of way. It’s hip and happening and it’s always located at a central place. The W hotel in Kuala Lumpur is located right across the Petronas Towers, and from the rooftop pool, you have the perfect view. There is a lovely outside pool bar, 3 restaurants, a gym and spa. The only downside is, that there is a club downstairs and it can be noisy during the weekends. However, if you are looking for a good time, the W is your hotel! 

W Hotel Kuala Lumpur
W Hotel

Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa
This hotel is really the best place to escape the concrete buildings and relax before heading back home. Elke stayed here during her last day of her Malaysia trip and we can’t even begin to tell you why it’s so good. First of all, it’s not located in the middle of KL. It’s about a 25 minute taxi drive from the airport, and the resort is surrounded by lush palmtrees and plants, giving it a real tropical feel. There are 3 restaurants, of which the buffet restaurant was Elke’s favourite. And if you want to re-charge yourself before your long flight back home, you should go for a 2,5 hour spa treatment in their luxurious spa. Rooms are available from around €58,- which is great value for money! www.cyberviewresort.com

Cyberview Hotel
Relaxing before heading back home

What to see & do

1. Jalan Alor
One thing we discovered is that people in Malaysia love to eat! What a coincidence, me too! If you visit KL and you like food you should definitely go to Jalan Alor at night – located in the north of Jalan Bukit Bintang. During the day the Jalan Alor area is relatively dead, but in the afternoon it gets a complete makeover: busy colorful streets with chairs and tables and food everywhere. Jalan Alor is famous for its diverse street stalls with tasty and fresh street food, known as the ‘hawker stalls’. It attracts a lot of tourists but you will also find a lot of locals. From Malay, Indian, Chinese to Thai and Indonesian food, every Asian country is present and all stalls offer the best from its local cuisine. From 5PM-11.30PM

Kuala Lumpur
A coconut stall in Kuala Lumpur

2. Jalan Masjid
In addition to many diverse stores with Indian goods and food, at nights the streets are busy, noisy, full with tables and chairs where food is the most important for everyone. You will smell the Indian dishes from a distance. So if you love the Indian cuisine, then this is the place to be for you. So for the best Malay and Indian food you will need to go to Little India, Jalan Masjid India. The colorful and vibrant street offer fresh tasty Indian snacks where everyone eats with their hands. Seriously, one of the best Indian food I’ve ever had.

Jalan Masjid

Kuala Lumpur is a city build around food

3. Kampung Baru
This little village exists in a small corner of downtown Kuala Lumpur. Kampung Baru, or “new village,” a Malay enclave, located just a short hike away from Kuala Lumpur City Centre next to the Petronas Twin Towers. This is a very nice place to visit! On Saturday there’s a weekly night market where you can try delicious and healthy Malay, Chinese and Thai food.

Kampung Baru

4. Batu Caves
The very popular tourist attraction located in the north of Kuala Lumpur in Selangor are the Batu Caves. The Batu Caves have three main caves featuring temples and Hindu shrines with lots of monkeys surrounded. Watch the monkeys, they can be aggressive. With 272 steps, many tourists and heat its best to arrive early in the morning before 10AM during the weekday to avoid this. That said, also avoid weekends and the Thaipusam festival – two months a year with changing dates – where many tourists will visit this attraction. Watch out for slippery stairs due the rain. Despite the hustle and bustle, its definitely worth visiting. If you get there early, you can take some good shots like the one below.

Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

5. Petronas Twin Towers
The Petronas towers are a big tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur. People go in to see the impressive skyline from the top. If you only have a view days in KL and you need to wait, I recommend you to see the Petronas towers at night. Beautiful lightning as you can see in this picture.

Kuala Lumpur, Twin Tower

6. Shopping Malls
Like most Asian capitals, you can find some of the biggest shopping malls in the capital of Malaysia. From high end brands, to cheap stores and foodcourts. These are our favorites:

  • Suria KLCC (more luxury and high end brands, located next to Petronas Towers)
  • The Gardens (many shops, food and cinema)
  • Sungei Wang Plaza (small shops, very affordable, great for souvenirs)
  • Lot10 (mid/upper class stores, looks great!)
  • Nu Sentral Shopping Centre (located next to the Sentral Train Station)

7. Pineapple Hill “Bukit Nanas”
The entrance is quite difficult to find, but if you want to escape the concrete jungle and trade it for a real one, you should go for a stroll through this tropical forest.There are jungle trails, a visitors centre, and a forestry museum. Some trees are over a 100 years old! Take the metro to Bukit Nanas station and bring mosquito repellent because you will need it. 

» Take a walk, there’s too much to miss if you take a train or a bus in KL
» You don’t have to tip unless stated otherwise
» Eat the street food, it’s amazing!
» Talk with locals, they can all speak a bit English and they love to help you out



More Malaysia? 


Our Favorite Wanderlust Moments of 2016

Damn, 2016 is coming to an end and wow, did it go by fast! Many new memories have been made and adventures shared. Time to look back at some of our favorite wanderlust moments of 2016!

Elke’s trip to the Philippines December – January 
It was on our bucketlist forever and Elke finally crossed it off her list last Dec-Jan. She traveled to Cebu, Bohol and Palawan where she saw the most amazing islands. “It’s like Thailand 20 years ago and even more beautiful” To read all her tips about The Philippines, have a look here: wander-lust.nl/the-philippines/

Favorite Wanderlust Moments of 2016
In El Nido, Palawan

Sarah’s trip to Malaysia – November
For 3 weeks Sarah traveled through Malaysia visiting Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi and Borneo. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Malaysian people are extremely creative and you will see street art, local handmade goods and delicious food everywhere. If you’re planning to go, you must read her articles about Malaysia: wander-lust.nl/malaysia/

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Our city trip to Prague – April
It was our first trip together funny enough and we had so much fun! The life is cheap in Prague so we enjoyed it to the max trying out all the best food spots and checking out the nightlife. From cycling tours to getting lost, finding a hipster Vietnamese bar and drinking a lot of beer. We also discovered that we are perfect travel partners! Read our city guide to Prague here: wander-lust.nl/falling-in-love-with-prague/

Wanderlust in Prague
Perfect travel partners 

Switzerland during Springtime – May
If there is something you should do when you live in Europe, is to grab your car and drive up to Switzerland during springtime. The incredible nature, mountains and lakes are stunning! Elke drove up to Lutcerne, Vitznau and hiked up the Rigi Mountain. It’s not the cheapest place to visit but the views are more than worth it! Must do for 1017! wander-lust.nl/why-you-should-visit-switzerland-this-summer/

Hotel Rigi Kaltbad, Switzerland
Stunning views from the Rigi mountain

Our secret trip to Valencia – June
We didn’t know where we were going and found out at the airport when we scrashed our SRPRS.me card. Valencia it was! The weather was great, the food was great and the whole city break was great. Although it was Sarah’s 2nd time, we managed to discover so many new spots! wander-lust.nl/our-secret-trip-to-valencia/

Watermelon in Valencia
Eating watermelons in Valencia

Glamping in Portugal – June
This was a very special trip because we didn’t really know what to expect. We got invited by Into The Wild Algarve, a couple that left their hectic lives in Amsterdam to move to Portugal and start a Eco-Glamping Resort. We were their first official guests and they made us feel so at home. The care that they treated us with, really touched us. We enjoyed outside Yoga, Supping, Vegan Cooking and discovered the beaches of the Algarve. Check our report here: into-the-wild-algarve/

Into the Wild Algarve Tent
Our bohemian glamping tent

Swedish Lapland – June
After our visit to the travel bloggers conference (TBEX) in Stockholm, Sarah checked out the Swedish Lapland for a few days. She discovered the untouched nature, fishing, ice sculpture, spa’s and sleeping in the light. (it doesn’t get dark there in June!) wander-lust.nl/relaxing-activities-in-kukkolaforsen-swedish-lapland/

Grilled fish
Smoking freshly caught fish in Sweden

Elke’s trip to Norway – August
“Cried when they landed, in the bus and cried when I saw the first mountain.” All because it was so beautiful. What a stunning place! Together with Visit Norway Elke and a bunch of journalists visited the Fjords where she learned how to kayak. wander-lust.nl/my-amazing-trip-through-north-west-norway/

Visit North West Norway
Crying 3.0

So there you have it, new memories were made, hidden gems were discovered and many new hotspots were found. These were our favorite wanderlust moments of 2016. We hope we’ve inspired you this past year! It was great to see that some of you actually did the trips or took the route we wrote about! Get ready for 2017 as we have more exiting things planned!

For more impressions about all our trips, check our YOUTUBE Channel where we add all our travel memories! We need more subscribers so hopefully you guys can help us out! 😉


Elke & Sarah

This will inspire you to visit Malaysia

How do you know where you need to go to next when you have so many options to choose from? I’ve have visited a lot of places in various countries, but there’s definitely one that really surprised me: Malaysia. Malaysia is ‘the ultimate destination’ to visit for your next vacation:
An amazing climate, idyllic islands, crystal clear waters and stunning sunsets. It’s also great for snorkeling and a true heaven for food lovers. And what about the jungle, super friendly locals, art & music plus it’s very affordable! 

A moment for yourself in Manukan, Borneo

Crystal clear water and idyllic islands

Cozy streets in China Town, Kuching.

Street food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Super cheap and delicious Indian food in the streets of Kuala Lumpur

“Get inspired by these images that I shot in Malaysia back in November”

Beautiful views in Penang

Street art in Penang Malaysia
Amazing street art in Penang

Breathtaking sunsets in Langkawi

Palmtrees in Malaysia
Palm trees everywhere

You can fly to Malaysia from most international airports with arrival in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi or Kota Kinabalu in north Borneo. Have fun!



*Check my previous blogpost about Malaysia here!

Restaurant Jala, Langkawi

After checking out the skyscrapers in the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, local food tasting at the Filipino night market in Kota Kinabalu, a snorkeling trip in Manukan and an exciting jungle trekking in Kuching it was time to relax for a while!

How to get there
We traveled from Penang to Langkawi by ferry (Langkawi ferry service).
» Departure Times of boats from Penang to Langkawi : Three boats a day – 8.15am (via Pulau Payar), 8.30am and 2pm.

» The costs for an Adult are RM60 one way – RM120 return.
» The high speed boats are scheduled to take 1.5 hours to reach Pulau Payar and 2.45 minutes to Langkawi.
Keep in mind that it often takes a bit longer, depending on the weather conditions.

Langkawi is THE place to be for excellent diving spots, tropical hidden gems, turquoise sea, duty-free shopping and chocolate.



Along this journey I experienced an abundance of fresh and delicious food. I couldn’t wish for more great food experiences during this trip, on the contrary I got even more I wished for! I was invited by Jala restaurant in Langkawi. A restaurant that is part of the beautiful Andaman resort, nestled between lush tropical rainforest and crystal blue waters lead by chef Thorsten Killian. Thorsten came to our table where I got the chance to get to know him a bit better. I must say that this man from Thai-German origin, has lots of skills! He initially started his career back in 2003 as a commis de cuisine at the Hanner Restaurant in Austria and worked in various high quality Hotels and restaurants before he started working at Jala. From five-star hotels in Switzerland to Michelin-starred Restaurant São Gabriel in Portugal and finally made his way to Asia where he became chef in

The man himself, Thorsten Killian Source

Together with his team of experts he lives next to the Andaman resort where he starts in the very early morning to prepare the food and serves his unique top quality dishes in the evening. The beautiful part of Jala restaurant is that they partner with local fishermen to ensure the freshest catch arrives daily on the shores of The Andaman, at the Nelayan Hut (a fisherman’s hut in Malay). Every afternoon, guests can look forward to walk down the beach to watch the fish and the chefs of Jala in action dealing and negotiating with local fishermen on the purchases of fresh seafood.



It was such a beautiful evening when we had dinner at Jala. What makes it so unique is the magnificent quiet surrounding, hearing the gentle breeze of the ocean on the background, your feet tucked in the sand, with comfortable temperatures, far away from the hustle and bustle, a very unique setting with friendly waiting staff, an unique open-air beachside experience where you overlook the glistening blue waters where you watch the breathtaking sunset while having dinner.

Jala offers the finest fresh seafood in an open kitchen concept, prepared in a fusion of Western and Asian cooking styles, located on a secluded part of Langkawi. A very unique experience which I will never forget!

Time to taste some of the best seafood signature dishes:

dinner at Jala, Langkawi
Step 1: Choose your fish from the fresh seafood display/bar

dinner at Jala, Langkawi
Pomfret fish caught from Andaman waters

dinner at Jala, Langkawi
Chocolate hazelnut cake with chocolate ganache and ice cream

More info:
Address: Jalan Teluk Datai · Langkawi, 07000 · Malaysia

I hope you will get the chance to visit to wonderful place in Malaysia



More tips about Malaysia? Check here!




Malaysia » Wildlife & Adventure in Borneo

As mentioned in my previous post, Kuching in Borneo – the Capital of the Sararawak province – has a lot to offer. You now know your way in the city of Kuching and in this post I will guide you through Borneo’s natural wonders and cultural delights!

Borneo is An absolute treat for nature lovers

The city center of Kuching is a great starting point and from there it’s easy to arrange day treks. From secluded beaches, picturesque coastline of steep cliffs, abundant wildlife, jungle streams, waterfalls, interesting plant life, trekking – all in just 37 km away from Kuching.

There are a number of ways of getting to Bako. The most cheap and easy way to get to Bako National Park is by public bus. The public bus (red public bus number 1) takes about 45-60 minutes and costs RM 3.50 each way with various stops in the city center. Buses leave to and from Bako about every hour, starting from 7AM from Kuching and finishing about 6PM from Bako National Park.
Tip! This bus is not always on time, so make sure you arrive a bit earlier.


Before you enter the park, when you arrive at the Bako Bazaar right in front of the jetty,  you need to register at the visitor center deck and purchase your entrance ticket to the park – RM20 per person for foreigners, RM15 for Malaysians – and your boat ticket that takes you at high speed to the the start point of many trails in the park – RM20 per person each way. The only way to reach park headquarters is by boat along the scenic Santubong River.

Bako Borneo

The 20 minute boat ride is already a magnificent introduction to the beauty of Borneo and Bako. Keep an eye for crocodiles and eagles on the way into the park, it’s all part of the exciting Bako experience when you pass through it! Bako is a protected area.

There are 16 color-coded jungle trails which offer a range of walking and hiking options for the full day. For the adventurous there are various trails with heavy jungle hikes and for those who prefer to take it more easy can choose the more relaxing jungle trails.
Get more info here

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was during my day trip at Bako National Park. It is a small, breathtaking, beautiful and manageable park, and easy to get to, and even if you are just interested for a day trip, you have a good shot at seeing some pretty unique wildlife and some secluded baches even without tour guide. When you enter the park you will find a notice board that gives you the KM and estimated time of each trail. We chose to do 3 trails which take about 4 hours in total. I must tell you that I’m pretty fit but in the heat I found it quite a challenge..
We did spot macaques, proboscis monkeys, bearded pigs and plenty of colorful butterflies!

TIP! Try to bring your own water and food. There’s a buffet at headquarters, but it’s a bit overpriced and the food is freshly made in the early morning so it will not be as good anymore during lunch.

Trail bako
Trail Bako National Park

The proboscis monkey
The proboscis monkey
in Bako

Bearded pigs in Bako Borneo
Bearded pigs in Bako
View at Bako Borneo
View at Bako National Park
The jungle from another angle Borneo
The Jungle from another angle
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

The end of the trails Telok Pandan Kecil & Telok Pandan Besar

» Camera
» Sun screen
» Mosquito repellent with deet
» Walking shoes
» Hiking pants
» Rain coat or poncho
» Zip lock bags to keep your camera/clothes dry
» Bottles of water

I went on a boat trip to Santubong and Salak river in the hope to see crocodiles and dolphins. We didn’t see any unfortunately, but the trip was still so amazing! We saw proboscis monkeys, a number of eagles and awesome fireflies. We also passed by a traditional Malay fishing village on stilts filled with massive catfish. The local family sell these fish to locals traders and restaurants. Soon the boatman will move into a smaller river in the hope to spot some crocodiles where the boat chugging slowly by the river banks where it’s almost touching the low branches of the mangrove trees. I can tell you, this is very exciting when it’s getting dark and knowing that crocodiles are around you. I hope you have more luck than I did. 
Next to that we enjoyed the magnificent Borneo sunset.Best time is in the early morning or afternoons. You can book your trip via a travel agency for RM 188.00 per person inclusive Good Service Tax and a tour guide.

Safety on a boat Borneo
Safety first!
Local boatmen Borneo
Our friendly local Boatman
Local fisherman Borneo
Malay fishing village on stilts
Sunset Borneo
Breathtaking sunset

» Comfortable clothes
» Bottles of water
» Camera
» Sun Lotion

» Sunglasses
» Mosquito repellent with deet
» Rain coat or poncho

It was an adventure of a lifetime I will never forget.



* pictures made with Olympus PEN camera