Why Listening to 8D Music is the best during quarantine

The things you discover when you have some time on your hands. Priceless! If you are missing out on the music festivals this year, wait till you hear 8D Music Technology.

The other day a friend of mine sent me a whatsapp message with an audio/music song and some instructions. It was a dance song composed with 8D Music Technology and it was like something I’ve never experienced before. And quite frankly, it is the perfect thing to discover while in quarantine!

What is 8D Technology?

With this awesome music technology you don’t listen with your ears but with your brain. At least, this is what it feels and sounds like. You can compare it to as if you were standing on a music festival or live show. Best of all, you don’t even realise that you are wearing headphones!

“At its core, the 8D effect tries to mimic the sensation of hearing a binaural recording, which places sounds in space relative to a human’s head (rather than normal stereo recordings, which can only direct sound to the left and right speaker channels)”. Source: melmagazine.com

It’s all about feeling the music

Important note:

However, in order to really feel the music and get the whole experience of 8D technology music, it is very important that you do listen to it with headphones. Big or small, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are plugged in.

Let us know what you think! (and remember, put your headphones on!)

Enjoy dancing in your living room or garden!


The Wander-Lust of..| DJ Joey Daniel

With the Amsterdam Dance Event around the corner, DJ’s from all over the world come to Amsterdam. We are proud of our Dutch talents and because of ADE we have a special interview lined up this month. This is the Wanderlust of.. Techno DJ Joey Daniel.

Joey Daniel was born in Rotterdam but currently lives in Amsterdam. When he’s not home he flies around the world playing at different gigs alongside the best DJ’s in the world. He has also become a resident of the Music On Family, run by techno legend Marco Carola. Time to find out where Joey likes to hang around when he’s home! Joey will be playing at Dockyard Festival during the Amsterdam Dance Event on the 19th of October.

Interview DJ Joey Daniel
DJ Joey Daniel (he’s not that angry in real life ;-))

Next to Amsterdam, what is your favourite destination in the world and why?

In general, my favourite place in the world has to be Asia. When i’m there, I can escape from the western culture and all the stress that comes along with it. It’s a completely different world. Not to mention the amazing food and interesting culture. I’ve been to many Asian countries but I’m currently planning a backpack trip through China with my dad! So far, I’ve only seen Beijing and can’t wait to discover more of the real China.

Nice! As you hit the road a lot, what is your favourite hotel in Amsterdam you would like to tip?

There is this really nice boutique hotel in Amsterdam called The Toren, they have in the back the garden with some really cool special rooms.

Interview | DJ Joey Daniel
Hotel The Toren

In your opinion, what are currently the best new parties during the Amsterdam Dance Event?

Too many to name, because every year there are new parties popping up. But if I have to name one; Kaluki is definitely one of those best new ones. It will take place on Thursday night at the A’dam Tower, not only the party is amazing but as well the venue as its at the 19th floor with views all over Amsterdam.

It’s not easy, but DJ’s get used to it

So how do you balance conference and parties?

You asking this to a DJ? Haha, it’s not that easy to be honest, but we are used to less sleep and living at night.

What is your favourite breakfast spot in Amsterdam?

I love Benji’s, for brunch. They serve healthy açaí bowls and really nice buns combined with fresh juices. My tip: Try the “The Jack 10”, an Indonesian style flavoured bun with jackfruit and its 100% vegan. I love it!

Beji's Toko | Asian Newcomers
Benji’s Amsterdam

And your favourite place for late night dinner?

In general, I think Izakaya is the best place for a late night dinner, because where normally the kitchen close around 10pm in Amsterdam, you can easily order food until 11:30pm at Izakaya. This Japanese fusion restaurant serve amazing cocktails as well, plus they play nice music.

Where do you go to get away from the madness?

From my place, it’s only a 15 minute drive to the Amsterdamse Bos, a beautiful forest on the edge of the city.  I go their every day for a long walk with my dog, even thought its so close to the city centre its absolutely the place to reset my mind and completely get zen. By the same token, there is also this big spa centre with sauna’s, massages a big gym and a pool where I like to go.

Spa Zuiver

Besides your own gigs, which parties do you advise us to check out during ADE this year?

Definitely check out Moog presents: Composing Live Techno Analog Synthesizers. Even if you don’t like this genre of electronic music its more then worth to check this one out.

Thanks Joey and good luck getting through the Amsterdam Dance Event this month!


Find out why you should visit ADE Green this year. The event that brings music and sustainability together.

ADE Green 2019


A roadtrip isn’t complete without a good playlist. You’re not going to eat peanut butter without the jelly right? It’s part of your destination. The best road trip songs will help you get there.

These are some of the best Road Trip Songs. Ever.

9. Nightcall. – Kavinsky (Original sountrack “Drive”.)

The film Drive opens with this song and it’s totally awesome. The whole soundtrack is awesome by the way. But this song is particularly good for driving.
Put your sun glasses on, chew on a toothpick and drive. You’ve never felt cooler.

8. Hit the Road Jack. – Ray Charles

An oldie but if you’re done with your ex, your job or anything else that bothers you. Just play this song and hit the road. Bye Bye!

7. Come with me. – Nora en Pure

This song is used by Jay Alvarrez and discribes the ultime travel video. Whether you think it’s a bit sugar coated or not, it gives you the right summer vibes you need for a road trip with your friends. 

6. Take it easy. – Eagles

I grew up with their albums and with their lead singer recently passing away, it’s also a well deserved tribute to one of the best on the road music bands of all time. Take your car and take it easy.

5. Africa. – Toto

Ok, a bit cheesy yes. But let’s be honest, this song is soo nice to sing along to! (You know you do the same when it’son the radio) Turn the music loud, throw your shame out of the window and sing as loud as you can! Africaaaaaa.

4. California Love. – 2Pac

My favorite rapper and artist. What a good song, still. And we all love a bit of California when we’re driving on the route 66. This is one of the best road trip songs out there.

3. Chasing Cars. – Snow Patrol
Well, the titel says it all. Chasing cars is a song that you can play alone or with your friends. One thing is for sure, it will make everybody shut up and listen.
Stare out of the window and enjoy the moment. A brilliant song.

2. Parade. – Rone mixed by Dominic Eulberg

If you like minimal or techno music, you’ll appreciate this song. It’s the best while driving. You’ll probably think of someone you love or even deeper thoughts. Keep your eyes on the road though! Dominic Eulberg is one of the best DJ’s I know, making amazing music. If you get the chance, also listen to the song Noch Ein Base. Wow.

1. Sweet Disposition. – The Temper Trap

Oh yes, this is my favorite song for on the road. If you haven’t heard this song before, I suggest you to turn the speaker as loud as you’re aloud and as soon as the chorus starts, you’ll understand why I’ve picked this one. It’s about freedom, happiness and gives you that kick that you can compare with an ultimate Road Trip.

What is your favorite road trip song?



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best road trip songs

Wander-Lust Festival Guide 2015!

The festival season has officially began and we love it!
With so many options to choose from, we have handpicked our favourite summer festivals and made a list to hopefully give you some inspiration.

7th Sunday Festival in Erp-Veghel, Netherlands
24th of May
What we love:
It’s so diverse! You can dance to house, techno, hiphop, rock of even hardstyle. We’ll go for the first time this year so we will let you know the outcome!

7th Sunday Festival 2014

De Zon Festival, Amsterdam The Netherlands
Sold out within a short period, this festival is small but gaining huge popularity.

When: 24th of May
What we love: It’s small and cosy and that’s exactly what makes this festival special. It feels dreamy and the vibes are so good here!


Sonar Festival Barcelona, Spain
We’re not going this year but elke went twice before. A M A Z I N G!
Buy a ticket and experience the real Sonar but also check out all the parties around the beach and clubs.
When: 18-21 of June
What we love:
The free beach parties, the tapas and

Elrow Town- Off Sonar 2 years ago. “One of the best parties i’ve been to”

Awakenings Festival, Netherlands
Now a 2 day festival, the international headliners are always happy to play at this Techno festival.
When: 27th + 28th of June
What we love: The line up, our sore feet at the end.

Elke at Awakenings Festival 2014

DGTL festival Barcelona, Spain
The Dutch edition was amazing and it also the first festival of the year we went to.

When: 14th of August
What we love: The organisation is doing a great job carefully selecting the best electronic DJ’s in the world.

The Dutch edition in April this year was amazing

Glastonbury Festival, England
The worlds biggest festival is legend. We. Must. Go. (some day)
24-28 June

What we love: Everyone will tell you it wasn’t as good as it was in ’94/’89/’78. Ignore them.  Plus Kate Moss in wellies.

A Day at the Park, Amsterdam Netherlands
This festival has been around for quite some time now and you can notice this when you look around. Perfectly organized and the festival is held in between a forest which makes it playful and open. You can enjoy big DJ’s but also go for karaoke, a hippy market and lot’s of funny games.
When: 11th of July
What we love: The clean (and real) toilets, the food, the vibe.

All fun and games at A Day at the Park

Lowlands Festival, The Netherlands
When: 21st + 22nd + 23rd of August
What we love: This is how a festival should be. It’s rough, it’s dirty and it’s real.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 21.42.40
Lowlands is still the nr. 1 festival in the Netherlands

Convoi de fête, multiply locations, Netherlands
This is a traveling festival with Music, Foodtrucks and Entertainment. Hippie style!
When: 31 juli tm 9 augustus
What we love: Their tagline is enough: “We are a free roadtrip festival. We follow the sun. The journey is the destination…”


Where will you be going this summer?



Top 5 » Why you should visit Greece

I have been coming to Greece since the age of 3. This country is very close to my heart. Unfortunately Greece has a lot of financial struggles at the moment but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit! Greek people live of tourism most of the time, so I can only recommend you go. So why visit Greece?

1. The Beaches
I have been all over the world but the best beaches I have seen so far were all in Greece. The water is so blue that you think it’s a swimming pool!

Egremni beach, Lefkas

2. The Food
OMG. The food. Whats not to love? I don’t even eat meat but even then they have one of the best cuisines. From stuffed tomatoes to the amazing calamari.. Yummie! Be sure that there will be a recipe on our blog soon!

3. The People.
Greek people are welcoming, warmhearted people. Even in Athens the people have always been so good to me. Last summer I stayed in an apartment and the owner welcomed us with a home baked cake from his grandmother. Just because their like that.

Why you should visit Greece

4. The Music
Ok, not everybody is a fan but once you’ve learned to dance to it, it’s amazing!
I was taught at a young age so I know 1 or 2 traditional dances. If you do it well, someone will give you a free shot (they call it a svinaki) or they smash some plates! 

5. The Weather
Yes, this wouldn’t be a good top 5 if I had not mentioned the weather. During the high season it’s between 25 and 30 degrees which is the perfect weather for me but Greece is still wonderful in October with 18 to 25 degrees. Happy days!

Kathsima beach, Lefkas

Enjoy the beauty of Greece!