These are the best places for After Work Drinks in Amsterdam

‘Wanna grab a drink after work?’ You’re colleague asks you. ‘Sure, love it, let’s go? Where?’ Eh…
No more stress on where to go after work peeps. The list is here. These are the best places for after work drinks in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam West
Let’s start with the best side 😉 Just kidding but the Westside seriously has some of the best after work spots at the moment. Our favorites are by far:

Schermopname (69)

– Kevin Bacon
Named after the badass Hollywood actor this hotel bar near The (food)Hallen serves great cocktails and offers outside seating.
– Staal (across from the world fashion center)
Recently opened under a new name and owner, this place is perfect for everybody that works in or around the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam. During the day you can drink coffee, eat lunch but at night you can enjoy a dinner with good tunes with a DJ on Fridays. Good news: they will open their terras soon!
– Mossel & Gin
It’s not new but it’s still great for Gin & Tonics with a good bite. Situated next to the Westerpark, you can enjoy hip hop tunes and their large garden during spring and summer.
– Floor 17
Part of the Ramada Apollo Hotel, you can enjoy the awesome views of Amsterdam whilst sipping on a cocktail. Their rooftop bar is great during spring and summer!

best after work drinks Amsterdam

Central Amsterdam
This is the party center and this can be a bit touristy sometimes so we’ve picked a few where you will find a lot of locals too!

Schermopname (70)

– De Bierfabriek
It’s called the beer factory and not without reason! They brew their own beer and serve some great food too! Great in and outside.
– Art Deli

When art and drinks come together! Read our review here.
– Mr. Porter at the W Hotel

Great for impressing your colleagues from work! The best view of central Amsterdam and a rooftop swimming pool. Yeah we like it.
Read our review here.
– De Waterkant
They came and concurred last year and this summer they will be back just as hard! Overlooking the Amsterdam canals, this is the place to be if you like a laid back
atmosphere, beers and wine.
– Vesper Bar
Don’t go here for beers but check out the cocktails. In 2012 they were voted the best cocktail bar in Amsterdam! They have a capacity for about 40 people so don’t bring the whole office! It’s great for catching up while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

After work drinks in Amsterdam

Amsterdam South
We have 2 different kinds of south in our hometown. The high end (the sometimes snobby) side and the hip & trendy side! We prefer the hip & trendy and therefore we’ve selected these after works drinks:

Schermopname (88)

Loving this place! Just opened, this spot is a healthy snackbar with cocktails to die for! Open until 3am, it’s perrrrfect for dinner and after work drinks.
Read our review here.
– Vondelpark 3
It’s officially south but I would call it more central because it’s in the famous Vondelpark. Last summer they re-opened after a renovating break and changed their name. The food and drinks are great but the view is even better. The ultimate people watching spot!
– De Vondeltuin (Vondelgarden)

You will find all sorts of people here. Single parents, couples with children, friends and colleagues. They all come here when the sun is out.

After work drinks Amsterdam South
Vondelpark3, De Vondeltuin and SNCKBR

Amsterdam East
The Eastside is booming and new joints are opening by the month. What’s good? Well, these:

Schermopname (72)

– Volkshotel
This hotel has 3 area’s you can choose from; The workplace (for coffee, meetings and laptops), the rooftop called Canvas and Doka (in the basement) for late night drinks. This means you can spend all day here!
– Bar Bukowski
If you’re an expat, this is where you will find the locals. A no nonsense place to drink coffee, eat lunch or dinner and have drinks. It’s not central but it’s great and you can hire the place if you ever want to throw an office party.
– De Vergulde Eenhoorn
You need to know where to find this place but once you have, you won’t leave for a couple of ours, especially when the sun shines. They are planning a beer fest this summer so grab your co-workers and enjoy their massive outside terras!
– Hanneke’s Boom
I used to live in a boat just around the corner and moved just before this cool summer joint opened. I say summer joint because it’s best during these months. Near the central station (walking distance) but overlooking the water and so so good for after work drinks.

 PicMonkey Collage12
Bukowski, Hanneke’s Boom and Cocktail at Vesper

Amsterdam North
You may think this part of Amsterdam is too industrial for after work drinks but you’re so so wrong. People come from all parts of the city to visit these cool after work spots!

Schermopname (71)

– Pllek
Last year is was difficult to find a place to sit and we expect this year to be no different. They are always expanding so don’t let that fact hold you back! Put your toes in the sand and experience the holiday feeling you normally get on the beach.
– Cafe Ceuvel
It’s one of the most sustainable urban places in Europe and a great place to meet up with friends after work. There is a divers musical program and healthy organic food options. Go in spring and summer for the best experience.
– Sir Adam in the A’DAM Toren
Get ready for the coolest place to be this summer. After a long wait, the old shell tower (next to the Eye Amsterdam) will open and with it some cool brands, businesses and the Sir Adam hotel will move here including a beer garden and cocktail bar. Keep you posted on this one!

Amsterdam Toren
The Amsterdam Toren will be the hottest ticket in town this summer

Plenty places to choose from I would say!



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Top 5 » Countries to live in (if you ever think about moving)

If you’re planning to leave your hometown and find your luck somewhere else then you should check this list.
What countries are best to live in if you want to live abroad? 

1. Australia
This country has it all. Beaches, Rain forest, Cities and even a Desert. Besides that, the temperature is always good and the Aussi life is easy to adapt to. 4 out of 5 expats say that it’s easy to become acquaint to the Aussi life. No health issues, good food (a lot of choice!) and a buzzing nightlife is what makes this country so popular to live in. Besides that, Australia is one of the safest countries to live in because of their water tight immigration rules. 
The only downside is, that it’s very difficult to get a permanent visa. In order to get one, you need a company by your side, an Australian husband or next of kin family. But who are we to stop you? You can always visit Australia on a working holiday visa or as a student. Check here for more tips and stories about Australia.

Australia is one of the best countries

2. Ecuador
This country has been on top of the list for the last 2 years (according to Forbes) and we understand why.
Low cost of living combined with strong real estate values, makes this place very attractive to live. Ecuador has lovely scenery, secluded beaches and lovely temperatures. The food is amazing and even at a high class restaurant you won’t pay more than 50 euro’s for 2 people. (drinks included!)


“More people living in other countries than ever, says UN study”

3. Denmark
Crazy but it has zero crime rates, murder, no corruption, and stability in economic growth, quality life, etc. All these things made it as one of the best, happiest and safest countries to live in the world. Nearly 18 weeks of paid leave is given to mothers and 79 percent of women are working which is comparatively higher than other countries. People in this country are more concerned about their environment and they follow excellent health care system. Let’s move to Denmark!

Volunteer Work in Denmark

4. Sweden
Another Scandinavian country. This time it’s Sweden.  They just introduced a 6 hour working day so if that doesn’t already makes a person happy, you should read on. They give you 16 months of to spent that time with your newborn baby, so it is the best place for women where they get safety and they can see their child grown up. Besides this, you can breath fresh air and visit amazing beautiful places.


5. The Netherlands
Now, I know what you’re thinking but no, we didn’t just add our homeland onto this list for no reason. Our education and healthcare is top notch and the Dutch enjoy the ultimate freedom of speech. You can bring your lovely dog pretty much everywhere and everybody speaks English. If you ever decide to move over to The Netherlands, drop us a line for some inside tips! 🙂




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Terschelling » going Back to Basic

2 weeks ago I played the tourist in my own country. I took the boat and went to Terschelling.
Terschelling is an island just North of the Netherlands. From Amsterdam it takes about 3,5 hours to get there (1,5 hours by car and 2 hours by boat, depending on which ferry you take.)

Most visitors rent bicycles and leave their car on mainland. The island is about 30km long and contains of at least 80{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of nature reserve so why bring your car right?
Terschelling is the largest and just one of 5 islands in the Netherlands where visitors love to go to spend some time at the beach and sand dunes.

I’d been to Terschelling once before, when I was about 12 years old, on a schooltrip. Last weekend was a new experience for me though. I went back to basic and stayed at a sheepfarm called “de Zeekraal“.
There was no electricity and… no wifi, which means that it was back to basic and I must say, I really liked it!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Outside breakfast with super fresh eggs was one of the highlights! 

This sheepfarm is perfect for families and people that want to escape the busy city life (and that was exactly the reason why I went there.) At de Zeekraal you sleep in large tents (45 square meters) that accommodates about 5-6 people . There are 2 bunkbeds, one double bed and one traditional “beddenstee” which was my favourite!
PicMonkey Collage
Handmade bunkbeds and a traditional “beddenstee”

The toilet is somewhat special (a flat wooden seat) but flushes like a normal toilet, so that’s better then I expected! For a warm shower, you must walk about 2 min to the entrance of the farm where you can pick one of three showers. Just keep pressing the button in order for water to keep on running! Across the showers you can chop your own wood used for the heater which you can also use for cooking.
The nearest supermarket was only a 10-minute bike ride away and the ice elements the friendly owners give you, keep your groceries cold.

The tents heat up quickly and keeps it that way for a long while which makes it a perfectDon’t expect to have the longest lay in as the nature sounds will wake you up as all sorts of animals like sheep and birds start to make noise in the early hours.

Source: De Zeekraal

How much does it cost?
The tent I stayed in was about 300 euro’s at sleeps 6 persons for the whole weekend.
Beware that prices may go up in July, August & Sept
Terschelling isn’t cheap but if you do your own grocery shopping you should be fine with about 15-20 euro’s per day.

For more info check:
De Zeekraal
Oosterend 17 Terschelling
tel: 0562-449278



Top 5 » Lifestyle spots in Maastricht

Last weekend I had a wedding in Maastricht. A great excuse to stay a little longer to explore this city where I immediately fell in love with a few years ago.

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San Blas, a little Panama in the Netherlands

Every spring, you see them building it up. The beachclubs.

Beach girls like myself can enjoy food, drinks, coffee and music until summer stops and they start breaking it down again. 
Until now. San Blas is a new beachbar/restaurant in Bloemendaal that stays open all year. 365 days a week.

A Dutch couple came up with the idea after living in Panama for many years. They lived near San Blas, a group of more than 365 islands in Panama. “one island for each day of the year”

2015-05-29 22.53.31_resized
The interior design of San Blas takes you straight to Panama

I was there when it first opened and sat in the first sunlight behind the glass so you can enjoy people watching without sitting in the wind.
You can also rent San Blas for parties, weddings or business meetings. Not bad!

2015-05-29 22.52.43_resized
Old vintage doors, complete the picture

2015-05-29 22.55.05_resized2015-05-29 22.56.33_resized
The floor is amazing at San Blas!

San Blas is now open for you to enjoy food and drinks from 9am until the sun goes down..
Beachclub San Blas
Zeeweg 84
2051 EC Overveen
The Netherlands