The Legendary Supperclub Amsterdam is back with a new concept!

If you know your way around the nightlife in Amsterdam, you must have heard of the infamous dining club. With extravagant acts, overwhelming visuals and a grand 5-course menu, Supperclub has been able to surprise its guests since 1993. But from the 1st of July, they have updated concept with a changing theme every 3 months. We booked a dinner on one of their signature white beds.

The Concept

To begin with, Supperclub offers a unique dining experience that in our opinion you must experience at least once. Famous for their white interior and shared beds, you can enjoy an extravagant show curated by creative manager Marc van Loon. This results in a night full of surprises and because you are on a bed next to people you don’t know, it’s a great conversation starter!

Supperclub Amsterdam dinner show

Dinner in bed

You start off with a cocktail in the bar downstairs and you will be called over when your bed is ready. To begin with you will need to take your shoes off and get comfortable on the all white bedding. Your Supperclub host will be there if you want to order cocktails or if you have any questions. You don’t have to wait long for your first course because you can open the surprise box located at your table that includes pieces of sushi, bread & butter, crayfish and cheese. Obviously, the menu keeps changing, so you never know what you will get. Tip: If you have special dietary requirements, tell them when you make your reservation and upon arrival.

Supperclub food

In between the courses the resident DJ plays the best funky tech-house tunes and you will get to enjoy a total of 4 performances during the evening. What the show exactly consists off will be a little secret, but we can tell you it’s worth your while. (we especially loved the last part!)

Cost & Verdict:

Dinner is €69,- for 5-courses of exotic eats with culinary arts. Drinks are settled with you on the evening itself. Be sure to order one of their in-house cocktails! At Supperclub you don’t just come for the food. You come here for the whole experience. In short, we think Supperclub Amsterdam is the perfect place to bring your date. And with the new changing theme, you will never get bored! Are you ready to dream with your eyes wide open?



Supperclub Amsterdam
Singel 460, Amsterdam
Website / Instagram

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The Gaia, new the Amsterdam nightlife scene

This week a brand new restaurant and cocktail bar in Amsterdam became a new hotspot in just a couple days. Picking a location like Rembrandtsquare definitely works in their advantage, but they also know how to combine flavours, shake unique cocktails and serve wine you won’t have words for. Say hello to The Gaia.

About The Gaia
The Gaia, like the name, this refers to the Greek primal mother, is inspired by the traditions of the Mediterranean. Original flavors from Southern Europe get a new and refined face in a modern cuisine when they meet the herbs and spices from the East. The staff told us they want to give everything a special twist, and they definitely managed to do so. Dare to discover The Gaia for yourself in the lounge, restaurant or even the (late night) bar.
There’s no shame in daytime drinking here, they also serve delicious virgin cocktails.

Cocktail Gaia

The Gaia

Every dish is a real experience for the tongue.

The kitchen
Meet Chef Erdogan, he uses the five Chinese elements as a line in his dinner menu. Each element stands for specific tastes, colors, and textures. Wood for fresh acid, fire for bitter, earth for sweet, metal for pit and water for salt. Where traditional element cooking only chooses one per dish, The Gaia makes the bridge between traditions and gastronomy by combining two. Every dish is a real experience for the tongue. We tasted flavors we’ve never tasted before. Black tea, ponzu, truffle, Peking duck, buddha’s hand, manti, mashed potatoes a la Robuchon and harira, they were all brought together in the menu. At first, we had to get used to it and after the second bite, we loved it. Erdogan: ‘The elements balance each other, but they mainly force me to even more inventiveness. You can not always make the correct choices when you are bound to certain flavors or ingredients. Because of this, I always find flavors and techniques again.’

Food at The Gaia
By @chef_ayt_ems

My personal highlight
The wine was for sure my favorite part of the evening (and close after the dessert). They dare to serve wine originated from different regions, the wine menu is taking a completely unexpected course. It’s full of unknown grapes and wines. I especially loved the Sauvignon ‘Comte Henry D’Assay’ from Touraine (2017). Usually, Sauvignon has the aftertaste of green apples, just a bit sour. This one has the aftertaste of red apples, sweet but still fresh. Where can I get the bottle?

The Gaia Amsterdam
Rembrandtsquare 26, Amsterdam
Website / Instagram