OMG, Nutella will open up a Christmas Bakery in Amsterdam!

Nutella lovers all over the world will be pleased to hear this; on the 20th of December, Nutella will open a pop-up a Nutella Christmas Bakery where families, couples and friends can bake cookies together!

Nutella cookies for everyone!

Believe it or not, Nutella has never had a location in The Netherlands before so this is a rare and special occasion. With this pop-up bakery, Nutella want to bring people together during the Christmas period and show that they are more than just chocolate paste in a jar.


The Nutella Christmas Bakery is open until the 28th of December except during the 2 days of Christmas. You can visit the store and start baking Nutella cookies after you’ve registered. It’s free of charge and you can pick one of three daily time slots. If you buy a Nutella jar in your local supermarket, you also receive a free cookie stamp so you can continue at home.

The Nutella Christmas Bakery
Elandstraat Amsterdam
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