Oud & Opnieuw is going International!

If you watched a few Instagram stories today, you cannot have missed it. The party of the year: Oud & Opnieuw. Haven’t heard of it? Here’s a little introduction;

It’s better than New Years Eve

How it all started
Oud & Opnieuw is a initiative from Buutvrij for Life, a creative agency based in Amsterdam. They started the idea 10 years ago and I was lucky to be a part of it from the early years on. It started out as a party for friends and their friends. One big family. Well, the family grew bigger and bigger, and 10 years later, Oud & Opnieuw has become THE party of the year and fills up the entire Paradiso.

3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!
The formula works like this; Doors open at 8pm and from then on, the clock will count down each hour, giving you the ultimate Happy New Year experience complete with poppin’ champagne bottles, “oliebollen” and smoking machine’s. The best DJ’s play, and champagne (or Martini prosecco in this case) is in overload. You want to be there basically. That said, getting a ticket isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

© Marty Marn Photography

Oud en Opnieuw
© Marty Marn Photography

Tickets are as rare as an unicorn
There are only 2 ways to get a ticket. 1. You are invited by an Oud & Opnieuw Ambassador. 2. You get a code from one of the lucky invitees (who will be your best friend for the next year). Use the code wisely because it is only valid for 24 hours before it’s passed on. Upon entrance you will get a plastic champagne glass attached to a ribbon, that you can hang around your neck. Refills all night!

Don’t waste the champagne! © mazho.com / MAZHO Photography

Oud en Opnieuw last night in Paradiso

It will be the first step in Oud & Opnieuw going global, celebrating NYE several times on one night, in different city’s all over the world

Going International
If you missed last night and you can’t wait for next year, you might be in luck if you live, or visit Barcelona this month. Oud & Opnieuw is going to be celebrated there on the 19th of December. A girl named Laurha, who is currently living in Barcelona, emailed Buutvrij for Life a few months ago and told them; Hi, you don’t know me, but I love your party, and I would love to organize this in Barcelona. They said yes, and so here we are, Oud & Opnieuw is going international. It will be the first step in Oud & Opnieuw going global, celebrating NYE several times on one night, in different city’s all over the world”. Co-founder Reuben says; “The plan is to find more Laurha’s, and empower them in their own way. They can start small like we used to be. A unique party from friends for friends”.

The Barcelona party is going to be:
Date: 19th of December
Time: from 8pm till 4am
Locations: To be announced later in the week..
8 x FREE BUBBLES/PROSECCO OF MARTINI + 8 x CONFETTI + 8 X CHURROS OR OLIEBOLLEN + 8 X GRAPES & 8 TIMES A COUNTDOWN AS IF IT’S NYE – ON REPEAT. Because the event is only meant for FRIENDS AND FRIENDS OF FRIENDS, they don’t have a ticket link online. Only our ambassadors have tickets.

For more info about this once in a lifetime party; check the Facebook Event or stalk Laurha 😉

Good luck!


Header photo by © mazho.com / MAZHO Photography

Where to Party during ADE 2018

Cloudy skies, colder days and stormy nights, October is here and summer is over. In Amsterdam you don’t hide under the covers. The biggest names in the dance and techno scene will cheer you up and make you dance during ADE 2018. Yes, get out of bed, the Amsterdam Dance Event is here soon! Don’t wait around until the good parties are all sold out. (or try your luck at Ticketswap) These are some hot events that might warm you up in the cold days of October;

Why wait for the night when you can already start your day dancing your butt off? This early dance event will give you a chance to party before work. There’s no need for alcoholic drinks or heavy drugs, use the first rays of sunshine to feel alive and dance with each other. The uplifting beats and breakfast snacks will help you find all the energy you need for the rest of the day. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your animal pyjama onesie.
WesterUnie | Klönneplein 4-6 | 06:30 – 08:30 | €23,85 |

PAUL KALKBRENNER – 17 October 2018
Start your ADE adventure with the king of techno, Paul Kalkbrenner. Of course the roots of this man lie in the German city Berlin. One of his biggest singles is ‘Sky and Sand’. He will bring you the live act you need to kick-start your ADE nights in Amsterdam. He will be supported by Extrawelt and Baile and the “concert” will last for about 3 hours so you will be home before bedtime ;-).
Scheepsbouwloods | Tt. Neveritaweg 15 | 20:00 – 23:00 | Prices around €40,-

ADE 2018
ADE 2018 is everywhere

LIQUID NIGHTS – 17 October 2018
Earlier this year Liquid State was established. They focus on the electronic and EDM music in Asia and now they’ll bring their game to Amsterdam. Alan Walker (with his big hit ‘Faded’), Seungri (big pop star in South Korea), Corsak (electronic rising star) and Partysquad (big career in The Netherlands) will bring you a Wednesday night to remember.
Jimmy Woo | Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18 | 23:00 – 05:00 | Price: €16,- 

This one is for free! The only thing you need to bring are some good vibes, otherwise you’ll not be welcome here. Last year this party was a success, that’s why it’s back again. Spend the money you save on delicious bites. Enjoy beside the DJ sets (which you’ll get enough at ADE) some live music.
Waterkant | Marnixstraat 246 | 22:00 – 01:00 | Free entrance |

SPINNIN’ DEEP – 18 October 2018
This club has an international look and feel. AIR stands for a lot of things besides bringing you the best DJ’s. They want you to feel free, offer diversity and bring creativity in the electronic music programs. Spinnin’ Deep sees this as the perfect spot to host one of the ADE nights here. Dance the night away with EDX, Mike Mago, Watermät, Zonderling, a mystery guest and more…
AIR | Amstelstraat 16 | 22:00 – 05:00 | Price: €19,- | 

ade 2018

TNT ADE SPECIAL – 19 October 2018
Old school, classics, 90s & 00s and house. In the Hotel Amsterdam Arena you can show your best moves on the greatest hits during ADE. Dancing and grooving guaranteed! TNT is the most popular 90s & 00s dance event in The Netherlands.
Hotel Arena | ‘s-Gravesandestraat 55 | 23:00 – 05:30 | Prices around €25,- | 

KOMM SCHON ALTER ADE 24+ – 19 October
Not feeling the very young crowds? Komm Schön Alter is perfect for you! You are only allowed in if you are over 24 years old, which makes the vibe pretty damn good. On Friday you can dance to Einmusik & friends, Miss Melera, Kiasmos, Locked Groove, Extrawelt and many more. Tickets are still available!!
TEATS  |Hemkade 18, Zaandam |

komm Schon Alter ADE

DARKLIGHT SESSIONS – 19 October 2018
Remember ‘Put your hands up 4 Detroit’? Fedde le Grand is back in Amsterdam this ADE after traveling around the globe. The Dutch DJ proved his worth many times and now it’s time for some Darklight insanity in Escape. This club is one of the biggest and most popular in Amsterdam since 1986. You’re more than welcome here in the heart of Amsterdam to enjoy some real Dutch nightlife.
Escape Club | Rembrandtplein 11 | 3:00 – 05:00 | Price: €25,- |

If you dance the night away, you’re tough enough face the morning after. As they might say, the best remedy to a hangover is to keep on drinking. This event takes place during the day and will give you the change to dance nonstop for the whole weekend. Awakenings is the collective noun of techno events organise since 1997. At ADE you’ll find Joris Voorn and his friends here.
Gashouder | Klönneplein 1 | 12:00 – 22:00| Prices around €60,- |

Are you ready for ADE 2018?

HED KANDI – 20 October 2018
Ever partied on a boat? The great Supperclub Cruise will be waiting for you behind Amsterdam Central Station to provide you with some fine tunes on deck. Hedkandi is known for spectacular nights with live acts and some good quality house music. Don’t miss the boat and be on time before it sails away at 24:00.
Supperclub | CruisePier 14, de Ruyterkade 14 | 22:00 – 05:00 | Prices around €30,- 

De Marktkantine in Amsterdam is already one of the clubbing hotspots in Amsterdam. So of course, they had to bring the big guns during ADE. You can spend all the five ADE nights here if you want. We recommend you to end your festive October here on Sunday, with Reinier Zonneveld & friends. He’ll transport the entire contents of his studio to De Marktkantine to keep you dancing after all the other parties you’ve been in the days before.
De Marktkantine | Jan van Galenstraat 6 | 22:00 – 06:00 | Prices around €20,- (21+) 

Have fun during ADE 2018 and tell us where you are going!



Blijburg aan Zee is closing, and they’re going out with a bang this weekend!

Blijburg aan Zee, the creative hub and restaurant, is closing, for good. But they are not leaving without a bang. This weekend, you can celebrate 15 years of Blijburg, divided over 3 days.

Due to the new housing and construction plans, they decided it was time to close their doors. It’s a shame, because they renovated only three years ago. The construction wasn’t planned for years to come, but came much faster than expected. The construction around the beach area will be so severe, that it would be catastrophic for Blijburg aan Zee, so it was decided to leave on a high.


La Grande Finale
The closing party will start this Friday and will end on Sunday night at 4am. There are camping tickets available for those who want to stay the night. (which is probably a good idea!) This is what you can expect:

Blijburg feest

On Friday night there will be a special something for those who have bought a camping ticket.

On Saturday the party starts at noon with artists and DJ’s such as Jett Rebel, DeWolff, Spaceandtime, Franca, Kareem Raïhani, Pitto, mps Pilot, Isis & Mozes, El Natty, Arjuna Schiks, and many more. You can participate in a punk yoga session at 4.30pm and there will be a farewell ceremony at midnight.  The party then continues until 6am(!) with Awanto 3, Tenzers, TITIA, Steven de Peven b2b Tienson, Cobra 6 Soundsystem and Fowls. 

Do you have kid(s)? Bring them on Sunday! There will be a kiddies disco, several crafts and play area’s. Kids cost €4,50,- up to twelve years old. Tickets for the event are available here

Good news because we have 2 tickets to give-away! Tell us why you loved Blijburg aan Zee so much in the comments! The winner (of 2 tickets) will be announced on Friday night! For more info about the event, check the Facebook Event Page.

Blijburg aan Zee
Pampuslaan 501, Amsterdam, Netherlands

*Source header picture

I stepped on board of The Ark Cruise, and this is what happened

All madness on deck! The Ark Cruise, a legendary party-cruise, sailed out again. This year, they even did two voyages. One in the end of August and one in the beginning of September. We stepped aboard of the first voyage and this is what happened…

A Party Boat? Yes.
The Ark Cruise will prepare you when you enter your cabin: condoms (a lot), sunscreen, beach bag, detox pills and some beauty samples. Trust me, you need all of this. This trip contains a lot of drinking, (guilty) pleasures, dancing, sunshine and little sleep. If you’re smart, you choose wisely while walking down the 4 buffets of food. Some vegetables and fruits never hurt anybody, but never skip the amazing desserts, balance is the key!

During the trip you don’t have to get off at all stops. The party at the big pool on the main deck continuous. Imagine yourself sitting in the water with a drink in your hand while an amazing DJ plays a live set. The party continues at night and these are some of the great sets we danced at: Booka Shade, Boehmer, Erik Hagleton, Fatman Scoop and Lady S.

The Ark Cruise

Sleeping on the Ark Cruise
A rare moment of rest

Another night, other flirts, another bed to wake up in

Don’t Miss Out On Ibiza
If you do get off the big cruise ship, we recommend you to discover the beautiful Ibiza. This island is not only about party’s and beaches. We did a guided tour through the old town (Dalt Vila, World Heritage by UNESCO since 1999) and we loved it. This ‘small’ island has a big history worth knowing about. Discover it for yourself! Also the museum ‘Puget’ is worth seeing. These paintings are made by father and son, very charming. 

For lunch we had a traditional fish dish of Ibiza: Bullit de peix. They serve the best Paella plates at Restaurante Formentera. The portions are mostly for two persons. End your day at Hostal La Torre. Here you’ll find the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. It made us a bit emotional.

Exploring Ibiza

The Party Goes On
Another night, other flirts, another bed to wake up in. What happens on the Ark, stays on the Ark. As long as everybody enjoys it, I know we did. For a change we went to see some live music on our last evening. This is another vibe on the cruise you can enjoy to the maximum.

Cocktails at dawn

Verdict: Every day was another experience. It’s definitely not for those who want a relaxing holiday. You won’t sleep a lot, and your liver is going to be tested to it’s limit. BUT, we did go home with tons of new memories, a couple of which I will not share with everyone…



The Ark Cruise
Prices from €549,-


*Larissa is one of our guest editors from The Netherlands. She is only 21 years old, and just graduated, but already runs the two lifestyle magazines BLVD and MisterDaily for two years. Her dream is to write a book one day, but now she’s focussing on her writing and content creation for brands and magazines among which Wander-Lust. Follow her onInstagram!

*Header photo by Nachtshaduw

6 Cool New Year’s Eve Parties in Amsterdam

It’s the same story every year..Where are you going to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Well, we did some research for you and we think these are some of the best new year’s eve parties in Amsterdam!

Where: Westerunie, Klönneplein 4-6
Co-Hosted by our friends from Fat Kids Cake, this might be the party of the year if we have to believe them! The line up includes Vic Crezée, Abstract (who recently represented The Netherlands in the Red Bull Thre3style world title), Phalerieau and more. There will be several area’s so space enough to get your groove on! Tickets are sold out but check the Facebook page or Ticketswap and you might get lucky.


Where: Scheepsbouwloods, TT. Neveritaweg 15
If you feel like a real crazy party with confetti, attributes and costumes, you must visit the El Row new years eve party. Originated from Barcelona, this infamous techno club is now making waves all over the world with parties in Amsterdam, Dubai and New York. This years theme is Brazilian Carnaval. It was sold out in minutes but I managed to get in during ADE so anything is possible! Find a ticket on Facebook or Ticketswap. Watch the video from 0:53 seconds to get a good impression!

Where: Generator Hostel, next to Oosterpark
From Amsterdam to London, Barcelona to Berlin and every other spot around the globe. They want to bring back the good old days with this party. You can expect balloons, bubbles, great music, fireworks, party people and good vibes. Tickets cost 25 euro and are still available! Score them quickly here.

Where: At Pllek, Tt. Neveritaweg 59
Dinner reservations are full but the dancefloor is ready and the entrance is free! They organize the drinks, music, atmosphere and you will make it happen! Bring your own fire works and enjoy the waterfront and campfires. Mind you, the last ferry towards the NDSM will depart at 19:45 so don’t be late or you need to take the car. The party starts at 6pm and if you don’t have dinner reservations you can still enjoy bar snacks until 10pm. For more info check the Facebook page.

Where: W Amsterdam, Spuistraat 175
This is the place with one of the best views to see the fireworks and the place if you want to treat yourself to a posh new year’s eve experience. On the rooftop of the W Hotel you can look out over the whole city including Dam Square. Ticket are available for 50 euro or 70 euro at the door. It starts at 8pm until 3am. Get your tickets here.

Processed with VSCOcam
Posh and high up at the W hotel

Where: All over Amsterdam
Yes, we are serious. House parties (and we mean the one with a roof on top of it) are the best parties around. Check your friends (or friends of theirs) and try to crash as many home parties as you can! Make a sport out of it, trust me, you will have a great night with adventure, new friends and different impressions. At midnight, remember to go outside and enjoy it the Dutch way. (lot’s and lot’s of fire works!) Always remember to stay friendly and bring a bottle of bubbles or oliebollen and you should be fine! Entrance should be free but bring some means of trade just in case 😉

Have a great New Year’s Eve you guys!