5 reasons why you should visit Milan

Historic Rome and romantic Venice. Both beautiful Italian cities right? But they have a big contender to cope with; Milan. 

Milan is best known as the Italian fashion capital thanks to its historic fashion houses, and the four yearly fashion weeks. But, it has so much more to offer; quaint little streets, great shopping and more hidden gems.

Exploring Milan, yes, this was a parked Vespa.

1. Discover the artistic side of Milan

I visited the Fondazione Prada, an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art and culture and designed by Rem Koolhaas – the famous Dutch architect. Located in Largo Isarco, in the south of Milan. Take a few hours to time to visit all 7 buildings.  Admission is 10 euro per person.

Largo Isarco, 2, 20135 Milano

Milan building

2. Visit the beautiful and more quit district Brera

A bohemian atmosphere where you will find many restaurants, bars, antique and art shops.
» Take a coffee and delicious cupcake at Di Viole Di Liquirizia – Via Madonnina 10
» Visit the impressive and beautiful Accademia di Brera; a fine Arts Academy, school with 3,000 local and international students – Via Brera, 28
» Visit the historic church with several impressive artworks Santa Maria del Carmine – Piazza del Carmine 2
» Explore the elegance streets of Brera, full of cultural and historical gems


3. Eat the best ice cream you’ve ever had

One of the main reasons to visit Italy is to enjoy their culinary culture. One of Milan specialties is gelato, ice cream! We tried a few ice creams in Milan, and Cioccolat Italiani was for sure our number one favorite. Why? High quality ingredients, fresh gelato prepared daily and a heart of melted chocolate inside an artisanal cone. Wanna know where to eat? Check my favorite food spots of Milan.

Milan is a must visit city in Europe.

Cioccolati Italiani
Via Edmondo de Amicis, 25, 20123 Milano

4. Explore Navigli
Discover the charming canals of Milano designed and engineered by Leonardo Da Vinci. Stroll along the canals where you will find every last Sunday of the month from 9 am until 6 pm, starting in September, an antique market.

Along the Alzaia Naviglio Grande

5. Shop till you drop (don’t forget to check out the beautiful buildings and cute little side streets)
Milan is one of shopping capitals of Europe and therefore it’s perfect for shopping! From designer stores and boutiques to outlets and from expensive to affordable, you will find it in Milan! 
» Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the world’s oldest shopping mall, & Other stories is around the corner
» You will find the best boutiques in Brera
» Go to Corso Como where you will find the best outlets with affordable prices for design clothes
» Via Montenapoleone is the high fashion area of Milan where you will find shops like Sandro

milan explore

How to get around?

By bike: The BikeMi –  public bike system (make a reservation via internet)
By metro: Milan’s metro – from 6AM-12.30AM; a day ticket costs €4.50.
By taxi: Milan works with Uber, download the app
By Scooter: Moto Roads offers verpa’s from 60 euro per day




The amazing Lake Como, Italy

If you want to see Italy’s most beautiful treasure, you must visit the Lake Como. I had seen the pictures and always hoped to visit it one day.. but 2 weeks ago it actually happened! I flew to Milan with 2 cuties Jaimy Li from Quater Magazine and Lotte from blog Beautify and we were going to discover Milan and Lake Como in just 2 days with the new Volkswagen up!

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With Jamie Li and Lotte Nijborg

In Milan we stayed at the amazing Me Milan hotel. A design hotel with an amazing rooftop where you can overlook te business district whilst enjoying your breakfast or drinks. A few days before, I was sleeping in a glamping tent and now I was staying in a 5 star hotel. Crazy. If you go to Milan for a short period, start walking around and get lost a little bit. We walked through part of the fashion district and discovered that most big brands like Prada and Armani literally own half of the city. Apart from their exclusive shops Armani has a hotel, restaurant and Prada owns one of the most prestigious coffee bars in Milan. That’s how things roll down here. Walking around, I noticed the large amount of good looking men and women passing me and they all looked like they own a stylist. Yes, Milan is the capital of fashion and they are not hiding it!

From fashion to food because that’s another thing the Italians are good at. Score yourself a Ice-Cream with a minimum of 2 scoops as there are plenty of flavors to choose from! Not being the biggest fashionista type, I much more preferred the area in Milan where the alternative types go. Check out Mag Bar on Ripa di Porta Ticinese where you will get the menu hidden in a book cover. (Never judge a book by it’s..well, you get it right?) Here you can order great cocktails and eat a few bites. At night (especially during the weekend), it’s packed in this street. Go early to get an outside spot and enjoy the people watching. If you really want to mingle with the hip crowd of Milan, you should try to pay a visit to Ceresio. This is a restaurant and pool bar with 2 pools on each side of the restaurant. Wear your best outfit and order a glass of champagne to fit right in!

Ice cream in Milan
Best Ice-Cream snapping moments in Milano!

Champagne by the pool at Ceresio

Lake Como
To get to lake Como from Milan you need to drive approximately for 1,5 hours and what better to do it with a car that is ideal for cities and zig zag roads than the Volkswagen up! This cute little car fits right in the Milano style and has been redesigned into different color and variations. The new up! has some cool features like smartphone integration for IOS or Android. You can easily use it to navigate your way through town and hills of Como just like we did or use Bluetooth to play your favorite songs. But one of the coolest things about Volkswagen smallest car, has to be the option to buy it with the Beats by Dre sound system!
Once you get from the highway into Como, you see the landscape into a green oase with flowers and fresh air. I was non-stop trying to hang out of the window to make pictures.

Lake Como route
The road around Lake Como is amazing!

After a stop for lunch in the town of Como, I had about 1 hour to walk around the historic part and it all looked so amazing. I had no time to find the best coffee bars but I would always advise you to sit somewhere next to the water and you’re good. (they should have a George Clooney Nespresso right?) After that we continued our way up to the amazing Villa Leoni which is situated on the mid-westside of the lake where we enjoyed cakes and fruit with some stunning views.

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The old town of Como

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Stunning views from Villa Leoni where the new Volkswagen up! was presented

Me and the new Volkswagen up! Photo by Martin Meiners. Wearing a jumpsuit from Costes.

Villa Leoni Lake Como
Wow, just wow.

If I had the time, I would have stayed a bit longer for a coffee with Mr. Clooney but hey, I’m a busy girl 😉
Check my video report here!



*For more info about the Volkswagen Up and all the different designs, go to www.volkswagen.nl

The best food spots in Milan

Last week I went to Milan for 4 days and I enjoyed it big time.
Wandering around to see some very impressive buildings, shop, eat and drink wine! Italian food and wine are probably as famous as Italy’s artistic and historical assets.

My favorites; Burrata cheese and prosciutto with a glass of Amarone or Barolo.

Italian food and wine are part of the Italian culture, and I can tell you, it was mine in these last 4 days!

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