5 x picnic in Rotterdam

Summer has officially started and we are looking forward to all long summer nights and picnics in the park. To make things a little easier, we’ve listed 5 restaurants that sell really nice ready-to-go lunchboxes for perfect picnic in Rotterdam.


Restaurant Karakter uses fresh and biological ingredients daily and they also make special picnic boxes with meat, vegetarian or vegan food. The Karakter Picnic Box consists of BLT sandwiches, carrot and beetroot wraps with tasty fillings, avocado sandwiches, fried cheeseballs, a salad, some fresh fruits, pastechi with chicken and/or vegetables and some sweet bites. The box comes with either wine or local apple juice. Me and a friend tried the vegetarian box and it tasted really good. We especially liked the wraps, the cheeseballs and the BLT sandwiches with vegan bacon. The Karakter Picnic Box costs €37,50 for two persons and you can order it one day in advance. www.restaurantkarakter.com

Picnic in Rotterdam
Picnic in Rotterdam by Karakter


At Spirit they have loads of food options. Instead of a menu they have a big buffet with 50 different dishes. Everything is vegetarian and seasonal. You can easily mix & match the variety of foods for lunch or dinner. How about some grilled green asparagus, chickpea salad, risotto balls or a seaweed salad? You can make a full and varied take-away box which will cost you €2,50 per 100 grams. You can choose as many ingredients as you want, you will pay for the weight later. www.spiritrestaurants.nl

Lot en Daan

If you are looking for an all-day breakfast and lunch place, then go to Lot & Daan for guilty pleasures. You can order the Urban Picknick box to-go. The box is filled with fresh juice, fruit, olives, a fresh salad, bread with dips and a surprise piece of pie. If you pick it up at the restaurant you will be rewarded with two free Kaapse Brouwers beers or a small bottle of cava. Or you can use Thuisbezorgd. The box is for 2 persons and costs €18. Lotdaan.nl/picknick

picnic Rotterdam
Picnic by Lot & Daan

Little V

Little V is a Vietnamese restaurant and a popular spot in Rotterdam. They serve many Vietnamese dishes like Banh Mi baguettes, Pho soup and Banh Xeo pancakes. They also have a Street Style Lunchbox on their menu which contains 4 delicious dishes. The lunchbox costs €13,50 and it’s a surprise what’s in the box!


Fancy a Japanese picnic? Iyumi serves many Japanese dishes and their whole menu is available for take-away. Besides sushi boxes, you can get traditional bentoboxes (Japanese lunchboxes) with a variety of fish or meat together with a salad, fried snacks, fruit, rice and warm vegetables. Perfect for a picnic. The prices for the bentoboxes vary from €10,50 to €15,95 for one person. The larger sushiboxes vary from €10,25 to €33,50.

Are you looking for the perfect picnic spot in Rotterdam?

  • The Vroesenpark
  • Het Dakpark
  • De Kralingse Plas
  • The Park at the Euromast are all great places to get together for a picnic gathering.

Find out which places in Amsterdam offer a traditional picnic basket!




* Merel is one of our guest editors in Rotterdam. She describes herself as a daydreaming student who loves to travel. She just came back from a 5-month backpacking trip trough Asia and can’t wait to see more of the world. Check her out on Instagram: @merel_d94.

6 x Picnic in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many parks and people love to chill, play and eat in them during the summer months. You can go the your local supermarket and get in plastic covered food that isn’t always of the best quality, or you can enjoy a traditional picnic! We’ve selected our favourites!

Picnic Company

If you want plenty of choice, you should order your picnic basket here. You can choose from Tapas, I love Amsterdam, High Tea, Mediterranean or Dutch snacks. On the side you can order cava, beer, wine or rosé. They serve the food in big picnic baskets and bring it to you. They also deliver for large groups so its perfect for a work related thing! www.picniccompany.nl

Saus West

Located just around the corner of the famous Vondelpark, the owner of Saus West was clever enough to fill up the gap if you don’t have an outside terrace. Most restaurants just hope for some rain and clouds, but during summer they offer filled traditional picnic baskets, including bubbles, for in the Vondelpark! Nice fact: they include a blanket plus trash bag so you can deposit the remains in there and keep the park clean. www.sauswest.nl

Saus west Picnic Amsterdam


This cute little spot serves breakfast and lunch but also offers costumers a picnic box to take away. You can pick from 2 options; The classic box or the luxe box. The boxes include a selection of cheese and meats, fresh fruit, greek salad, a oven baked baguette and soft drinks for €17,- The Luxe Box includes wine/cava, fresh OJ, Tuna salad and a quiche for €27,- per person. www.piqniq.nl

Borrelplank Amsterdam

If you want to enjoy some afterwork drinks with colleagues in the park, you should try the Borrelplank catering. No after work drink is complete without the traditional snacks. That said, the lady behind this concept is creating a more tastier version of what you may have in mind. Fresh dips, fish, crispy vegetables, crunchy bread and homemade samosa’s. You pay €10,- per person and you can order from 6 people. Yes, it’s not cheap, but it will taste damn good! www.borrelplankamsterdam.com

Picnic Amsterdam
Source: Borrelplank Amsterdam


Nothing beats a good take-away pizza right? First of all, they are located next to several parks in Amsterdam, so you are always good. Secondly, they offer stone oven pizza’s which are tasty AF! Bring a bottle of rosé and call your friends. This is going to be a good picnic. www.depizzabakkers.nl

Conscious Café

Located next to the Westerpark is the small café and shop that belongs to Conscious Hotel Westerpark. It was especially designed for those that want to take out and enjoy the sunshine in the park. They sell fresh coffee, bread and sweets and healthy drinks such as coconut water or kombucha. www.consciouscafe.com

Conscious Café Picnic
Source: Conscious Café

Uber Eats

Okok, they are not a real picnic service, but they offer some of the best food delivery options throughout Amsterdam in our opinion. Above all, they have plenty of choice and always near where you are! Just bring your own blanket and cutlery and never forget to leave the park with trash. www.ubereats.com

Happy eating!


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